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Joe Ski Love (Not Hate)

Solo recording artist and ex-B.D.P member D-Nice a.k.a. "the Human TR808" has been really active, not only is he still a giging DJ, but a photographer and film maker. He has made several short films about Hip-Hop Pioneers like Dana Dane on the making his hit "Nightmares", Blackwatch member/Tuff City recording artist YZ, MC Producer Kwame and Cold Chiller Masta Ace amongst others.

The most recent features Joe Ski Love discussing his career, and how he ended up on Old-school hip-hop label Vintertainment owned by Vincent Davis, and his take on modern Hip Hop. He comes across very positively, and I have to agree with him on the Souljaboy/Ice-T escapade, I'm not a fan of S.Boy, but Hip Hop is a youth movement and they should be given some air too.

Joe Ski Love

True Hip-Hop Stories: Joe Ski Love from D-Nice on Vimeo.

The Pee Wee dance was one of many dance based songs of the mid to late 80's, (for example the Fila by a young Steady B), and the video can be seen in my recent "They Made A Video For That" blog. I first heard it again in the mid 90's on a DJ Riz mixtape where he cut it into Steady B "Bring That Beat Back". I managed to hunt the 12" down, where it became a sure fire Kool Skool Radio Show classic.

Vintertainments first release was by The BBoys and their hit Rock The House, one half of the group was the Zulu Nations Donald D, who along with Afrika Islam was one of the first Hip Hop shows on the radio in New York, a member of the Asallam Brothers, and Ice-T's Syndicate member.

The B-Boys
Donald D (Right) & Brother B (Left)
photo courtesy of Donald D

D-Nice They Call Me D-Nice
The first solo D-Nice record I ever heard and it was a mixtape banger back then, check out the Chico piece in the beginning. Also check this for some jokes "I go to work M"*^%$@r".

D-Nice - Glory
From the Civil War film Glory (featuring Samuel Jackson & Denzel Washington), about African American soldiers known by the so-called Native Americans as Buffalo Soldiers. Bob Marley wrote a song about them called Buffalo Soldiers . African American's were promised freedom from slavery, 40 Acres of their own land each, and a mule to plough the land if they joined the Union Army. But the promise was never fulfilled, and the voting rights they were given in the 18th Century were revoked until the late 1960's. Edutainment songs like this were very important in engaging young people in history and knowledge of self and others back then.

D-Nice - Crumbs On The Table
"Are you a DJ well get on it!" Never saw this video before... Here in the UK I say that in the Hip Hop scene we are all fighting for crumbs under the table. "I hope you're feelin' alright..."

Stop the Violence Movement - Self Destruction
Don't really need to say to much about this really, probably the best posse cut ever, KRS One, MC Lyte, Kool Moe Dee, Stetsasonic (or Just Say Stet), Doug E. Fresh(shwing), Just-Ice, Heavy D, P.E. and others.

BBoy Records have recently re-issued these DJ Scott Rock La Rock produced jems if you missed them!

D-Nice on Myspace

Other Videos by D-Nice

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