Saturday 20 February 2010

DJ Signify - Rare Breaks Mixtape - 1996

DJ Signify - Signifyin' Breaks Vol. One - 1996

DJ Signify - Rare Breaks Mixtape - 1996

Rare Breaks Mixtape

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Tuesday 16 February 2010

DJ Leacy 1971-2004 R.I.P.

DJ Leacy 1971-2004 R.I.P.

Break DJ Leacy was a UK Breaks DJ who redifined the modern B-Boy DJ, by digging and popularizing more than just the traditional breaks. In the mid-90's along with his brother "Aiden Orange "Leacy, they put on a B-Boy Jam called Battle Royal and invited alot of the worlds best to Battle. The B-Boy scene was ignored by the mainstream "Hip-Hop industry" and the jam helped to inspire a new generation of B-Boys and reaffirm the UK's place on the International B-Boy stage. DJ Leacy went on to be the official Bboy Masters Pro-Am DJ and was legendary on the B-Boy circuit. Sadly he passed away in 2004 but his impact on the B-Boy scene is undeniable.

Koneeroc interviewed him at the 2003 Miami Pro/Am. It really illustrates his hard work ethic and Hip-Hop's positive competition tradition

His B-Boy mix CDs are standard at B-Boy training sessions and his Break Compilations shut down a lot of competitors, (at least they stopped some of the phone inquirers)

Breaksploitaion Leacy's Breaks Series
DJ Leacy's cover art and flyers were usually designed by All-round B-Boy and UK Dynasty Rocker Representer Dan Duce his amazing artwork can be viewed here

The Leacy Brothers in 96' at the Pro-Am.

"The "BREAK DJ LEACY CHIEF ROCKA AWARD 2009"....presented to the b.boy/girl who rocks with the most finesse, style and originality at the UK B.BOY CHAMPIONSHIPS, since the passing of BREAK DJ LEACY in 2004, the award is in memory of him and to keep his legacy alive....the dancer is picked and the jacket is presented by CRAZY LEGS of the ROCK STEADY CREW."
the jacket was created by TUF TIM TWIST..RSC.. and more info can be foundhere

DJ Leacy Tribute at The UK B-Boy Championships

The Kool Skool Radio Show and DJ "Aiden Orange" Leacy often used to combine shows on ItchFM, the UK's only All-Element Hip-Hop Radio Station. An excellent producer, he has produced several UK Hip-Hop tracks and DJ "Aiden Orange" Leacy is back on the B-Boy curcuit!!!

Sunday 14 February 2010

False Prophet Alert... Part 2

Heavens Angel
Chariot of Fire

False Prophet Alert... Part 2

Previously in False Prophet Alert Part 1, we looked at member of the International Rothschild's Banking family, David de Rothschild, his bizarre Jesus-like imagery, and suspiciously self promoting Ecological projects.

The concept of a False Prophet is common in many Religions, it is used for someone who comes in the name of a god but uses his popularity to gain and deceive a following, gives false witness and uses magic and trickery to fool people. The Christian, Islamic and Judaic traditions warn of false messiahs, and allege that there have already been many, with more to come.

In Christianity the concept of the Anti-Christ is pretty well understood, in Revelations, the Devil will come in the guise of the Messiah to deceive God's followers, and make them stray.

As a Jew, Jesus Christ was recognized in the Jewish Faith as one of the most damaging of false Messiahs, mainly as he caused a schism within the Jewish people of Israel, and led them away from Talmudic teachings. The treatment Jesus received by the Jewish Religious Authorities described in the Bible, has been used to justify the persecution of the Jewish people ever since. Also Jewish (and Islamic) scholars, believe that the Christian concept of "the Trinity" is impossible to follow as it is viewed as Polytheistic, or the worship of many gods.

In Islam the main "Dajjal" or False Prophet has yet to come and that he will survive a life threatening injury, and that perhaps he will lose an Eye. His miraculous survival of the injury will be proof of his Prophet status. Some Muslim scholars believe that 23 individuals have announced themselves to be a prophet, and 30 False Prophets are to reveal themselves before coming of the "Antichrist".

A step by step guide to "Identify a False Prophet" in Christianity can be found here!

Moses was said to have lived as a surrogate son of a Pharaoh (some suggest Rameses II), brought up as the son in the Royal household he would have been trained by the top Educators and Priests of the Court. The Egyptians were well known for their mastery of Magic, for example there are stories of a great Nubian magician who came to battle the Courts Priests with Magic. God, through Moses is famous for combating the Pharaoh's top Priests with Magic, and as a result he smited the Egyptians with 10 Plagues.

Cards with Square in circle
A square sometimes represent a Pyramid from above, this one has a Eye at its centre or Cap, (the logo in the corner is obviously and eye as well)

Vision in a Square

In this part we look at Criss Angel and his "illuminated" imagery. Criss Angel is a Illusionist and a kind of Rock and Roll Magician to the stars, recently he "Levitated" over the Luxor Hotel's Black Pyramid in Las Vegas.

Do You Believe In Magic?

Interestingly, as a boy Criss Angel was an alter boy at a Greek Orthodox Church. He professes to be deeply Religious, and yet he covers himself in the very dark Occult imagery, that is incredibly popular in all genres of Music culture at the moment. The Religeous communities of the world have always assimilated Pagen Magic into its rituals and Architecture, or alternately, punished those who proform it. Obviously Criss Angel is a Magician, and an amazing one there is no doubt. We are in NO WAY accusing him of claiming to be a Prophet, or evil or anything of the sort. He is a very popular Entertainer, and has become a slick promotional machine, this is just and exercise in analyzing the arcane imagery that he employs.

Pyramids, Skulls, Black Crows and Masks
Incidentally, his silhouette creates an inverted 5 pointed star

Walking On Water

Criss Angel, has replicated some of Jesus's miracles, is often seen in a Crucifixion pose, and Criss even phonetically sounds like Christ.

"I try to blur the line between reality and illusion" Criss Angel on Halloween edition of Ellen

Criss's Resurrection
On the 3rd Day Jesus was raised from the Dead

Criss Angel with Kiss band member Gene Simmins
He has been related to many starlets like Lisa Lohan and is often photographed with celebrities


Platinum or Illuminated Hip-Hop style jewellery
The Alpha/Angel logo and the many large crosses he wears

Criss Angel's Interesting Platinum Rings

Close up of Rings
Top From left: Maltese Cross, Pyramid with Eye of Ra & 5 Pointed Star

Bottom 13 Ring
The number 13 is often discussed in Numerology, it is the day that allegedly the Knights Templers were arrested on masse in France, and it has been suggested that were originally 13 months in the year.

"The 13th rune - called "Eiwaz" represents the balance point between light and dark, the creative force and the destructive force, or the heavens and the Underworld. It too is the Alpha and Omega at the same time. It signifies death, but it also signifies eternal life. In the traditional tarot deck, the 13th card is the Death card. It also represents not merely death, but rebirth and renewal. These were obviously pivotal concepts to ancient cultures, the understanding of which has faded down the centuries. But isn’t it remarkable that this specific notion always seems to be associated with the number 13, even in cultures as seemingly dissimilar as those of Northern Europe and South America? " - Found here

His Logos

Criss Angel Logo
His logo is strikingly similar to a stylized Pyramid/Eye of Ra, he drapes himself in single Eye and Egyptian references.


Skull imagery, crown and logo at 3rd eye position

Mind Freak His Website
His fans are called "The Loyals"

"Don't believe your eyes"
Notice the A&E TV company the logo

The A&E TV company logo forms a Pyramid without capstone...

Constant Use Of Solo Eye Shots

Zoom In

The first thing that drew us to him is his constant use of single eye shots

Illuminated Left Eye with the Criss Angel/Triangle Logo

Burning Crucified man as seen in Criss's eye

Eye Revealed

Zoom Eye


Mystery Man


Eye covered with the much discussed CBS Eye!
The CBS Eye was alledgedly inspired by the Shakers magic Eye, but all Eye referances come from far in antiquity

Levitating Over The Illuminated Cap Stone

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Criss Angel Luxor Levitation (HIGH QUALITY*)

.·:*¨ScorpioChick¨*:·. | MySpace Video
Recently Criss Angel levitated over the Illuminated Cap Stone of The Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Pyramid in darkness

Levitation from afar


Within the letter "X" in Luxor's logo is a Pyramid with column of light reaching the heavens

"Games of the Gods" Arcade in the Luxor Hotel
Flanked by the Egyptian God Anubis, the God of Death and Rebirth. Also an arcade is traditionally known as a series of Arches

"Luxor , city (1996 pop. 360,503), central Egypt, on the east bank of the Nile. It is 1 mi (1.6 km) SW of Karnak and occupies part of the site of Thebes . The temple of Luxor, the greatest monument of antiquity in the city, was built in the reign of Amenhotep III (1414 BC-1397 BC) as a temple to Amon. The temple, 780 ft (230 m) long, was much altered by succeeding pharaohs, especially by Ramses II, who had colossal statues of himself erected on the grounds. In early Christian times the temple was made into a church, and later a shrine to a Muslim saint was built in the great hall. The temple was restored, beginning in 1883. Numerous temples and burial grounds, including the Valley of the Kings, are nearby on the west side of the Nile." - The Columbia Encyclopedia

Close up

Levitation over Illuminated Capstone

Close up

Levitation in Crusifiction position

On lookers

Star man

Apex of the Pyramid
Shining Light

Criss Angel Believe

"Criss Angel announces the name of us upcoming Cirque du Soleil show. Criss Angel. The show will run for ten years at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas." - More info at

Luxor Press Junket

Pyramid and Doll imagery
More discussion of Doll imagery in Music, Art, Fashion and popular culture can be found here

Criss Angel Believe Television Advert


Cirque Du Soleil
Sun/Eye reference

Imagery from Cirque Soleil (Circus of the Sun)
New World Vision

The Loyals

"Learn To Be A Mind Freak"

As discussed his fans are called "The Loyals", "The Disciples" anyone?

The Gift...


Banner made by fans
Nice Dove

Tattoo on a "Loyal"
The Winged Heart is a version of the Egyptian Solar Winged Sun or Eye of Ra

Tattoo on a "Loyal"
Again Winged Solar Disk

Tattoo on a "Loyal"

Criss Angel Website