Thursday 29 November 2012

"Can't Forget New Jersey" Documentary Trailer & Rare Flavor Unit Videos & Interviews

DJ Mark The 45King and his FLAVOR UNIT a New Jeruse Conscious Powerhouse
The New Jersey Super Crew originally included Apache (R.I.P.), Double J, Lord Alibaski, Lakim Shabazz, Latee, Queen Latifah, Shakim C, Chill Rob G and others (not all featured). Flavor Unit was loosely linked with Lord Finesse and D.I.T.C. and Gangstarr in the early days, and the Unit went on to manage and release on Flavor Unit Records several big groups in the early 90's such as Black Sheep, Freddie Foxxx, The Almighty RSO, Nikki D & Channel Live. Anyone who knows anything about late 80's Hip-Hop know Mark The 45 King produced & remixed many of the Underground hits, was on a par with Marley Marl and Herb Luv Bug Azor. The Unit MC's had a lot of hits!

Can't Forget New Jersey is the first episode of the docu-series "Hip-hop's Great Migration" which explores hip-hop's roots in various locations around the world. Featuring, the God Lakim Shabazz, Do-It-All (Lord Of The Underground), Treach, Kool DJ Red Alert and more!!!!

Lakim Shabazz & DJ Cee Justice Performs "Pure Righteousness" on Nightmusic 

Queen Latifah & 45 King 1989 Interview on Rapido UK TV Show

MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D (Double XX Posse) - Knock Em Out Sugar Ray (The 45 King Remix 1989) 

Free South Africa Hip Hop Against Apartheid - Ndodemnyama 
Old school Hip hop 1990 with: Afrika Bambaataa, X-Clan - Brother J, Professor X, Lakim Shabazz, Afrika Baby Bam of Jungle Brothers, Mike G of Jungle Brothers, UTFO, Master Rob of Ultimate Force, Grand Puba of Brand Nubian, Kings Of Swing, Queen Latifah, Solo, Revolucien, Lin Que, Arthur X

The Flavor Unit MCs - Roll With That Flava (All-star Posse Cut)
Featuring Naughty By Nature, Fu-Shnickins, Freddie Foxxx, Queen Latifah, Heavy D (R.I.P.), D-Nice, Black Sheep, Kid Capri

Naughty By Nature talks Flavor Unit and working with Queen Latifah plus the ill town label, lyricism, and all the new avenues to pursue as a Hip Hop artist

Naughty By Nature - 1,2,3 Featuring Lakim Shabazz & Apache (R.I.P.)

Lakim Shabazz Sits Down with Positive Force/Irvin J Productions 
The God Lak breaks down heavy Lessons original Hip-Hop, 5%ers in Hip-Hop, Black Power/Conscious Hip-Hop, New Hip-Hop, How The Flavor Unit got together, hanging out with Biz Markie and how he might have signed to Cold Chilling Records, how he gave Latifah the "Queen", where New Jeruselum name came from, Video of sit down interview with Lakim Shabazz of the Flavor Unit by Positive Force with Irvin J Productions. Another Irvin J Productions exclusive !!

Dr. Muldoon & J'da Kut (Sensei.FM) This Friday 30 Nov. Visions Video Bar, Dalston E8 London & 30min Taster Mix

Paul White, Lovely Jon, Pl4ybo1, J'da Kut & Dr. Muldoon

Friday, 30th November, 9pm – 3am

Visions Video Bar, 588a Kingsland Road, Dalston, E8 4AH

£5, free before 10pm

Having had a successful year making heads spin and hips whine at Shoreditch's subterranean sound cave, 3 Blind Mice, Jda Kut and Dr. Muldoon are excited to announce their migration up the Kingsland Road to Visions Video Bar.  Now with a larger venue at their disposal, Jda and Muldoon will be sharing the stage on the 30th with some cats equally committed to sourcing sounds from only the creamiest sonic saucers! Drawing from the funkiest, bass and drum heaviest corners of Hip HopPsychedelia,BeatsBashment, Punk, and Electronica, Jda, Muldoon and guests will be dropping hits – esoteric and classic – from all over our Global Village!
Top of the bill is London’s esteemed beatsmith and DJ, Paul White. With a swathe of critically acclaimed LPs under his belt and a world-wide fan base stretching from Osaka to Ontario,Paul’s intricately layered funkscapes have been graced by everyone from Rap’s man-of-the-moment,Danny Brown, to London’s princess of synthpunk Charli XCX. With his formidable record collection and penchant for clatteringly cosmic beats, we expect Mr White’s selections will keep you scratching your head and twizzling your lowermost like a hopelessly crazed crack-monkey!
Acting as the event’s in-house audio-visual occultist, B-movie-collector-come-exotic-record-hound,Lovely Jon, will also be blessing Visions’ basement. Famed for mixes such as House of Sleaze andGoddamn Motherfuckers Burn in Hell, alongside his Jigoku audio-visual collaborations with Cherrystones, few crate-diggers or cineastes can match Jon’s grasp on their respective corners’ otherworldly offerings. Promising a unique journey down avenues of movie and music history seldom travelled, armed with a projector and turntables, Jon will be spinning a furious selection of PunkRapDub and Rock to a frenzied montage of his globally sourced B-movie imagery.
Adding a dash of youthful irreverence to the mix will be Brixton’sPL4YBO1, a denizen of Rap’s refreshingly supple online generation: aware of the genre’s heritage but boldly disloyal to its traditions. With this in mind, expect sounds threaded with contorting 808 bass kicks and sizzurp drenched synths, from the Beastie Boys to Wacka Flocka Flamevia the Geto Boys.

POTPURRI Taster Mix – Muldoon & J’da Kut

A 30 minute whiff from the Potpurri basket. Featuring tracks by Arrows, Gaslamp Killer, Kendrick Lamar, Eprom, Nas, Tame Impala, Com Truise, L.I.E.S, Erick Travis, AG, DJ Assault and more!

The evening’s residents will likewise be serving Hip-Hop inflected treasures from sonic environs old, fresh and forward looking… Aside masterful turntable skills which have seen her rock the Roundhouse with Kashmere and compete with the formidable Invincible Armour crew at last year’s World DMCs, Jda Kut's taste for Turkish Psych – a native Anatolian, Ms. Kut has an enviably deep crate of directly sourced 45s! – bassy Hip Hop and booty shaking Bashment evokes an experience akin to a Brixton Block Party in an Istanbul Kasbah! Similarly known for crafting inter-cultural networks with his hands, Dr. Muldoon’s peculiar knack for meshing genres across diverse temporal and regional boundaries means his sets are never short of imagination. Anticipate seasonings of the unexpected then amidst this self-proclaimed Heston-Blumenthal-of-the-Rap-game’s inventive platters of PsychedeliaBeatsHip Hop and Electronica.
So, come join us Friday the 30th of November from 9 'til 3 at Visions Video Bar, 588a Kingsland Road, Dalston, E8 4AH !!!

UK Runnings present F.L.I.P - 'So Far So Good Vol. 1 (Free Download)

UK Runnings present F.L.I.P - 'So Far So Good Vol. 1' to celebrate the launch of The mix is a collection of collaborations from previous F.L.I.P solo projects and is the first installment of it's kind being released in the build up to the official F.L.I.P debut.
The F.L.I.P group (formerly known as Flip Tha Skript) was started by Supar Novar, Big Ben & Turbulance around 1996. A few years later the group linked up with Skinyman & The Mud Family and after a number of radio features and support slots became a name to be watched.
Over the years more members have joined F.L.I.P and the group has become a serious force in UK Hip-Hop, with a line up of artists that could rival any super group. The current line up includes Big Ben, Ragz Sweet Jones, Supar Novar, Wordsmiff, Danny Bones, Genesis Elijah, Terra Slim, Ruthless, King Response, Barry Knight and more.

FL.TV - F.L.I.P - 'Born To Live' (Prod. by Dead Man Walkn) 

F.L.I.P - 'So Far So Good Vol. 1' Full-Tracklisting:

01. Intro ft. Tricksta (prod. by Supar Novar)
02. Flip Tha Skript Anthem ft. Supar Novar & Big Ben (prod. by Sir Beats)03. Never Like This ft. Supar Novar, Ragz Sweet Jones, Big Ben & Danny Bones (prod. by Supar Novar)04. Suttin Outta Nuttin ft. Supar Novar, Big Ben & Barry Knight (prod. by Mkay Ultra & Barry Knight)05. Slip N Slide Ft. Wordsmiff & Big Ben (prod. by Tom Caruana)06. Reppin The Remix ft. Supar Novar, Saint, Big Ben, Ti2bs & Yaeo (prod. by Show N Prove)07. I Shot (Music Remix) Ft. Genesis Elijah, Supar Novar, Danny Bones & Terra Slim (prod. by Show N Prove)08. 5 Day Pass Ft. King Response & Danny Bones (prod. by Danny Bones)09. Dont Be Fuckin Wid Me ft. Danny Bones, Ruthless & C-Zar Carlito (prod. by Danny Bones)10. PFC Ft. Supar Novar, Big Ben & Ragz Sweet Jones11. Dynasty Intro Freestyle Ft. Supar Novar & Ragz Sweet Jones12. 2 Joints Ft. Supar Novar, King Response, Danny Bones, Verbal Apocalypse & Big Ben (prod. by Show N Prove)13. For The Slums Ft. Wordsmiff, Big Ben & Supar Novar (prod. by Tricksta)14. The System Ft. King Response, Big Ben & Lullaby (prod. by Sir Beats)15. Shoot Me Down Ft. Danny Bones, Big Ben & Supar Novar16. Never Would Of Thought Ft. Supar Novar, Wordsmiff & Big Ben (prod. by Apatight)17. The Blues ft. Ragz Sweet Jones & Big Ben (prod. by Tony Mahoney)18. Ground Wars Ft. Wordsmiff & Supar Novar (prod. by Ido)19. Never Give In Ft. Big Ben & Supar Novar (prod. by DJ Noize)20. Let Me Ft. Genesis Elijah & Danny Bones (prod. by Danny Bones)

Download now from

The Flip Life TV YouTube channel has also been building from strength to strength. The F.L.I.P run media network features videos, freestyles and exclusive footage of F.L.I.P members as well as other UK and international artists. So far the channel has featured Dead Prez, Skinnyman, AZ, Stig Of The Dump, Fliptrix, Termanology, Krazy Bone, Jaja Soze, Stylah, Akala, Mystro, R.A The Rugged Man, Logic, Mic Righteous, Graziella and many more. With the launch of the official website, followers can now keep up date with all Flip Life TV uploads from the official channel as well as others. Be sure to keep up to date with the latest videos and subscribe to the YouTube channel below.
Flip Life TV YouTube channel:
Flip Life TV site:
UK Runnings website:
Park Street PR website:

Also follow these links below to check other releases from the F.L.I.P team:

Sunday 25 November 2012

Dope Producer & Video Remixer Benitoloco84

Benitoloco84 is a Dope French Producer, Photographer, Graphic Designer & Video Remixer who now lives in the UK. He does Video and full remixes of an interesting selection of Hip-Hop tracks that might have been lost or are not the "obvious joints". Here is a small selection of some of his most recent stand out videos, but check out his almost 85 videos and

"Yes love, that's how it was before, when you was funky fresh or down by law..."


"Muthaf**k you & your Ghetto Bird!!!"



2 remixes back to back of the Gangstarr classic... The Squeeeeeze!

100 UK Graffiti Artists New Graffiti Book by Frank "Steam156" Malt & Old School Interview with Steam156 on ITCH FM

& Old School The Kool Skool Radio Interview with Steam156 on ITCH FM

IZ The Wiz R.I.P. & Steam156 in the Bronx early 1990's

Steam156 is well known as one of (if not the most) prolific Graffiti Documentors. He has been instrumental in the promotion of Graffiti in the European wide scene & one of the 1st Europeans to make links with NY & L.A. Artists as a documentor. He began documenting Graffiti in the UK in around 1986, was an early contributor to Phase 2’s iGTimes graffiti magazine, and went on to work as the Graffiti Editor at the legendary Hip-Hop Connection Magazine, Knowledge Magazine. He is also well known for his Graffiti Slide Shows and more recently, his voluminous site, and the Aerosol Planet DVD series.

His 1st hard cover book 100 UK Graffiti Artists Graffiti Book has a release date end of November 2012 with a Retail Price of Approximately £37.50 $45.00

Book Description
"Simply opening these covers commits you to being dazzled by 100 of the UK's top "writers" and street artists, immersing yourself in the styles, past and present, which make UK street art great. Upon its arrival in the UK from New York in the 1980s, graffiti rapidly spread across the island, infecting the youth like a stylistic virus. Out of the early days came names that would become part of UK writing legend, such as Mode2, Zaki Dee 163, Choci Roc, Goldie, and Robbo. Alongside works by these pioneers, we sweep across the whole of the UK, taking in Scotland and Wales, running through the nineties and right up to the modern day when more advanced, technical graffiti, wheat pasting, and stenciling are the new media on the street. This collection includes works by Aroe, Skore, Xens and Kem, Mef, and more. Guiding us through this review is Steam 156, who was there at the start and is still as passionate as ever. This is a must-have collection for graffiti writers and fans around the world." - Schiffer Books Website

Book Details
ISBN: 9780764341960
Size: 11 3/4" x 9"
Illustrations:810 color photos
Pages: 224
Availability: Now Available
Binding:Hard Cover
Amazon Link:

Tizer One ID





 Wisher ID

 Keen AWE

Kem & Mef


 Zomby DDS/FBS

New Single Cold Rock Stuff - THE KO'ROK TWO ft. OXYGEN - Get It On Daily Diggers Remix & Phill Most Chill on the Artwork!

The Kool Skool Bretheren & Hip-Hop Hard Worker Kid Dyno has had a Remix on the new single Cold Rock Stuff - THE KO'ROK TWO ft. OXYGEN - Get It On Daily Diggers Remix & Phill Most Chill on the Artwork! THE KO'ROK TWO ft. OXYGEN - "Get It On". When we did Kid Dyno - Daily Diggers/Vinyl Veterans - The Kool Skool "Foundation Rocks" Video Interview No. 3 he gave The Kool Skool a sneak peak, but its out now!

Kid Dyno - Daily Diggers/Vinyl Veterans - The Kool Skool "Foundation Rocks" Video Interview No. 3 

This is a mix of all three versions as they appear on the 12" vinyl.

Artist: The Ko' Rok Two featuring Oxygen
Title: 'Get It On'
Format: 12" Vinyl
Label: Cold Rock Stuff

Cat #: CRS-001

Track Listing:
A1. The Ko' Rok Two Remix
A2. Mac McRaw's Original Raw SP Mix
A3. Daily Diggers Remix

B1. The Ko' Rok Two Instrumental
B2. Mac McRaw's Instrumental
B3. Daily Diggers Instrumental
Each order placed directly from will also receive, exclusively, Mr Krum's old school press release & Cold Rock Stuff

Full Details can be found HERE at the 

Friday 2 November 2012

Will Not Be Televised: Lord Finesse Uk Tour with Dj Boogie Blind Wed 7th Nov 2012 Cargo London (Full UK Tour Details)

Will Not Be Televised: Lord Finesse Uk Tour W/Dj Boogie Blind

Battle Rapper, Producer, DJ, D.I.T.C. Head Honcho - Return of The Funky Man Lord Finesse comes to UK alongside DJ Boogie Blind for one of their legendaty Hip-Hop show. NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

From 1992 Album: "Return Of The Funky Man" 
Lord Finesse (February 23, 1970) is a Hip hop artist and producer, hailing from The Bronx, New York, best known as the leader of the D.I.T.C. rap crew. In 1989, Finesse and his former partner DJ Mike Smooth signed to Wild Pitch Records, home to other popular Hip Hop artists like Gang Starr, Main Source, Chill Rob G, Percee P and O.C.. In 1990, the duo released their debut album Funky Technician.[1] The album featured production from future star beat-makers DJ Premier, Diamond D and Showbiz. Soon after, Finesse formed the popular New York underground crew D.I.T.C., an acronym for 'Diggin In The Crates', together with Showbiz & AG and Diamond D. Future members included Fat Joe, O.C., Buckwild and the late Big L.

Date: Wednesday 7th November 2012
Venue: Cargo »
Location: London »
Doors: 8:00pm til 1:00am (last entry 12:00am)

Cormega Lord Finesse - Hot 97 "Future Flavas" with Pete Rock Rock Freestyle