Tuesday 24 February 2009

*OFFICIAL* UK Universal Zulu Nation Jam

The Zulu Nation & Stacked

Zulu Nation Jam

9pm-3am Saturday 28th of February

The Elbow Rooms, Chapel Market,London N1(Angel Tube)
Absolutely Free all night

* Spin Doctor (The Doctor's Orders)
* Penfold & Jda Kut (Zulu Nation)

Hosted by:
* TJ Chill (Zulu Nation Rap Show – Bang Fm)

All 5 elements of Hip-Hop will be represented on the night, They are:
The MC
The Dance
The Artform
The DJ

and Zulu Nation Artwork and Knowledge books on display.

For More Info Contact:

The Universal Zulu Nation is an "international Hip Hop awareness" group formed and headed by Hip Hop Godfather Afrika Bambaataa. It commenced in the 1970s as members of reformed New York City gang the Zulu Nation began to organize cultural events for youth, combining local dance and music movements into what would become known as the 5 elements of Hip Hop culture (Graffiti, DJing, Mcing, Breakdancing and Knowledge. By the 1980s Hip Hop had spread globally, and the Zulu Nation has since established branches worldwide.
We Believe in: Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding. Freedom, Justice & Equality. Peace, Love Unity & Having Fun!

Universal Zulu Nation UK

Thursday 19 February 2009

SKEAM R.I.P. Update

After the news of the tragic passing of London writer Skeam the London scene galvanized to denounce his harsh treatment, sentancing, and show solidarity with those still incarcerated. There was a well attended protest featured on UK Graffiti Website Hurt You Bad, and several pieces in a London Hall Of Fame...

Sunday 15 February 2009

2008 Pyramid Scheme UPDATED

I have been researching Pyramids and popular culture reasently and noticed that in 2008, Rocafella Records had alot of visual links with Pyramids at there live shows, especially Black Pyramids.
Obviously the Rocafella original logo was originally described as a "Diamond". So if so, it is upside down, wide end down. But a diamond can also be looked at as the sillouette of a 4-sided pyramid when viewed at a side on angle.

An excellent blog called The Secret Sun mentioned a link between Rihanna and the god Isis, and the author put up this as one of the examples. When I saw it live on TV, I found the Pyramid stage set with Rihanna and British group The Klaxons very strange. Check Rhianna "Standing on a Square":

The Klaxons recently mentioned when asked by music website Alterati about the Aleister Crowley referances in their music:

The Klaxons: "We’re not practicing occultists. We’re not. We’re not, and I think it’s…we wanted to just…we just thought, ”Why not put it in there?”

"Alterati : Well, I love it. You have Masonic sigils on your album cover, and it’s great. I think it’s a great play on an industry that perhaps uses magick.

The Klaxons: We’re not, in the sense, occultists. And we’re not, in a sense, practicing the works of Crowley. We just wanted to see what we could do…get it into music."

Yeah! Just for the hell of it.... Hardehar! As many people know "The Great Beast" spent a night meditating in the largest of Great Pyramids of Giza:

"Just weeks after performing mystical rites in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, Aleister Crowley received The Book Of The Law. It was during three performances of ritual magic at midday on April 8th, 9th and 10th of that year, that Aiwass, a self-proclaimed messenger of the gods, appeared to Crowley and dictated The Book Of The Law directly to him." - Steven Ashe's introduction to Aleister Crowley's The Book of the Law

Zombie Action, stills from the Disturbia video

Aliyah in "Queen Of The Damned" Syncronism?

Rhianna as Astek Godess

Aliyah/Ali-"Yahweh" with a similar headress...

Kiss Of The Spiderwoman Movie Poster

Kiss of The Spiderwoman synchronism?

Jay-Z & Rihanna at the Grammy's

But there were several others:
Jay-Z protege Kanye West (and Rocafella label mate) performing on a stage consisting of Crystals and a massive Black Pyramid. The CBS illuminated eye logo is prominantly displayed on the screen (at the beginning an advert for Big Brother appears):

Kanye West's 2008 Grammy Awards Performance from kwest on Vimeo.

And then of course there was Jay-Z headlining the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury festival. 1:25mins Pyramid logo pulsating

Jay-Z with Damian Hirst Diamond encrusted Skull in his show visuals.

"British artist, Damien Hirst, has taken the 18th century skull of a 35-year-old man and covered it in 8,601 pave-set diamonds. The work is currently being shown at The White Cube gallery in London. The piece cost an estimated $28 million to create.

It will go on sale for a staggering $100 million and if it sells it will become the most expensive piece of art sold by a living artist."
More on "Skull and Bones" in a minute

Jay-Z and Kanye West
"The Rock boys are in the house tonight!" - Jay-Z

"The Rock" can be looked at in several ways, a Diamond is somtimes refered to as a Rock, and "Crack Rock" - the cooked cocaine that Jay-Z claims to have slung before getting into the rap world. Obviously "Roc" is short for Rocafella, a play on words as in "to Rock a Fella" with good music. Also emulating the Rockefeller's, the American industrial, banking, and political family, one of whom was a New York Senator, who had ambitions for the Presidancy. Wkipedia says Family members reached ranks "including Vice President of the United States (Nelson Rockefeller), United States Senator (Jay Rockefeller), state Governor (Nelson, Jay, and Winthrop Rockefeller), and Lieutenant Governor (Winthrop Paul Rockefeller)". The Rockerfellers also have funded and been members of The Council on Foreign Relations - David, David Jr., Nelson, John D. 3rd, John D. IV (Jay), Peggy Dulany, Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
The Trilateral Commission - David, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
The Bilderberg Group - David, John D. IV.
The Asia Society - John D. 3rd, John D. IV, Charles, David.
The Population Council - John D. 3rd.
The Council of the Americas - David.
The Group of Thirty - The Rockefeller Foundation.
The World Economic Forum - David

Also carrying the "Rockerfeller legacy", (Although denied by Jay-Z recently) according to MediaTakeOut.com "a prominent New York City politician claims that Jay Z is contemplating running for mayor of New York City next year (2009)."

"Is there any God besides Me, Or is there any other Rock? I know of none." Isaiah 44:8

Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury

XXL Magazine cover Jay-Z as President of U.S.A. (From 2004?)
Jay-Z with an Synchronistic "L" (EL?) at his Crown Chakra.

"El "The Mighty One", al, iah, Yah (Yahweh), Eli or Izer were the powers of the supreme being, the creator god of humankind and all creatures and the husband of the goddess". ie. Al-lah, El-ohim, etc. Jay-Z claims to be the "God MC" and regularly referances himself as Jay-Hova, "Hova" refers to what Jay-Z calls his "God Name". Its a play on words for "Jehovah" or Yehowah, is an English reading of יְהֹוָה in Hebrew this is the name for God and is broken down as "YHWH". There are interesting videos by the Hip-Hop activist Black Dot going into more Metaphysical detail.

Kanye West as Christ
Carrying on the Jesus visuals there is of course DefJam signing Nas "God Son" (God Body) starts his video "Hate Me Now" as Christ carrying a cross and is Crucified.

Tupac personified as Christ

As we have mentioned earlier Jay-Z was down with Nuwaubian MC Jaz-O, and so it was possible that he is familiar with some Kemetic info through Dr. Malachi Z. York-El's Nuwaubian Nation of Moors organization.

Rocawear (Rocafella's clothing label), trinket "charm" featuring an illuminated eye coming out of a upside down Pyramid and 2 other eyes and crown symbol.

There are several bad documentaries claiming this and that, about Jay-Z and others which I just dismissed at first. It seemed rediculous, but the Rocawear T-shirts in the videos are very interesting. Heraldic style imagery has been very popular in Hip-Hop grafics for several years now. Some of the Rocawear Grafics are actually taken from real old Esoteric illustrations and manuscripts, and that is what made me start taking it a bit more seriously.

"The clothing being adorned by Jay-Z on his recent worldwide tour forms part of RocaWears new higher end sub-collection called Skull & Bones."

Jay-Z Skull and Bones Tour Shirt

Skull and Bones Fraternety logo, that both George Bush Senior & Jr and John Kerry are Alumni members of.

Bush And Kerry Members Of Skull & Bones - The funniest home videos are here

No one is saying for one minute that Jay-Z is a member, as you have to be Yale student to be eligable , but the question is why all of the Secret Society imagery??? In Hip-Hop artists have always courted controversy by taking the names of Drug Dealers real or imaginary eg. Rick Ross, Capone, Scarface, John Gotti, amongst others. Is taking the the trappings of Masonic imagery and actions the next stage?

Pirate skull blinded in one eye, like horus, with a reptile coming from the symbolic good eye, (but obviously its a skull so it has no eyes...). (This is not one of the Hearldic examples mentioned above, as this is very recent).

But the T-shirt above has two swords behind the skull, that can be looked at as a Compass, or the shape of a Pyramid with the nasal cavity as the floating capstone.


The Pirate flag is alledged to come from the ships of the eleventh, twelth and thirteenth centuries Knights based in Jeruselem, Malta, and other Medditeranian Islands and Ports. These Knights vessals policed the shipping lanes and plundered cargo ships.

Jay-Z with one eye obscured like Horus.

Eye of Re

Floating symbolic "discarded" capstone, the stone that the builder refused.

Jay-Z illuminated

These Videos are the best I have found on Esoteric connections to Hip Hop music. Although some of the guys don't sound too up on the finer details of the artists, but they have some very interesting points.

Problem Reaction Solution
If you know about the Wars with Jay-Z and others and Beanie Seagal's role as the Problem Solver, this link however vague, interested me:


Beanie Seagal, Rocafella's Solution (to Beef)

I'm impossible to make judgements on people you do not know, and it is very easy to pluck at straws and connect dots that are not connected. Yet re-occuring imagery, especially very tightly P.R. controlled coorperate imagery at that, could have something in it. There could be no truth in any of it, but its worth think about.........

Friday 13 February 2009

"I Ain't Takin' T-Shirts" - Ultramagnetics

You don't want to go to the "soon come" FEMA work camps looking like a tramp do you ?!!! Get some real work gear.... Here are some to flex in the yard !!!!

My Familia Insa has dropped a new Tee!

The Kool Skool

Zulu North Star BlogZulu North Star

Shaq Attack

Black Milk & Royce DA 5'9 "Losing Out"
"Pullin' out heat longer than Shaq's Shoes" 2:52mins
(Video spotted on MC Search's (3rd Bass) Blog)

Shaquille O'Neil's Shoes

Big Ass Reeboks!!!! Size 22 (US) display shoe seen in every Mall in the US circa 92'

Monday 9 February 2009

Stop The Violence!!! Update

Sir. Gerald Kaufman, "It is time for peace"

Stop The Violence!!! Part 1

1979 or 2009???!!!

Daughter of Margret Thatcher, Carol Thatcher's recent comments (private or not) about a French Tennis star have offended many people. It has created a strange Twilight Zone world, where some ignorant people are defending Victorian Racist cartoon/logo "The Golliwog". I didn't even it was worth commenting on originally, as Carol Thatcher's bourgeois foolishness, reflects that certain "Tim Nice But Dim" aspect of Upper crust British society that unfortunately, is still alive and well. But then I came across this:
(Prince Hall will NOT be amused)

Some people are trying to make light of the subject, the Right-wing press are cynically feigning outrage (the same press that play race fear on a daily basis), and even some so-called "Liberal Press", are using expressions like "attack of the Thought Police". Ex-Thatcher Cabinet member Norman Tebbit claims that it is some kind of secret attack on Margret Thatcher, but that is not only simplistic, but wrong! It is offensive, end of story. Its not amusing or endearing to a huge swathe of the public. It is pathetic (although not surprising) that in 2009 that far-Right groups are rallying to this throwback to the past, and claiming its a cultural icon...

Here is what Floella Benjamin icon, broadcaster and children's campaigner had to say in The Observer Newspaper Sunday 8 February 2009
"The golliwog has been hijacked by racists as a symbolic insult. Those who refer to it as a harmless children's toy should understand its connotations. It was used against me as a child and those saying it certainly weren't smiling. This divisive incident will harm children, many of whom are already suffering racist bullying. The word has now been splashed throughout the media so children have seen the image and will pick up its negative meaning. This affair has resurrected the word and given it a new lease of life, rather than it being consigned to history."

Floella Benjamin

This kind of imagery is not just a British tradition. Most of the Colonial Powers reflect the imagery of the people they had exploited, in the product packaging of those peoples natural resources. Just go to the Supermarkets in France Portugal, Italy and you will see negative images of people of colour on Coffee, Sugar, Chocolate products... Progress?

Packaging that reflects the past...

KMD "Who Me?"

All it takes is for one to look at the Racist propaganda directed at the Jewish population of Nazi Germany, to understand that some cartoons can kill...

Dres of Black Sheep Interview

I saw Black Sheep in New York in 1992 in a really small venue, with DJ Stretch Armstrong & Broken English (an ONYX/M.O.P. style group. They rocked it, Mr. Longue was cutting up records and rapping at the same time, which to me was crazy...

In this interview Dres talks about the Red Alert connection, Red Alert is related to one of the Jungle Brothers, which then explains how two brothers from Carolina ended up in the Native Tongues... Very interesting.

I found this by watching the Nice&Smooth interview on the http://knowgoodmusic.blogspot.com


"Inmate discovered hanging in cell
A prisoner serving a 20-month sentence for damaging property has been discovered hanging in his cell.

Tom Collister, 23, was pronounced dead after staff tried to resuscitate him in his cell at HMP Camp Hill near Newport on the Isle of Wight.

"Staff attempted to revive him but sadly he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards," a spokesman for the Prison Service said.

His death will be investigated by the prisons and probation ombudsman."
(From BBC News)

I met Skeam along time ago, and my condolances go out to his family and Friends. Like Park-Life said "Stop giving graffiti artists custodial sentances...."

FREE DPM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!