Saturday, 23 February 2013

210 Presents the Shabazz The Disciple Interview

210 Presents the Shabazz The Disciple Interview

"Shabazz The Disciple  member of the Legedary Wu-Tang Clan and Sunz Of Man. Shabazz was in London in 2012 and 210 proudly presented a Video Interview with the legend.The video was recorded South London and special thanks for Educated Guests crew.He was talking about past and the future. Best Hip Hop tracks,records, albums and everything this interview can be a short video about Shabazz previous jobs,music. More pictures comming soon on PRG news as well but before that please watch the full interview below and enjoy. Peace" -

Shabazz the Disciple "Crime Saga" Live
Wu-Tang Affiliate Shabazz the Disciple performing "Crime Saga" Live @ Teen Summit 1995
Off his album Crime Saga (Death Be The Penalty - The Sequel) Penalty Recordings 1995
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