Wednesday 30 June 2010

Foundation MC/Graffiti Writer & Forward Thinker Rammellzee R.I.P.

Foundation MC/Graffiti Writer & Forward Thinker Rammellzee sadly passed away yesterday...

"Break it up Cypress Hill!" - Ramellzee

Monday 28 June 2010

Tats Cru - Big Pun Mural Remix

Big Pun Memorial MuralDetail

The Tats Cru have renevated the Big Pun Memorial Mural to coincide with the 10yr Anniversary of the MCs passing. For more Tats Cru photos check out their flickr



The Original (Photo Credit: Michael)

"London Black Book" New London Graffiti book coming soon!!!

New Grassroots Graffiti Book by the people who brought you London Handstyles Graffiti Book!!! Out soon!

The books creator had this to say about the book in an exclusive interview at the excellent Plastic Bones website

"London Black Book is gonna be an A4 book jam packed with sketches, outlines, characters and throw ups from 150 of London’s most notorious and prolific writers to have painted in capital over the last 25 years."

London Handstyles Graffiti Book website

If you missed our exclusive feature on one of the artists who features in the old and new book check out "Blackbook Mathematics with London Graff Legend MR. MET CBM" here

Jonnie Dier R.I.P.

Dyer FDC

It is with great sadness to report South London Graffiti Legend Dier FDC has passed away due to long running health issues. Throughout the 90's and early 2000's Dyer, alongside Char, Ser, Shred and the FDC crew dominated the South London Graff scene. Everyone who knew him will tell you he was a real character, free spirit and one of a kind.

"For Tizer and me, Dier and the FDC crew were a big influence on us, and I met him quite a few times, and had a lot of respect for him. I remember one time hanging out with Dier and Hox, and they were talking about going fishing. The image of Hox and Dier fishing to me was really funny. Dier said, "yeah Shucks!!! Its not all about Graff you know! We will go some time" Unfortunately I never did have the opportunity to go fishing. Our regards go out to his family and friends" - Shucks One ID

Dier R.I.P. by Das RK

Thursday 24 June 2010

"The Kool Skool Interviews" Aroe & The Soundmakers *Rare*

Aroe HA/MSK- "Nobody move nobody get Smurf"

Aroe has played an integral role in promoting UK Hip-Hop culture, as a writer Aroe and his Heavy Artillery crew has firmly stamped the UK onto the international Graffiti scene. As a longtime Hip-Hop artist, he recently released a series of studio recorded Mixtapes and a singles. The 2 part "Crown Jewels" series documented unheard and rare UK Hip-Hop gems, and never known for half stepping, on their The Wreckshop Philly Golden Era Vol. 1, Aroe & The Soundmakers tracked down DJ Too Tuff and Ice Dog from the Tuff Crew to host it!

"Invaders Must Die" Aroe HA/MSK

Exclusive to extremely RARE The Kool Skool Radio hosted by Shucks One the Idiot featuring Aroe & The Soundmakers. Originally aired on ITCH FM in 3/10/05. Also includes 2hrs of Old and New School Hip-Hop including Mobb Deep, Sadat X MC Mello, Sheek Louch, Money Boss Players, Million Dan, MC D, Ghostface & The Theodore Unit, Stetsasonic, G & Lefty, Choong Family, Marvin The Martian Wancee & many more!
The Kool Skool - Aroe & The Soundmakers Special (Itch FM 23/10/05) Listen/Download here

"Rime" - Aroe HA/MSK

The Wreckshop Philly Golden Era Vol. 1 - Aroe & The Soundmakers
Classic Rare UK Hip-Hop Studio Mixtape can be bought here at the excellent

Crown Jewels 2 - Aroe & The Soundmakers
Classic Rare UK Hip-Hop Studio Mixtape can be bought here at the excellent SUSPECT PACKAGES

The Kool Skool documented the Heavy Artillery "Haters" exhibition at the Prescription Art Gallery which featured new works from Aroe, Gary, Odisy, Giroe but with substantial new installations and works from INSA, Nylon, Roid and Twesh alongside Italys Mr Wany and Copenhagens Storm One and Gebes. October 22nd 2009

Monday 21 June 2010

"The Art" - Ivory Dukes "Chains Unbreakable" Graffiti Production

Grand Puba "Foundation Rocks True Mathematics" character by Shucks One ID

Some of the Ivory Dukes/Idiots Crew paint out Stockwell for a quick little production based on 88' Rap styles, High-top Fades, Cazals, Chanel, Door Knockers and Miami colour ways! "Stoooopid!"

Burning Agent ID sketch

Baskin & Robbins Bubblegum Flaves

True Mathematics characters by Shucks One ID


Kidney Juice

Pink Grapefruit Oasis

Silly Allen by Jobe ID

ID Crew "Chains Unbreakable" (Click image to see larger)
from left:
Gent (Agent ID), Math (Jobe ID) Wisher ID, Grand Puba character Shucks One ID, Oreo (Shucks One ID)

Special thanks to Solo One for the mulsh refills! Yo to Ment!

Saturday 19 June 2010

The Kool Skool @ The Rapscallions Society Sunday 27th June Lockside Lounge Camden

Sunday 1pm - 12am. Hip Hop market & music event @ the Lockside Lounge Camden. The Kool Skool's DJ Shucks One will be spinning alongside the Sensei FM family, as well as many acts and DJs DJ Khalil & DJ Vadim are just a few. If your on facebook for more info check here

Read more:

The Kool Skool will be selling limited edition prints and the last of the super limited edition Foundation Rocks T-shirts!

Friday 11 June 2010

The Misappropriation of Hip Hop Book By DJ Fingers of The Sindecut *OUT NOW*

"The Misappropriation Of Hip-Hop" is a new book by legendary UK Hip-Hop DJ & Producer Karl Gibson AKA DJ Fingers of the Sindecut. All Illustrations are by The Kool Skool's Shucks One ID

This book is intended to find answers to a question that has persistently recurred in the conversations of Hip-Hop aficionados. That is, whether Hip-Hop has been misappropriated.

Ying Yang Detail by Shucks One ID

Recommended price £10.95
Avaliable from Amazon:

It can also be ordered from your local bookshop simply ask for:
Title- The Misappropriation of Hip-Hop ISBN:978-0956311801
Author- Karl Gibson A.K.A Dj Fingers

In Praise of The Misappropriation of Hip-Hop:
"Karl Gibson has captured the very essence of the meaning of Hip-Hop in this long awaited but extremely refreshing book...."

Video Music: "Wrecks" by DJ Fingers of The Sindecut available on Mural Music

The author is available for interviews and in depth lecture appearances, please leave a message with your details if you are interested.

This is a independent Universal Zulu Nation affiliated Hip-Hop publishing, please support this book!

Tuesday 8 June 2010

"The Kool Skool Interviews" Melle Mel & The Furious 5, and Scarrs of The Jump Off

*Exclusive to www.Sensei.FM* The Kool Skool Radio Hip-Hop Legends Interview Specials Listen/Download here

The Kool Skool hosted by Shucks One the Idiot featuring Melle Mel & The Furious 5, and Scarrs of The Jump Off. Originally aired on ITCH FM in 14/1/06. Also includes 2hrs of Old and New School Hip-Hop including Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5, Afrika Bambaataa & the Jazzy 5 Sensation, James Brown, A Tribe Called Quest, UTFO, Schooly D, J.V.C. Force, Shorty The Ghetto Child, UNI, Mr Ti2bs & many more!

Friday 4 June 2010

The Kool Skool on

High Top Fades & Correct Ways!

The Kool Skool Radio Show can now be Heard/Downloaded here on We will be uploading classic shows from over 7 years of broadcasting on Itch FM London's only TRUE Hip-Hop Culture station, and regular new mixes exclusive to . Interviews with Jeru Tha Damaja, DJ Moe Luv (Ultramagnetic MC's) & Steam 156 and many more to come! represents the cream of TRUE Hip-Hop Culture in the UK!!!! Shows by DJ Disorda, The Shotcallers, Jazz-T and many more legendary UK Representers!!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend!!!!

Get down with The Kool Skool Radio Show

Stay Sailing.... Sooooooon come!!!!