Saturday 29 May 2010

Pref & Tizer! ID Crew Pon Road!

Pref id stylin' up Bushkin from the legendary Heartless Crews Mini van

This says Ivory Dukes/Pref (believe it or not!)

Tizer One id painted a van for a DJ called NW1

Chef Boy id!!!

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Malcolm Mclaren R.I.P. - Coffin Customization by The Kool Skool's Tizer One ID

Malcolm Mclaren R.I.P. - Coffin Customization by The Kool Skool's Tizer One ID

The Kool Skool's Tizer One ID was kindly asked by Malcolm Mclaren's son to paint Malcolm Mclaren's coffin for his funeral.

"The boombox was an homage to the Duck Rock album cover painted by Dondi produced by Malcom Mclaren.

Too fast to live and too young to die was a slogan used in the first boutique with Vivienne Westwood, at age 67 it pretty much says it all. What an honour. Rest in peace Malcolm." - Tizer One ID

Lid held open by Mortuary worker, where it was painted

Monday 24 May 2010

Kool Skool Zulu Nation Rap Show 1hr Mix May 2010

Exclusive Kool Skool Zulu Nation Rap Show 1hr Mix May 2010 1st Mix for the Universal Zulu Nation Rap Show UK with Zulu King Echo.

Tracks by Nas, Heltah Skeltah, Ed O.G., Blackstar, DJ Davy D, CNN, Black Rob etc

Listen to it or download
here on

"The Art" - Mear One CBS *Update*

Dalai Lama by Mear One CBS

L.A. Hip-Hop legend Mear One CBS
Mear's political artworks have appeared around Los Angeles, and featured on many Hip-Hop and "Hardcore" album covers, Freestyle Fellowship, Limp Biskit.

New LSD (London Street-Art Design) Magazine interview with Mear CBS can be found here

Freestyle Fellowship

Friday 21 May 2010

"The Battle of Waterloo" Graffiti Battle

London Graffiti store Chrome&Black are organizing a UK only Graffiti battle and are throwing £500 up to the winners.
More info at

Friday 14 May 2010

50 Cent, Aleister Crowley, Babylon's System, G(eometry) Unit & Prodigy


50 Cent, Aleister Crowley, Babylon's System G(eometry) Unit & Prodigy

This is the last posting we will be devoting to Occult Themes in Hip-Hop Culture for a while (hopefully)... But it has been interesting to say the least. We have previously looked at 50 Cent and his role as Computer Game rap avenger, firing RPG's and heavy calibre machine guns out of Blackhawk combat copters, in "War torn Middle Eastern countries", and the U.S. Military obsession with Hip-Hop as a recruiting tool. Hip-Hop, Computer Games & The Military Article exploring Raps new role as a recruiting tool, and the militarisation of youth entertainment can be found here

Reagan era fall guy Col. Oliver North at the Iran Contra Hearings investigated for his "ALLEGED" role in Government Sanctioned Money Laundering, Drug and Gun Running more info on fascinating rare documentary here

Some say that 50 Cent represents the epitome of the so-called Reagan era "80's baby". To others he is "proof" that the yuppy mantra that do for self is the only way to do... A chopped and screwed version of natural selection. Survival of fittest. Until recently, 50 was like N.W.A. before him, appearing to many, the example of all that is bad in society, and justification for the medias one dimensional stereotype of African-American males. However now, has the Rap Rambo, through incredible business savvy and P.R. techniques straight out of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" become the darling of the mainstream? The star scapegoat for all things "Hood", has been transformed into a college touring best selling author, and why not? Bad Guy gone good?

Gun Talker or Hood Superman?

But has the boardroom Gangsta become nothing more than extreme attention seeker? He has been accused of deconstructing African American Unity, and his Get Rich Or Die Trying mentality has been replicated all around the world. But already in his 30's and with talk of "retiring to focus on his acting career", what will be his legacy in Hip-Hop? Only time will tell. The Kool Skool looks at the life and times of the ever changing Curtis Jackson.

50 Cent and The Dissection of Ja Rule-ism

Ja Rule's Build to 50 Cents Destroy

Ja Rule was famous for cross over Hip-Hop/R&B ballads with "Hardcore sung Hooks". 50 cent used Ja Rule's use of "Hooks" as a way to destroy him. Starting with the classic Ja Rule diss "Wanksta", 50 went on an all out personal attack against his Gansta credentials, his sexuality and basically finished the Cash Money Click-ers career. Bizarrely, to those who analyzed the situation a bit clearer, 50 has now become the king of gruff sing-song hooks and dumb downed lyrics. Oiled down, shirt off, flexing with over sized Crosses and Doo-Rags, did 50 position himself as the "New JaRule"??? A classic "Art of War" tactic?

Enter The Babylon System
- Unpacking Gun Culture from Samuel Colt to 50 Cent By Rodrigo Bascuñán, Christian Pearce. The 50 Cent phenomenon has reached into many spheres of modern consciousness, he is used as a blanket reference for so-called "Gangsta Rap"

"Babylon system is the vampire
Suckin' the children day by day, yeah!
Babylon system is the vampire, falling empire,
Suckin' the blood of the sufferers
Deceiving the people continually"

- Bob Marley

Positive to Negative...
G-Unit's Tony Yeyo alleges that Pastor Mase went a little crazy hangin' round the [G]-Unit?????! "Tony Yayo Says Mase Wanted To Stab Fat Joe At The MTV Awards For Talkin Greezy!"

Aleister Crowley and The Whole of 50 Cent's Law

"The Book of the Law" - by Aleister Crowley

From Pieces To Weight
50 Cent co-wrote this Biography/Autobiography book a few years ago.

Fairly recently 50 Cent co-wrote another book there is no doubt that 50 is an extremely intelligent and multi-talented indiviual, who at a "The 50th Law" book lecture used his Howard University appearance toDiss Lil Wayne??? Intellectual Academic BEEF!!!!?

50 Cent - The 50th Law

Aleister Crowley's Liber al vel Legis "The Book of the Law"

We have briefly discussed Aleister Crowley in relation to modern Rap Culture here and here, but "The Wickedest Man in the World " does feature often in modern culture. His early experimentation with "recreational" and often Hallucinatory Drugs, his Sex Magic rituals and Headonistic lifestyle gained him revile and notoriety alike. Well known Rock groups and artists like Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Ozborne and many others were inspired by his writings and life style. The self confessed "Black Magician's" life is full of twists and turns and much mis-information and fallacies,but there is no dispute that his name comes up time and time again in modern lore and conspiracy. He is reguarded by some as a Dark prophet, Master magician, German Spy, British Spy, Double Agent, Bi-Sexual philanderer, founderer of modern Black Magic/Magick, Child Murderer, and even the Devil himself.

Young Aleister Crowley in Druidic regalia right-angled with Kemetic headress notice Sword referance

The 50th Law notice Gothic Typography and Sword reference (perhaps a superficial link)

"Worship me with fire and blood; worship me with swords and with spears..." (from The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley, 1938)

In the 60's Aliester Crowley's writings became very popular amongst the children of industrial Elite and the flourishing Hippy movement. The West Coast playground of California has always been the home of alternative lifestyles and thought in the U.S. and that permeates throughout the cultural centers of the world. Cultural icons such as Jack Parsons "Father of Modern Rocketry", Anton Levey founder of The Church of Satan, Naval Intelligence Officer/Science Fiction writer/Founder of the Church of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard, and Svengali of the LSD movement Timothy Leary are just some of the very influential people who studied under or the teachings of Crowley. Sections of the U.S. intelligence apparatus believed that he was a German Spy while he lived in New York during the 1st World War, and later that his influence in the Hippy Movemnet was being propagated by the British Government or Powers unknown to destablise US through its youth. Whatever the truth, he is very important within the Music industry. Does that go as far as the higher echolons of Rap Music?

50 Cent Left Eye covered
Interestingly more recently 50 seems to be employing a intense aggressive stare that differs from his old "Ice Grill". Crowley was known for his intense Magickal piercing stare in photos...

"When your rich, you start to enter different circles, and you run into [Privilaged class] Wealth, which makes you feel that you need to do more, because your money means nothing. And Money is the last thing they want to talk about because its not cool, its just there." - 50 Cent interview in The Metro (London Newspaper) 15 Dec. 2009

Book of the Law

Book of the Law (Notice "Baphomet" and other familiar icons on "left hand" page)

Allegedly Crowley's wife communicated a message through a trance from a hidden Egyptian God "Horus"

"Crowley’s communication said that the old age of Osiris was being replaced by the new age of Horus. But it said the old age would first have to be destroyed by barbarism and the Earth bathed in blood. There would be a world war, he was told. The Book Of The Law taught of a race of supermen and condemned the old religions, pacifism, democracy, compassion, and humanitarianism." - found

50 Cent proved he’s not only street smart, but book smart too." - Corny comments found at

50 Cent and ghost writer... I mean Co-writer Robert Greene

The Original "Get Rich Or Die Trying" concept?

“We have nothing with the outcasts and the unfit; let them die in their misery, for they feel not. Compassion is the vice of kings; stamp down the wretched and the weak; this is the law of the strong; this is our law and the joy of the world... Love one another with burning hearts; on the low men trample in the fierce lust of your pride in the day of your wrath... Pity not the fallen! I never knew them. I am not for them. I console not; I hate the consoled and the consoler..." - Horus as communicated by Crowley in The Book Of The Law

Robert Greene has previously penned the Machiavellian Corporate mind wash The 48 Laws of Power. In the business world, blah blah blah "time is money", and as many people are aware it is a "cut throat" environment. Yet think of how anti-social individuals and society can become when when using these laws in all personal relationships? The 48 Laws of Power take on an almost twisted version of The Kemetic 42 Laws of Maat [loosely translated as Truth or Balance]??? The similarities between Aleister Crowleys's Book Of Thr Law mantra of "Do As Thou Wilt, Shall Be The Whole Of The Law" become more evident. "Get Rich Or Die Trying" anyone? Is there any truth in the cliche "The Rap Game Is Just Like The Crack Game"? Robert Greene's blog Power Seduction and War can be found here.
The 48 Laws of Power - Condensed
by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers

Its full of Narsasitic gems like:

The 48 Laws of Power Law 3 - Conceal your Intentions

Maat Law 19. - I am trustful in my relationships
The 48 Laws of Power Law 7 - Get others to do the Work for you, but Always Take the Credit

Maat Law 40. I achieve with integrity
The 48 Laws of Power Law 9 - Win through your Actions, Never through Argument

Maat Law 6. I give offerings that are genuine
The 48 Laws of Power Law 11 - Learn to Keep People Dependent on You

Maat Law 25. I create harmony
The 48 Laws of Power Law 14 - Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy

Maat Law 9. I speak with sincerity
The 48 Laws of Power Law 43 - Work on the Hearts and Minds of Others

and so on and so on....

If you are a religious person of ANY faith the 48 Laws of Power are in DIRECT CONTENTION with your beliefs!!! They attract and re-enforce only the negative aspects of human interaction. For Crowley and some, the concept of any way goes, positive and negative energy works, but not without its consequences and Nihilistic in the extreme. Selfishness and cold hearted monouvers work well in Business, but in a society it is destructive. We have not had a chance to digest the 50th Power, and are in no way suggesting that it is in any way similar to The Book of the Law or even The 48 Laws of Power other than on a superficial level, but it is quite likely as Robert Greene has co-written it, that it will re-enforce or at least compliment the 48 Laws.

Guess Who's Back?!
A Gun and a God, the keys to success? Ying and yang...

We are NOT in any way suggesting that Mr Jackson is under the influence of any Satanic power, or a student of the "The Beast" Crowley, but are there any cultural threads in modern Commercial Gangsta Rap? 50 Cent is a product of his environment, a victim of "The System", what if that "Babylonian System" or "Working" manifests itself in the mentality and experience of the Artist? Or more importantly, that the System celebrates its mentality through the promotion of Artists that reflect its motives? We have discussed at length the Mainstream Music industries involvement and cross promotion of its sister companies in the Alchohol, Car and mega Industries that run the World, and some even suggest the Private Prison Complex. In a cynical view, Music becomes the soundtrack that keeps the revolving doors of industry spinning. What if as some critics of Modern Rap culture suggest, that Mainstream Rap keeps the Black Diaspora thinking on a one dimensional level, Worshiping Material Items, Drinking liquor, mentally Ghetto compartmentalised in a Male dominated self-destructive Prison? All the while, for those outside the Black Diaspora Community the Rap package seems re-enforces those stereotypes. Quite a dramatic though that might seem, some people see some truth in that anylasis. You decide...

Character Assassination - "This is 50" Style

In the past, MCs might slyly dis a competitor in an album skit, video or even cover art. 50 Cent has taken the battle concept to a new, creative and often hilarious level with offensive Cartoons, photoshop trickery, free to download whole studio mixtapes albums dedicated to dissing his enemy of the moment. It started with Ja Rule, and accusing Puff Daddy of being "Gay" live on the radio, his excessive warring has left a real mix of superficial wounds and wrecked Platinum rap careers behind him, Lil Wayne, Chamillionaire, Ghostface & the entire Wu-Tang, Master P, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Young Buck, T.I. Jadakiss and The Lox and Oprah Winfrey to name but a few.

Master P - Ghetto Bill Gates

But what does it all mean? Is it all part of shrewd business acumen, or the destructive selfish rants of a Man shunned by the industry? In 2007, Rapper-entrepreneur Master P took offense to 50 Cents over-publicized inflammatory interview antics and responded to him in an open letter. Master P is no record label invented Super-Thug, he is a self-made Hood Millionaire. Although it might seem contradictory, to many his feeling that Rappers "need to grow up and be responsible for our own actions", surely he is someone who is qualified to comment if not on the culture, than most definitely on the buisness aspect. He goes on to say:

"I paid for Curtis's first rap tour through the south. He was such a humble guy at the time. Most artists' mission is to sell records. My mission is to help save and change lives.

Think about it: people in jail are not writing letters proclaiming to come out and do the same thing that landed them there in the first place. People in the hood don't want to stay poor for the rest of their lives. They want to change. Parents that really love their kids would rather sacrifice their own lives so that their kids could make a change to have a better life and a better education.

I have finally realized that EVERY person is either a part of the problem or part of the solution and that is why I have decided to take a stand! I'm reaching out to corporate America to form an alliance for the sake of putting the value back into our communities by rebuilding and developing schools and businesses.

First of all, it's simply disappointing to see people that are in a position to help make a change just sit back and entertain the negativity. It's sad to see Steven Hill set all of these programming standards at BET, just to contradict himself for the sake of marketing dollars or artist performances in order to create the appearance of a successful award show. The record company with the biggest marketing check controls the music video stations so we need to go after the people who actually control these programming networks if we want real CHANGE.

I guess by taking a stand, my son and I will probably not be invited back to the BET awards. But it's O.K. I got love for BET; there are a lot of good people there. Hopefully, this will help people to see the real changes that need to be made. My son and I will sacrifice our airtime because this is bigger than us, this issue desperately needed to be addressed a long time ago.

There are four things that differentiate me from artists like Curtis Jackson. One, I can honestly admit that I was once part of the problem. Two, I don't want my son to grow up and be like me. I want him to be better and do better - and that is why he is taking the time to pursue a college degree. Three, money don't make me, I make money. My goal is to educate our people in building generational wealth and knowing how important it is to own real estate. Four, I'm a TRUE entrepreneur; my boss is God not Jimmy Iovine. From one brother to another, if you misunderstand my purpose you could always pick up the phone or talk to me in person. I'm trying to be part of the solution not the problem. The media thrives on entertaining, especially the negativity no matter what the cost. I'm praying for the brothers that are lost out there. Throughout the years, I have lost so many relatives and friends.

I am not asking any other hip-hop or gangsta rap artist change what they do; that's how they make their money. Furthermore, I am not a preacher; I'm just telling the world what I'm doing and the changes that I am making because it's something I want to do. If that's sending mixed signals to people then they need to deal with their own conscience first."

Master P. Miller

The whole letter can be found here Check Master P - Black History video (not so sure about Romeo but....) Check his label for Responsible Hip-Hop Artists and charity projects Take A Stand Records

Contrversy Sells - Cointel Style Pro Dirty Tricks???

An unbelievable 1,320,00 - 50 Cent Disses Google search...

50 Cent has to be given credit for reinventing the Mixtape, releasing album quality as a means to gain interest for a major deal. His incessant Beefing has not only created an almost un-defeatable status, amazing fame, but help create a slew of Beef mixtapes, a brief example are shown below.

"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" - Corporate Battles!

Street Wars - "The battle for the dream"

Early on 50 Cent cleverly used the new technology of the internet and access to low-tech media of films and mixtapes. In almost "Coin-tel" fashion he used propaganda to destroy his adversaries or peers. At one point his choices were very suspect indeed.

Fat Joe

Puerto Rican Gangsta Rapper, Buisnessman promoting start up shops in his local area of the Bronx, good rapour and open respect for the Old School culture. Promoting Unity between the West Coast and East, and within the Latin and Black communities.

Elephant in the Sand
To destroy Fat Joe used an unflattering Paparazzi shot of him to make him look silly. But as Fat Joe is "Fat" Joe, this childish stunt couldn't have caused much offence.

Original (no black eye)

Photoshop Beef- "The Enemy of my enemy is my friend"
In true 50 style, he supported Papoose in fueling the very photoshop ridicule campaign Papoose, perhaps hoping he would get a G-Unit deal?

Like 50 he is also from Queens, respected as a lyricist, popular within the Old School and underground community, the most high profile MC promotes consciousness. Tried to swipe at him
for being in love with his (now ex-)wife Kelis???

50 Cent's "alter ego" Pimpin' Curly

Correctional Officer/Drug Baron Rapper Rick Ross

There seems to be no doubt that Rapper Rick Ross like 50 Cent is also named after infamous Drug Baron, Freeway Ricky Ross, was previously a Prison Warden, one of the most disliked members of the penal system. 50 Cent made several videos and dis-songs exposing Ross's secret, even going so far as inviting Ross's estranged mother of his child to New York, and taking her shopping. On one hand it was hilarious, but on the other he released sensitive court documents, revealing his earnings. Understandably, Ross is no responsible father, but is that not snitching? Most curious is 50 Cents (Fat Joe) alleged use of off duty NYPD officers as security, not that unusual as they are licensed to carry fire arms, but that did nothing help the street cred.
But maybe some Rap fans can see it for what it really is:

"I guess you forget that this is what happens in beef. Hip hop is not just about lyrics. Presentation is key. ref: Jay z putting prodigy on the Summer Jam screen. Ti pulling up flip in the leprechaun suit, Cam getting Jimmie Walker to play Jay z, and the whole Dre day video. It is to get under Ross’s skin and hit his pride a little bit to break that “Boss” like persona he wants people to see. If he was a boss his personal affairs wouldn’t be so easy to spot as character flaws. Tell him to be a man and take care of his son, then that will make this a non-issue." - 2Gees Reply to :War Games: 50 Cent brings Rick Ross’ ex, Tia Kemp and her kids to Floyd Mayweather’s house here

An internet illustration

But you can see how people might jump to conclusions...

Anti-Karenga FBI Cartoon circa. Nov. 1968 designed to be distributed amongst Black Panther group to cause devision and eventual confrontation between Karnga's ""United Slave "US Organization" and The Black Panther Party found here

Cointelpro was a FBI program enthusiastically promoted my J. Edgar Hoover, which used hearsay, innuendo, Cartoons, "Fake Letters and Bad Poetry" to break up the Peace, Black Nationalist and Freedom movements in the 60s and 70s. A selection can be found here and a very in depth article "COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story" can be found here

The COINTELPRO papers: documents from the FBI's secret wars against dissent ... By Ward Churchill, Jim Vander Wall can be read here

50 hasn't always had it easy when it came to competitors, some that if they had the Interscope machine behind them, might have given him a career shot!!! Some diss Backfires and misses were The L.O.X./D-Block who for many years have had the Mixtape came on lock and the surprise G-Unit reject the Game who gave the G-Unit street team a run for their money!!!

G-Unit Diss Posters

G-Unot Village People (Unknown origin)

50 Cent & G(eometry) Unit

G-Unit - Where are they now? 11-8=3

Since signing to G-Unit almost ALL of the other G-Unit signings have languished behind 50 Cent, some have accused him of using his signings like pawns in a Chess game, sacrificing them to further his "Beef" driven career. In the music industry it is common practice for one label to sign groups similar to successful artists on other labels, in the hope that they can be put in the same commercial position with the successful group. Often, the artists are signed to take them out of direct competition of a more successful one on the same label, or shelved altogether for "Tax Right-off" purposes. Was this 50, and perhaps Jimmy Iovine's plan when they signed the short lived expanded G-Unit? Some people have suggested that there were more alterior motives behind the signings, not just to gain a greater a improved geographical presence, and a share of the lucrative regional markets, but to out flank more popular artists.
Could these be the the intended G-Unit target?

*The Game* ~ Spider-Loc (L.A.) underground Battle rapper originally on Suge Knight's Deathrow Records

*Puff Daddy/Dipset* ~ Mace (Harlem) ex-associates of Dipset who were at war with 50, Mase was on Puff Daddy's Bad Boys Record label, who 50 was also trying to undermine

*Nas/Jay-Z* ~ Mobb Deep (Queens) underground Queens group had open rivalries with Nas and Jay-Z

*Ludacris/T.I./Cash Money Records* ~ Young Buck (Tennasee/Southern Market) Southern MC

*Jay-Z* ~ M.O.P. (Brooklyn) hardcore group possibly signed to appeal to their big underground fan base

*Most female MCs/R&B* ~ Olivia (R&B market)

Mobb Deep - Blood Money In.... Blood Money Out...

Mobb Deep - Blood Money

Blood Money was the seventh studio album by hip-hop duo Mobb Deep, released on May 2, 2006. It is the group's first and only album and on G-Unit/Interscope Records. The choice of the All Seeing Eye imagery on the cover, although representing the Seal on the $1 bill, caused many people to ask questions about the group, its direction, motives, its label move, and G-Unit's direction in particular.

Prodigy In "Cust-digy"

Prodigy In Custody

Prodigy was arrested not long after releasing his song "Illuminati", and claims he was Profiled by the imfamous "Hip-Hop Cops", a secret Federal Task Force dedicated to targeting Hip-Hop related Crimes, specifically Musicians in the Hip-Hop Music Industry. Prodigy is currently incarcerated in upstate New York. From Jail he has written a revealing 3-page letter claiming that:

"[Jay-Z] knows the truth, but he chose sides with evil in order to be accepted in the corperate world. [Jay-Z] conceals the truth from the Black community and the world, and promotes the lifestyle of the Beast instead." - Prodigy (Mobb Deep)

Prodigy goes on to state that his astounding claims are not related to his well publicized "Rap Beef" with Jay-Z. Prodigy is by no means well known for promoting a great deal of positivity, but whatever you think of his outburst, it is quite an unusual thing for a fellow Rap Businessman to say...

Prodigy Prison Letter Part 1 Click back to return to article

Prodigy Prison Letter Part 2 Click back to return to article

Artist: Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) Track: Illuminati
From the Album: "H.N.I.C. Pt. 2"

"Maybe P ain't buggin'!"
Prodigy breaking down his song "Illuminati"

The Kool Skool would like to thank our readers for the intelligent comments and support. Please feel free to comment (intelligently) on this or any of our previous articles. Peace, Love Unity & Havin' Fun