Tuesday 26 April 2011

Invincible Dogons! ID Crew Stockwell Savannah Easter 2011 Wall

Invincible Dogon Characters by The Kool Skool's Shucks One ID/UZN

This Easter Shucks One, Wisher, Tizer, & Math of the Idiots Crew painted a production based on the a tribe of people called the Dogon from Mali, West Africa. The Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian decent and their astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. was examined in Author Robert Temple in his fascinating book THE SIRIUS MYSTERY
For a brief article on The Dogon, the Nommos and Sirius B go here

Robert Temple on Coast To Coast AM The Dogon & the Sirius Mystery
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Shucks One, Wisher, Tizer & Math ID "Invicible Dogons" Wall Easter 2011

African Queen by Tizer One ID

Wisher ID - "Expensive S**t"

Tizer ID £Shop Black fill detail

"Put a Zee on it!"

Math ID Character

There were a lot of people burning in The Stockwell Savannah!

Crome Represent

Love Pusher
/Remember Jesus - Pushing The Love

"Agents Of Change" - Dondi, Basquiat & Ramellzee By System & Rough of Iconoclast

Demo UA - Giza Style

So hot tins popped!

Stockwell /Brixton Hall Of Fame Flickr Group

Vast Aire - New Album, Wu-Tang collabos European Tour & Nomad" (Official Video)

"Nomad" is the first single taken from the new album "Ox 2010 : A Street Odyssey" out in the summer on Man Bites Dog/Fat Beats. Future singles will also feature Raekwon, Vordul Mega, Guilty Simpson, and look out for new special tracks featuring UK artists including Loudmouth Melvin, Skillit, Dream McLean and more very shortly. I Dont Care ft Cappadonna Prod by Kount Fif & also the remix of "Profiling" which also features Dame Grease, Haze from Eurogang and Meeno. Vast Aire will be due in the UK & Europe in the autumn on tour.

Vast Aire "Nomad" 1st Official Video from the up[coming "OX 2010 A Street Odyssey"
"Knowing is 1/2 the battle"

The Universal Zulu Nation UK Documentary Film Screening 2010 HIP-HOP History Month *Update*

(Left to Right) Shucks One The Idiot, Shaka Zulu Sifu Zhi Boa Aleem, TJ Chill (Zulu Nation Rap Show), Iron Braydz, Legendary UK Film Maker Dick Fontaine (Rocking his original Zulu Pendant), Real South African Zulu, Lady Paulette, Zulu King Dapo & friend

The flyer designed by Shucks One ID

On Wed. 24/11/10 2010 MEE & The Village Productions Intl. in association with Universal ZULU NATION UK presented for HIP HOP History Month 2010: FILM & CABARET ON THE BROADWAY. New and Classic documentary films were screened,
Beat This! "A Hip Hop History" the Legendary New-York Hip-Hop film by Dick Fontaine
Stay Sailing - "The Future of Pirate Radio" a new Documentary discovering the world of Pirate Radio in the UK by Furious (Itch FM/Wilderness Pictures
Out 4 Fame a new UK Graffiti Documentary by cansproductions.com.
Live performaces by Iron Braydz, HKB Finn (from Legendary UK Hip-Hop group Katch22), and a Martial Arts display by Sifu Zhi Boa Aleem (Shaka Zulu), entertained the crowd.

Lovely Lady Paulette building from the ground up!

Beat This! "A Hip Hop History" the Legendary New-York Hip-Hop film by
Dick Fontaine The Director came to the Film show, screened the film and answered Questions from the audience

Also, U.K. film maker Menelik Shabazz has screened several of his documentary films, and recently "Burning An Illusion" exploring the rise of U.K. Reggae genre - Lovers Rock.

Check out "The Black Film Society" blog here

On a side note, the Flyer was also invited to feature in The Secret Egypt Exhibition at The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, an Exhibition looking at popular takes on Ancient Egyptian culture.

The flyer in situ within the Exhibition


Included in the exhibition is a mummy from the Manchester Museum, a never-before displayed portrait of Queen Nefertiti from the Ashmolean and a granite colossus of Ramesses II. The Herbert will also be re-creating a tomb within the exhibition for visitors to walk through and experience a representation of the journey to the after-life.
Secret Egypt: Unravelling Truth From Myth exhibits at the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum between 11 February and 5 June 2011.
For further information and details on our FREE events, exhibitions, talks and activities or to join the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum’s mailing list, visit www.theherbert.org.

"Rap Is Under Contol" - G.T.F.O.H.!!!!! Part 5 (Video)


There isn't nearly enough already...

Tony Yayo Ft Uncle Murda & Lucky Don - Tiger Blood [2011 Official Music Video]
"I don't care if his moms with him"

"My Dumb-Dumb arsenal"

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Cozzabags - Boganics Mixtape (Video & Free Download)

Cozzabags MC, Producer & SDM Family member, has dropped a hiilarious concept album mixing new production, some well known beats, samples and Aussie referances! Check out the the Cozzabags - Boganics Mixtape on Bandcamp. Your not ready for Boganics - the Aussie Ebonics!!!!

Cozzabags - Boganics Mixtape
"This is a concept album, in the sense that I've used Samples from music and comedy I grew up with, so it's a tribute to all 80s and 90s stuff. I have an album coming out later in 2011 that will (hopefully) move forward from this and into the new millennium!" - Cozzabags

1. Rude Intro 00:39
2. Fire (Burn the house down, original version) 03:52
3. Rude interlude 1
4. Righteous Indignation
5. Better than you
6. Rude interlude 2
7. Crappin on till the break a dawn (130 Bars)
8. Rude interlude 3
9. Boganics (Real men don't eat Quiche, original version)
10. Rude interlude 4
11. Fire (Low level flame, radio version)
12. Boganics (Quiche eater friendly, radio version)
13. Young dero shout outs

There's the first vid here, others to come:

And the other bits:

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Rosy One's - Cause We Got Style "European Hip Hop Posing From 80's and Early 90's" Book Out This Month

Cause We Got Style
"Posing is the art of self-expression. It comprises appearance, fashion, accessories and the art of arranging the body or face in a good pose. Cause We Got Style! is a collection of early European hip hop pose photos. Information about the new American youth culture was still hard to come by, and the youths of Europe had to work out their own ways. Together with graffiti, breakdance, rapping and djing, clothes and attitude were the means of expression. You had to be innovative and use what was available, add details and make your own accessories in orderto stand out and look fresh! Most of the photos in Cause We Got Style! are snapshots taken by kids on their way to a concert, next to a freshly painted graffiti piece, in the street or in the bedroom. The result is as charming as it is revealing. This is a glimpse into a very private photo album, dusted off after years of lying around in the closet. Cause We Got Style! shows photos of unknown teenagers as well as now well-known artists like Goldie, Mode 2, Can 2 and Bando. It contains texts by Akim “Zebster” Walta, D.D.Fresh, Queen Hanifa, Mr Puppet and Dan Tikaret among others. An astonishing document of the early days of European hip hop!"

Published in april 2011 by Dokument Press

ISBN 978-91-85639-36-6
Preorder here

144 pages
more than 150 full-colour photos

Contributing writers:
Mr.Puppet, D.D.Fresh, Zeb.Roc.Ski, Hanifa,
Flo Kaufmann, Mickey, Björn Almqvist, Martin Jones

Interview with Dan de Ticaret and DJ Supreme
Edited by
Rosy One and the Dopepose Posse

Street Fonts Book Featuring Tizer One ID & MadC Exhibition Thurs 14/4/11 - 1/5/11

Street Fonts by MadC is a new book explorating Alphabets designed by International Graffiti Writers.
Featuring ID Crews Tizer One
It is Hardback and has 320 pages with over 400 illustrations RRP £19.99
ISBN 9780500515594

Mad C Exhibition Thurs 14/4/11 - 1/5/11
PURE EVIL / Charley Uzzell Edwards
Artist | Accidental Gallerist

Pure Evil Gallery,
108 Leonard st,
London EC2A 4XS
Gallery Hours:
10am - 6pm daily
T: 020 7729 2866
M: 07805 420 771
E: cue@sofuzzycrew.com

Rosy One's Alphabet
For an in depth interview with Rosy One by The Kool Skool's Shucks One check out Graphotism Issue 45

Sunday 3 April 2011

RARE A Tribe Called Quest 1990 Era T.V. Interview From N.Y. T.V. *The Kool Skool Exclusive Video*

RARE A Tribe Called Quest 1990 Era T.V. Interview From N.Y. T.V. *The Kool Skool Exclusive*

More obscure stuff from the Kool Skool vaults. "Screaming Rachel" interviews Q-Tip and DJ/producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad talk of being members of the Zulu Nation, The Jungle Brothers and filming the video for their single "I Left My Wallet In El Segundo". Enjoy!

More rare and unusual Hip-Hop videos can be found @ The Kool Skool on YouTube

Roots and Tribe Called Quest freestyle on Lorna's Corner
"The Roots and the Tribe called Quest,Consequence and Rahzel have fun freestyling on Lorna's Corner around 1995"


Thanks to Kid Dyno

Many thanks to Solo One for Footage

Klashnekoff "Lennnnnnnnox!!!!!" Live @ Plan B in Brixton 15/4/11

The Doctor's Orders present
On The Real
With Special guest
Performing live

alongside resident DJs
Spin Doctor (The Doctor’s Orders)
DJ 279 (Choice FM)
Chris P Cuts
& host MC Prankster

10pm - 4am Friday 15th April 2011
@ Plan B, 418 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AY (Brixton Tube)

£6 in advance through ticketweb.co.uk / 0844-477-1000 http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=gb_london&query=detail&event=440272
£10 on the night

Since debuting with ‘Dago Mentality’ and ‘The Sagas of Klashnekoff’ back in 2004 this Hackney born MC has been collecting fans on both the underground Hip-Hop scene and on the mainstream (in the shape of The Arctic Monkeys & Pete Doherty) with style of urban documentary delivered with a unique brand of wit and wordplay that is a devastating as his name would suggest. Classic singles like ‘Murda’ and all three of his full length albums, including 2007’s ‘LionheartL Tussle With The Beast’ and last year’s ‘Back To The Sagas’ have been critically acclaimed and it is obvious why this man is now considered a pioneer paving the way for many Hip-Hop & Grime MCs who have followed.

Friday 27th May: Just Blaze vs Alchemist @ Plan B
The two legendary producers go head to head in the first of 2 nights in London.
Saturday 28th May: Just Blaze vs Alchemist @ Plan B
The second night of this sound-clash between two Hip-Hop heavyweights.

Universal Zulu GANG STARR Build *VISUAL CAFFEINE Episode 4 (Video)

Universal Zulu GANG STARR Build *VISUAL CAFFEINE Episode 4 (Video)
Live from Planet Brooklyn, Visual Caffeine pays respect to GANG STARR featuring MCs BIG LORD, K-BANGER & PRINCE CULTURE.
See the other 3 Episodes here

Yo Akhi Sen One UZN!