Friday, 16 January 2009

Stop The Violence!!!

Peace March

Here are some flicks of some of the tens of thousands of people who protested on Saturday 10/1/09 against the attack on Gaza. The first internet search on the day said there were just over one thousand people.... NONSENCE!!!

The Metropolitan Police's estimates are taken as the official numbers for protest attendees. I belive they do this by looking at a square section from the air in a Police helicoptor, and count the people in that square as a rough ratio, and times it by a certain amount, and create a total number. There totals are noturiously questioned by event organizors. That day it was snowing and very foggy, so for safety reasons (I guess) there was no Helicoptor. So alot of people are curious how they came up with a total...

Anyway, I haven't seen so many people at a march in a long time! Every demagrafic was represented, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, young old, it felt very positive.

Hyde Park Corner

Hyde Park Corner

Hyde Park Corner

Building look-out

Close up "Eye in the Sky" (Close up of above)

Handmade placard made by a 4 year old girl

Down High Street Kensington

Up High Street Kensington

Who says the youth are appathetic?

Dog Section Van snapped in the backstreets of the demo, in full Police Livery

Private contractor?

Military violence for whatever cause is always a complicated but anyone who knows anything about disputes is that, however the cheap journalism machine tries to paint it as A versus B, it is never that clear cut. But either way in 2009 is there really an excuse for ditching dialogue?

Do your own research, educate yourself.

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