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UK Runnings present F.L.I.P - 'So Far So Good Vol. 1 (Free Download)

UK Runnings present F.L.I.P - 'So Far So Good Vol. 1' to celebrate the launch of The mix is a collection of collaborations from previous F.L.I.P solo projects and is the first installment of it's kind being released in the build up to the official F.L.I.P debut.
The F.L.I.P group (formerly known as Flip Tha Skript) was started by Supar Novar, Big Ben & Turbulance around 1996. A few years later the group linked up with Skinyman & The Mud Family and after a number of radio features and support slots became a name to be watched.
Over the years more members have joined F.L.I.P and the group has become a serious force in UK Hip-Hop, with a line up of artists that could rival any super group. The current line up includes Big Ben, Ragz Sweet Jones, Supar Novar, Wordsmiff, Danny Bones, Genesis Elijah, Terra Slim, Ruthless, King Response, Barry Knight and more.

FL.TV - F.L.I.P - 'Born To Live' (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn) 

F.L.I.P - 'So Far So Good Vol. 1' Full-Tracklisting:

01. Intro ft. Tricksta (prod. by Supar Novar)
02. Flip Tha Skript Anthem ft. Supar Novar & Big Ben (prod. by Sir Beats)03. Never Like This ft. Supar Novar, Ragz Sweet Jones, Big Ben & Danny Bones (prod. by Supar Novar)04. Suttin Outta Nuttin ft. Supar Novar, Big Ben & Barry Knight (prod. by Mkay Ultra & Barry Knight)05. Slip N Slide Ft. Wordsmiff & Big Ben (prod. by Tom Caruana)06. Reppin The Remix ft. Supar Novar, Saint, Big Ben, Ti2bs & Yaeo (prod. by Show N Prove)07. I Shot (Music Remix) Ft. Genesis Elijah, Supar Novar, Danny Bones & Terra Slim (prod. by Show N Prove)08. 5 Day Pass Ft. King Response & Danny Bones (prod. by Danny Bones)09. Dont Be Fuckin Wid Me ft. Danny Bones, Ruthless & C-Zar Carlito (prod. by Danny Bones)10. PFC Ft. Supar Novar, Big Ben & Ragz Sweet Jones11. Dynasty Intro Freestyle Ft. Supar Novar & Ragz Sweet Jones12. 2 Joints Ft. Supar Novar, King Response, Danny Bones, Verbal Apocalypse & Big Ben (prod. by Show N Prove)13. For The Slums Ft. Wordsmiff, Big Ben & Supar Novar (prod. by Tricksta)14. The System Ft. King Response, Big Ben & Lullaby (prod. by Sir Beats)15. Shoot Me Down Ft. Danny Bones, Big Ben & Supar Novar16. Never Would Of Thought Ft. Supar Novar, Wordsmiff & Big Ben (prod. by Apatight)17. The Blues ft. Ragz Sweet Jones & Big Ben (prod. by Tony Mahoney)18. Ground Wars Ft. Wordsmiff & Supar Novar (prod. by Ido)19. Never Give In Ft. Big Ben & Supar Novar (prod. by DJ Noize)20. Let Me Ft. Genesis Elijah & Danny Bones (prod. by Danny Bones)

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The Flip Life TV YouTube channel has also been building from strength to strength. The F.L.I.P run media network features videos, freestyles and exclusive footage of F.L.I.P members as well as other UK and international artists. So far the channel has featured Dead Prez, Skinnyman, AZ, Stig Of The Dump, Fliptrix, Termanology, Krazy Bone, Jaja Soze, Stylah, Akala, Mystro, R.A The Rugged Man, Logic, Mic Righteous, Graziella and many more. With the launch of the official website, followers can now keep up date with all Flip Life TV uploads from the official channel as well as others. Be sure to keep up to date with the latest videos and subscribe to the YouTube channel below.
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