Sunday 29 May 2011

Disco Scratch Radio 48 – UK Hip-Hop Legend MC Mell ‘O’ Part 1

Disco Scratch Radio 48 – MC Mell ‘O’ Part 1
In his search the True Perspective of the UK Hip-Hop history, our Brother Waxer has interviewed MC Mell ‘O’, one of the Koolest, Positive and Knowledgable MC's the UK has ever produced.
Disco Scratch Radio on Sensei.FM Here

"The UK has produced some incredible MCs… this small island we call home has had B Boys, Poppers, Lockers, DJs & Writers from a very early era in the development of the UK music scene. The man I spoke with tonight lived through the inception of the UK Hip Hop scene, became actively involved in it RIGHT FROM THE START and continues to represent up til now.
If you don’t know this British rappers heritage, this interview will bring you up to speed… at least in his formative years. The interview is only the first part of this legacy. Mello goes into proper depth with the melting pot of people in Battersea, South London that influenced his career and helped him carve his individual path through the fledgling scene right to present day. Not many MCs can rip up a mic after reppin’ for nearly 30 years! Here’s one that can and do it with depth, professionalism, attitude & knowledge.
I’ll be analysing the interview over the coming week and updating the database to reflect the people, places & subjects covered in this interview. Until then, pour some knowledge into your ear canals, add a couple of spoonfulls of dub, roots, funk & soul into the mix, sprinkle it with rough rhymes, B Boy mentality and fold in staying power, cook for 30 years & you’ll get Mell ‘O’."

Disco Scratch Radio 48 – MC Mell ‘O’ Part 1

More Info, download & more can be found at

Not so long ago MC Mell 'O' did a track with Aroe & The Soundmakers, check out the The Kool Skool interview with them here

Thursday 26 May 2011

The Kool Skool Exclusive Mic Geronimo *Rare 1995 Freestyle/Interview/Live Show Videos*

Royal Flush & Mic Geronimo
Blunt recording artist Mic Geronimo was one of the new generation of Hood lyricists from the East Coast that defined the age, people like Big L (R.I.P.), O.C. & Nas

*Rare 1995 Freestyle* Mic Geronimo rocking over Gangstarr "The ? Remains" instrumental
Killer Queens native Mic Geronimo kicks a Freestyle for Underground NY Hip-Hop Video in 95 (with Rythm A.D.D.I.C.T.S).

Mic Geronimo *Rare 1995 Interview*
Rare 1995 Mic Geronimo interview

Mic Geronimo gets interviewed by "Lefty Left" for Underground NY Hip-Hop Video in 95. Mic Geronimo talks about his start, how he got his name, how him and DJ Irv (Irv Gotti) started (the pre-Murder Inc.) Blunt Recordings, how Mixtape King DJ Ron G got him a street buzz, his relationship with Cash Money Clique (Ja Rule), Diamond D and his Album of that time The Natural.

Mic Geronimo & Royal Flush Live in 95'
Mic Geronimo tears up a sweaty NY club in 95' with fellow Blunt recording artist Royal Flush, performing tracks off of his 1st album "The Natural." Songs are Three Stories High feat. Royal Flush & Sh*t Is Real.

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Mic Geronimo

Royal Flush

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"Eye Am That I Am" (Eye Of Ra) Video Part 3

Blood Set Rapper The Game - Rockin' the Eye of Ra

"Eye Am That I Am" (Eye Of Ra) Part 3
"Eye Am That I Am" is a blog that documents the proliferation of the So-called Eye of Ra, Pyramids, Suns and other loose Occult imagery in modern society.

"Eye Am That I Am" (Eye Of Ra) Part 2
"Eye Am That I Am" (Eye Of Ra) Part 1

Tuesday 24 May 2011

The Kool Skool Interviews -Ultramagnetic MC's ITCH FM Special *DJ Moe Luv in Session* (Rare Interview & Music)

The Kool Skool Interviews -Ultramagnetic MC's ITCH FM Special *DJ Moe Luv in Session*
The Kool Skool Radio Show, hosted by Shucks One "the Idiot". Originally broadcast on London's only real hiphop culture station ITCH FM, 21/1/06. Features sections of interviews with the Ultramagnetic MC's DJ Moe Luv, live on the Kool Skool and in conversation with Shucks for an Undercover Magazine article on the Bronx group. also: Unreleased/rare tracks, Cookie Crew's Suzie-Q talking about Ultra, Moe Luv talking about Paul C, UMC's, Tim Dog, N.W.A., etc Rare Ultra appearance on Marley Marl In Control circa 87'

The Covert FBI War on Tupac (John Potash Lecture Video)

The Covert FBI War on Tupac (John Potash Lecture Video)

FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders Interview with John Potash

John Potash Interview

New "Paris City Graffiti" Book Out Now!

PARIS CITY graffiti - 35.00€
300 pages and about 2,200 photographs entirely devoted to Paris and its suburbs.
Love, passion, sharing and creativity have been the key words in the creation of this book, just like what comes from graffiti productions.

Wednesday 18 May 2011



Japan Fund Raiser With Kentaro, Mr Thing and Infinite Lives This Saturday 21/5/11 @ XOYO E. London (Mini Mix Free Download)

Bonifide Magazine is teaming up with Soundcrash for a launch party and to help raise money for Japanese earthquake relief. DJ Kentaro, Smerins Anti-Social Club and Mr Thing in room 1 whilst we’re very excited to host the Ian Drury of rap, Infinite Livez and bright young thing Bullion in room 2, not to forget our very ‘press-play-and-stop’ CDJ specialists who are bound to unnerve Kentaro.


Infinite Lives Japan inspired mini-mix ahead of his performance on Saturday.
Boredoms – We Never Sleep
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Riot in Lagos
MimiCof – Nw
Can – Vitamin C
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Differencia
Melt Banana – Spathic!!
Kyoka – Ybe Ybe
Infinite Livez – R Yeah

Legendary UK Hip-Hop Night Battle Scars Returns! Rattle Scars Auditions 4/6/11 Looking For Under 18's Artists for PAID WORK!!!!

Brother Lawyer Da Black (on Right)
Calibrated Entertainment and IPF have joined forces to bring you Rattle Scars the under 18's concious and positive lyrical MC and vocal competition.
Produced, promoted and managed by by young people from the ages of 13-20 years old.
From the promoters of Battle Scars Lyrical Combat (now in it's 11 year)

Rattle Scars is an under 18's version designed to promote positive and constructive lyricism in the next generation of MC's and vocal performers running alongside entertainment and media based workshops. Young people are given the opportunity to be given hands on vocational skills and training in a 'real life' setting.
Event management, production and promotion - filming, editing and video production - music technology - sound engineering and more...

So far our first group of youths are working on setting up the foundation for what is going to be one of the most exciting project we have ever embarked upon. So please show your support and forward this to your mailshots, friends and any body you may think will be interested.

Lawyer Da Black


Hosts and a 3 piece Band (drums, keyboard and bass)

Rattle Scars 2011

'The Battle for Peace!'

The under 18 national Positive & Conscious Lyricists Competition.

Paid Gigs!!! (for musicians)

You can audition as individual or as a band, you must be 20 or under

(Preferably 18 and under).

Would you like to be the host/compere of Rattle Scars?

Rattle Scars is holding an audition for the under 18’s host
Sat June 4th 2011
12pm - 4pm

The RockHouse Centre
57 Sutherland Road
E17 6BH

Work shops are also running for those who are interested in event management, sound engineering, hosting, filming and editing.

To audition or register your interest in the project Contact Lawyer on 07932922532 or HYPERLINK "" for more info.

Thursday 5 May 2011

The Kool Skool's Shucks One Interviews South London Graffiti Legend Char DTB (Rare From 2004)

Tkow/Char 2010
The Kool Skool's Shucks One Interviews South London Graffiti Legend Char DTB Rare From 2004

To read, click on image & zoom

Tkow 2009

The Interview originally featured in Undercover Issue 12 July 2004

The Kool Skool "Foundation Rocks" T-shirts LIMITED NUMBERS LEFT @

Shucks One ID The Kool Skool "Foundation Rocks" T-shirts

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MOAS - Monsters Of Art "20 Years Of Havoc" Book OUT NOW By From Here To Fame

Monsters Of Art
Europe’s most notorious train crew, Monsters Of Art, celebrates 20 years of train havoc. From Here To Fame Publishing honor their anniversary with a monster edition of ON THE RUN. Join us for a rare and privileged glimpse into the unruly world of MOAS. With over 200 pages that detail MOAS’s history and unique crew concept, along with classic tales from the train yard, including great escapes, writer beef, legendary busts, extreme graffiti feats, trains, trains and more trains. This is a must-have for all diehard fans of train graffiti.

MOAS blasted onto the Copenhagen scene in 1991. Once they had Denmark locked down, MOAS expanded through a series of high profile, international affiliations to become omnipresent in Denmark, Europe and now the world. Their infamous working methods have become the standard for those daring to compete. Many have attempted, but most fail. For those willing to try, be warned, they are ruthless inside and outside the yard, so proceed with caution.

MOAS—20 years on the run and still going strong. Don’t listen to the rumors; get the story direct from the source.
Special edition with 224 pages!
More info here

06th May 2011 - Berlin
20 Years MOAS Crew Anniversary Book Release Party & Exhibition
DJ Quincy Million (QMS Crew)
DJ Dejoe (Born2Roll)
7pm Start @ Common Ground Gallery

224 full color pages & 550 photos & illustrations
ISBN Paperback: 978-3-937946-68-9
Price Paperback: 14,95 €
From Here To Fame
Yo Zeb Rock!

Monday 2 May 2011

Our Own Private Bin Ladin & The Great Game (Must see Documentaries and Interviews)

President Obama has announced that Osama Bin Ladin has been killed just days after WikiLeaks released that "
an al-Qaeda commander claims that a such a dirty bomb will apparently be detonated [in Europe] if Osama bin Laden is captured or assassinated." Over the years "the Bogeyman" has released many audio and video tapes that to some prove, he was alive, and others claim are fraudulant. Several experts and World Leaders a like have claimed he has been dead since 2002, whatever the truth, here are a selections of contentious videos (many several years old), that are extremely interesting, and thought provoking.

"OUR OWN PRIVATE BIN LADEN" is an insightful documentary film by Samira Goetschel about understanding the creation of the persona of Osama bin Laden as a phenomenon of the interplay between history, politics, global economics and the media..

Russian Bin Laden 'resurrects' to hold Moscow in awe
"Chechen warlord Doku Umarov is known as the Russian Bin Laden. Like ghosts, the two terrorists manifest their existence in cyberspace. It seems that Umarov has risen from the dead again. This time, he made his appearance in a phone call to Radio Liberty." - English Pravda

Benazir Bhutto: Bin Laden was Murdered 2007

The Saudi Bin Ladin Group
Osama Bin Ladin's father owns The Saudi Bin Ladin Group, with extremely close relations to the Saudi Royal Family and the Bush family, the yearly turn over of the Division is around USD 800 million. In the 1980's Osama Bin Ladin and his family was alledgedly involved in funding the Mujahideen and building tunnel complexes and roads.
Projects include Airports
High-Rise Buildings
Roads, Tunnels, Bridges
High-Rise Buildings
Housing / Hotels
Roads, Tunnels, Bridges
Convention Centres, Shopping Malls
Hospitals, Universities
MEP Projects
and one of Islams holiest sites, the Haram Mosque in Makkah Mecca Saudi Arabia.