Friday 30 October 2009

Props!!! ATG/Graffiti.TK, HurtYouBad/Hip-Hop Battlefield Internet Love! Update

Thanks to the ATG family for the plug! They are London Graffiti Kings, and a creative collective of forward thinking Designers, Artists, DJs, Party Promoters and Recording artists, and they get cute girls too.

Their dope T-Shirts are now available from London's longest running "Urban clothing boutique" Mash on Oxford Street. We at The Kool Skool definitely support these guys and girls, and their bitter old azz haters are our haters!

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Thanks to Graffiti.TK they are "the internet home for UK graffiti since 2004" and focus on Graffiti info of today and document happenings in the scene. Their Forum is definately active check it out here

Groove Records Greek Street London 1986?
The guys at kindly gave us a mention! Thanks for everyone who commented.
Photo kindly donated by Skire TNS

Support independent and real Underground UK culture!!!

Also from the U.S.!

The Hip-Hop Battlefield blog's Drasar Monumental from the "Vietnam" California Universal Zulu Nation kindly did a little feature on The Kool Skool's interview with West Coast Graffiti O.G. Slick.

Tuesday 27 October 2009


36th Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation

Come and Party with Hip-Hop's 1st Family Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun

Interview with Lord Yoda X of the Zulu Nation Supreme Council, Crash Crew member, Hip-Hop Elder and Radio DJ

Interview with Community Leader, and member of Universal Zulu Nation, Blackwatch & X-Clan from excellent blog by Community Film Maker Carlos In DC He breaks down the history of the Zulus, the Mis-appropriation of Hip-Hop Culture, Gang Violence and Unity through Hip-Hop. "Get off your ass and get out there with the people! Show some love!"

False Prophet Alert...

David de Rothschild photo that featured in a recent Observer interview
"David de Rothschild is a traveler and adventurer who also happens to be heir to one of Europe's largest banking family fortunes."


It is very possible the photographer who took the above photo that featured recently in the Observer Magazine decided to frame Mr. de Rothschild as a Messiah figure, perhaps due to his apparent shunning of his "families values". But as he mentioned himself in the article, "Conspiracy Theorists" are suspect of his motives, and he even mentions that he is supposed to be a "Reptile". We ofcourse are not suggesting he is, or that he doesn't have the best intentions for his positive mission, but you would think his P.R. people would be a bit more careful with how he is being portrayed in the media.

"My brother wonders why I can't just throw an egg at the prime minister," says de Rothschild, "but we live in a world obsessed by events, and we have to create events to make people sit up and notice." - David de Rothschild***

The image of the Skull and Bones has become an extremely popular icon in the modern visual Lexicon recently, especially on clothes. Interesting choice for a man who is pushing life, and that it references the flag of the original "God's Bankers" - Knights Templar after being repelled from Jerusalem. Most likely a coincidence no doubt...

In recent years Rothschild has formed an organization to help raise awareness of global climate issues as well as green living and technology.* The logo for his organization Adventure Ecology features a very Pyramid like shape. Perhaps rising over the crest of the North Pole where he sponsored a trip.

Logo for the upcoming trip.
"His most recent project, Plastiki, is scheduled to set sail in April 2009 for a 7,500 mile sea voyage on recycled plastic bottles."*

Logo for the "Educational Series" with Adventure Ecology logo floating above the earth

"He's got the whole world in his hands..."

Mr. Rothschild sporting one of the signature Adventure Ecology watches

Jesus Preying

Nice bit of Eye of Ra imagery from the website thrown in for good measure...

"David de Rothschild is the scion of one of Europe's oldest banking families, but he has a different idea of wealth: a healthy planet. So he built a boat from plastic bottles to sail the Pacific in search of flotsam and wisdom"**

"David de Rothschild
Fast Facts
Full name: David Mayer de Rothschild
Born: August 25, 1978
One of small group who has traveled across the arctic and antarctic ice caps
Named as an Emerging Explorer by National Geographic in 20072
Founded Adventure Ecology" *

Looks like we are not the only ones who saw the similarity...

Many so-called "Conspiracy Theorists" claim that Global Warming is a "World Stealth Tax" by "The Banking Elite" and that the Earth is either naturally heating up or cooling down. & Prison Planet's Alex Jones interviewed David Mayer de Rothschild in 2007 and the alternative theories are expressed her and all over the web. Listen to the interview here

His guide on Surviving the forth coming disaster discussed here


Thursday 22 October 2009

The Same Thing? Politico-Morphing

Russian Dolls featuring President Barack Obama & Russian President Dmitry Medvedev

Is it us or is Politics becoming a bit similar? Here is a collection of stories that seem to suggest so....

UN Meeting last Month:
"As Russian, US and Chinese leaders delivered their speeches before the UN, it became apparent that global tendencies are changing and the alliances that seemed unlikely only a year ago have already started to form.

"All three leaders built their speeches on similar schemes – they presented a list of challenges that humanity in general, and the United Nations in particular, must, in their view, concentrate on.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave five points of the development program: creating a body to coordinate international economic activities, ensuring the security of energy supplies worldwide, strengthening the UN’s role, nuclear disarmament and tackling regional conflicts. US President Barack Obama said that there were five challenges the international community has to face now: terrorism, local conflicts, nuclear proliferation, climate change and poverty. Chinese President Hu Jintao said that the key issues were international security, free trade, joint fighting against climate change and promoting international tolerance and diversity."

Although Medvedev and Obama’s reports were very different in style, both speeches were strikingly similar in essence."
- Russia Today

U.S. Military so desperate for the go ahead with European Missile Shield that they will bring Russia into the fold??? Wasn't it created to protect Europe against Russia?

Russia Today - Joint use of Radar?

Obama new missile defense policy to shield Russia too?

The Ex-Presidents from the film Point Break

Ex-Presidents with current President Obama after he took office
2 Republicans & 2 Democrats
The Ex-Presidents, arranged un-simetrically and un-chronologically, Obama's fellow Democrates are on the outskirts of the Bush huddle.

Building with Bill, Hillary hangin' with Big Dubs!
The two former Presidents and wives at Ted Kennedy's Funeral
Interesting video of Clinton commenting on investigating UFO reports and the Bio-technological future. "I wouldnt be the first President that underlings have lied to".

Obama Administration Defending Bush Civil Liberty Violations and more???
Interesting Russian website Russia Today has featured the recent lawsuit against military intelligence elements in the U.S. Government "The law suit is filed against the National Security Agency (NSA), which was given permission to wiretap people’s conversations within the U.S. after 9/11." Russia Today

Also mentioned is the fact that the States Secrets Act has been over used, denying transparancy in goverment and un-Constitutional. More info here

Interesting interview with author and political consultant Naomi Wolf about alleged sanctioned Allied torture, and Obama Administration Whitewash of Civil Liberty violations.

"A New World Order is emerging" - Gordon Brown (again...) at the G20
1.1 Trillion Dollars pledged to the International Monetary Fund and World Bank
"The world's biggest economy, the United States, has the largest quota in the IMF", and has by far the largest amount of votes within the Organization*


Friday 16 October 2009

"Downtown Calling" New York Club Culture Documentary

In the late 1970s, the “greatest city in the world” was teetering on the edge of total chaos. A failed economy, crime and en mass housing corruption gave way to a city in crisis. Yet out of the economic and social strife that held the “Big Apple” hostage, a family of homegrown cultures that would forever change the world began to emerge. Downtown Calling not only documents, in detail, the evolution of New York City’s fertile music and art subculture during this period, but how its collective output continues to play a prominent, driving role in the international fashion, art and music industries today.

Downtown Calling is narrated by Debbie Harry and features interviews with pioneers of the early New York cultural scene including DJ AM, James Chace, Fab 5 Freddy, Bobbito Garcia, Nelson George, DJ Jazzy Jay, Mos Def, Arthur Baker, Daze, former Mayor Ed Koch and many others.

Trailer can be seen here

Shan Nicholson — Director / Producer
A lifelong resident of Queens’ Long Island City and direct child of its burgeoning art scene, Shan Nicholson was reared on the streets of New York City during the politically turbulent and artistically rich period of the early 1980s. Within the span of his 15-year career as a music producer, renowned graffiti artist and DJ he has worked extensively within the genres that have since dominated the sounds of both the city and the greater world, and continues to record and publish music with his collective, Cloudkickers. Nicholson, initially introduced to filmmaking as a student at SUNY Purchase, first realized the documentary concept, as well as the grand cultural and fiscal opportunity that it presented after his audience gave him continual questions throughout a particularly energetic/successful period deejay set. The artists and music featured in Downtown Calling remain crowd-moving staples within Mr. Nicholson’s legendary DJ sets at some of New York City’s premier clubs and parties. Downtown Calling is Mr. Nicholson’s directorial debut.

Debbie Harry — Narrator
Most famously known as the lead singer/songwriter for the iconic new wave band Blondie, Downtown Calling’s Narrator, Debbie Harry, is recognized the world over as the iconic sex symbol of the year zero punk generation. In addition to writing and performing smash hits like “Heart of Glass”, “Call Me”, “The Tide Is High” and “Rapture”, Harry has acted in over thirty film roles and numerous television appearances.

Ben Velez — Producer
Ben Velez has turned a lifetime steeped in downtown NYC culture into a craft for launching and growing brands. Known for rebranding and growing the international streetwear brand Triple Five Soul (at which he served first as Global Brand Director before becoming Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations), his career has also included playing an integral role at Burton Snowboards’ higher echelon line, Analog and UK luxury streetwear brand, Maharishi. A multi-disciplinary background in deejaying and music journalism to fashion styling and public relations, combined with an anal-retentive professionalism and a lifelong set of strong relationships with peer creatives and businesspeople alike, has led Velez through a successful and renowned career that has traversed the high-end sportswear, streetwear, action sports and music industries. Velez has also spent the better part of his life compiling and curating music for fellow artists, producers and companies, and is currently the owner of his own full-service marketing consultancy and music supervision company. In addition to his corporate skillset, Velez has, over the course of his lifetime, built a strong, personal network of music celebrities and record label honchos upon which he relies upon regularly to combine work and pleasure.

David Viola —Producer
David Viola, a native New Yorker who has been working in the film business in varying capacities since his graduation from Binghamton University in 1998, is a film producer at Filbert Steps Productions in New York. He is currently in post-production on Trumbo, a film about the Hollywood blacklist and screenwriter Dalton Trumbo’s resultant experiences. Featuring Liam Neeson, Paul Giamatti, Nathan Lane and David Strathairn, Trumbo expects to make its world premiere at the 2007 Toronto Film Festival. Previously, David produced Runaway, which premiered to rave reviews at the Tribeca and Toronto Film Festivals and won the Best Narrative Feature award at the 2005 Austin Film Festival. Runaway starred Aaron Stanford (X-Men 2 and 3, Tadpole and The Hills Have Eyes) and Robin Tunney (Vertical Limit, End of Days, The Craft and Fox’s “Prison Break”). Before joining Filbert Steps, David’s experience included stints at Julia Roberts’ Revolution-based Shoelace (now Red-Om) Productions and indie-leading Artisan Entertainment during the Blair Witch Project and Requiem for a Dream projects. He had also freelance-evaluated scripts for independent production companies and studios throughout the city. Viola brings his invaluable, personal industry relationships with top festival programmers, agents, distributors and sales reps to the Downtown Calling production team.

Michael Holman – Producer
Born in San Francisco, Producer Michael Holman has lived, worked and remained a cultural influence in New York City since 1978. An original fixture in New York City’s burgeoning art and club scene, Holman, together with artist Jean Michel Basquiat, formed what was arguably one of the first industrial noise bands of the period, Grey, in 1979. Their success in the downtown art world led them to performances at legendary clubs such as the Mudd Club, CBGB’s, Hurrah’s and The Rock Lounge. Being that he was one of the truly first journalists and impresarios of hip-hop culture, Holman’s nights at Club Negril became the launching point for the globalization of hip-hop culture (mostly due to his personal crusade to cross pollinate New York City’s uptown and downtown music scenes). Having graduated New York University’s Graduate School of Film, Holman directed Catch a Beat (the first B-boy/breakdance film (1981), Associate produced Beat Street (the first hip-hop feature film) for Orion Pictures (1984). Lastly, and perhaps, most notably, Holman produced, wrote and hosted, Graffiti Rock, the first ever Emmy Award nominated hip-hop television show (which aired in 88 syndicated markets nationwide) in 1984.

Reid Van Renesse – Producer / Director of Photography / Editor
Reid van Renesse was initially introduced to the downtown New York City streets through skateboarding, the hardcore music scene of the late 1980s and bike messenger culture. There are four themes that have remain constant throughout his life: music, motion, art and adventure. In 2003 Reid directed, shot, and edited, Dithers. Shot in New York City, San Francisco & Los Angeles, Dithers is the first documentary to capture the wide array of contemporary artists and designers creating the visual landscape of today’s urban culture. Van Renesse has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from SUNY Purchase and currently lives in Brooklyn, where he continues to shoot, edit and direct independent fashion and music video projects.

Tunnel Vision by Reid Van Renesse
October 9th, 2009
DOWNTOWN CALLING will make it’s international festival debut at the Austin Film Festival at 9:15pm on Saturday, October 24th at The Rollins Theater. An additional screening will take place at 7pm on Thursday, October 29th at The Independent at 501.

Downtown Calling website
On Facebook

Excellent blog that features old school New York, UK & French Hip-Hop and Edit radio shows here

Monday 12 October 2009

Human/Computer Interface Technology - The "Bio-Digital Future" Is This The Future Part 2

Human brain + fused with computer chips = biodigital brain
RFID Chips for "Total Knowledge"
"We can go one stage further, we can put them in the human brain, here are Human Nerve Cells growing onto the surface of an RFID Chip... The human brain does not need to be taught this, they are Genetically Programmed to work with Computers" - keynote presentation by Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon of Siemens

"Bio-Digital Future"

Originally Found here

Radio Tomographic Imaging
Radio Tomographic Imaging (RTI) is an emerging technology that locates moving objects in areas surrounded by simple and inexpensive radios. RTI is useful in emergencies, rescue operations, and security breaches, since the objects being tracked need not carry an electronic device. Tracking humans moving through a building, for example, could help firefighters save lives by locating victims quickly.

RTI works by placing many small and inexpensive radios around around an area of interest. Each radio is capable of transmitting and receiving wireless signals, creating a dense network of "links" that pass through the area. Objects that move within the area reflect and/or absorb the wireless signal, preventing some of the power from reaching its destination. An image of where the power is being absorbed can be formed using all the link power loss measurements, thus allowing one to know where objects within the area are located. This research uses theory found in imaging, estimation/detection theory, inverse-problems, regularization, signal processing, communications, electromagnetics, and wireless networking.

Some applications of this technology include:

Track people and vehicles in next-generation security systems
Locate victims in fire and rescue operations
Locate and count people in the rooms of "smart homes"
Measure accurate usage statistics and trending in buildings and stores
Automate control of other devices (HVAC, cameras, spotlights, etc)


Wednesday 7 October 2009

Not Another Drop Peace March - **UPDATE** 26/9/09

Violence affects us all!

The Kool Skool went along to show our support to the Not Another Drop March through the Brent Borough. It was a beautiful day, and there appeared to be well over 350 people, and considering the media tells you that, (especially young) people are "apathetic", it was amazing to see. Immediately one thing that did stand out was the apparent lack of Media presence, no BBC London, ITN not a single film crew... Perhaps the Media is apathetic?

The March left from Roundwood Park and ended at Wembley Stadium

The Kool Skool N.A.D. - Mini Movie part 1

The relatives represent all sections of the society

The March reflected all ages...

It was very humbling to see so many people united for such a worthy cause. It wasn't a political March in the traditional sense, it was concerned neighbors, family and citizens coming together to demand change. The marchers represented all Races, Ages, Sexes, Religions and Nationalities that make up London united against violence and gang violence.

Vanessa Hyman who sadly lost her son

Relatives listen to the guest speakers

Patrick Jacobs Chairman of N.A.D.

This year the focus was trying to make Londoners think about London as a village, and looking at every person's responsibility to maintain that. The Not Another Drop Chairman, Patrick Jacobs gave a very interesting speech explaining what part of that entails, and our duty as a Citizen of London, or any city.

The Kool Skool N.A.D. - Mini Movie part 2

Local Community Radio DJ showing his support

Members of local government, MPs, members of the London Fire Brigade, Metroplitan Police, London Ambulance, and the Community all came to show their support and respect to the many Marchers, and young people that they have a great value, and deserve to be protected.

Many thanks and respect to Vannessa Hyman, Not Another Drop & all the many people who came to be counted.

Not Another Drop

This is an up date, the original post is here