Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Missappropration of Hip-Hop Culture

DJ Fingers, better known as a member of the Foundation UK Hip-Hop group the Sindecut and as a Producer, is presently in the process of creating a new project. The Misappropriation of Hip-Hop Culture is multi-faceted piece of work, dealing with the commercialisation and asset stripping of the soul of the Hip-Hop culture, and the degrading of it as a creative movement for social good.

Here is a rough preview dealing with some of the fundamentals of the project.

The Hip Hop Matrix

"Hip-Hop music and its accompanying Culture is thoroughly embedded in post-modern society. Having existed for over 35 years as a diverse, vibrant culture, it has now developed a reluctant association with the term ‘gangster rap’ by means of the mainstream media." - DJ Fingers

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