Monday 26 July 2010


VISUAL CAFFEINE episode #1 from SEN ONE UZN on Vimeo.

Visual Caffeine's Lady Elix and DJ Lord Yoda X break down the attributes of the Mighty Universal Zulu Nation, his role in the legendary foundation Hip-Hop group the Crash Crew, R.A.P. "Recording Actors Pretending" and Radio Programming. The episode also features animation by Sen One UZN.
Sen One UZN

Context MC Featuring Genesis Elijah 'Feeling Alone' Video & Free Download!!!

Feeling Alone (feat. Genesis Elijah and Well Red)

Genesis Elijah used to get crazy reloads on The Kool Skool Radio Show! We love this new song with Norwich MC Context MC

"Thousands of Facebook friends but no one really knows me!" - Genesis Elijah
Genesis Elijah's blog

Free Download here

BLAKTRIX ‘The Houdini Footprints Of Some People Never Go Crazy’

‘The Houdini Footprints Of Some People Never Go Crazy’
(Skreemer Records)

“Blaktrix is actually one of those emcees who is saying something” RAGO MAGAZINE

BLAKTRIX releases in CD format a limited edition run of unreleased or previously exclusive to vinyl tracks in preparation for the highly anticipated album ‘SOME PEOPLE NEVER GO CRAZY’ out November 2010. ‘THE HOUDINI FOOTPRINTS OF SOME PEOPLE NEVER GO CRAZY’ features PLO, Mudmowth, Stagga, Rola, Monky, Junior Disprol & Sir Beans OBE and is on SKREEMER RECORDS.

01 – Tek Time (Produced by Monky)
02 – Business Is Good (Produced by Sir Beans OBE)
03 – Snakes On A Plane (Produced by Rola)
04 – Trouble Trouble Feat Vocal Recall (Produced by Monky)
05 – Night & Day Feat Junior Disprol (Produced by Stagga)
06 – Them Or Us (Produced by Rola)
07 – Blix James Bitch (Produced by Monky)
08 – So Sweet That It Kills (Produced by Rola)
09 – Flight Redux Feat PLO & Mudworth (Produced by Rola)
10 – Last Blast (Produced by Rola)




thanks to Park Street P.R.

Saturday 24 July 2010

Brother Eddie Spoons & The Ghetlow Pirates

What'dya know about that? starring Eddie Spoons from ed stephen on Vimeo.

Eddie Spoons is a real B-Boy, Dance tutor and Youth Worker. His crew, The Ghetlow Pirates are a London/Leeds based International B-Boy crew that represent modern and traditional footwork, skills, with a fresh mindset! Check out there blog here

The Ghetlow Pirates are down with us!!!

Ransom Badbonez "The Official Part 2" out 6/9/10

Via all online digital distributors, direct from, and Cargo Records

Ramson Badbonez is back with this new 19 track CD release in advance of his forthcoming album set for release in 2011.

The Official Part 2 features production from Harry Love, Jetsun, Wizard, Joe Spitz, Farma G, Zygote & Jazz T, Nutty P, Rowdy Beats, Charlie Mac and DJ IQ. Featured vocalists include Remus, Skandal, BrothaMay, MAB, NOX, Ironbraydz and Revilo.

Go on Teef!!!

Ramson Badbones:

Cargo Records:

07878 813318

Thursday 22 July 2010

The Juice crew and Tragedy: The Story of Queensbridge (2005) The Documentary

An in-depth look at the life of the hip-hop MC known as Tragedy Khadafi, aka Intelligent Hoodlum, the youngest member of the Juice Crew and founder of 25-Life that gave the world CNN. The Documentary is about Tragedy's life and the history of the infamous Queensbridge housing projects in New York City.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Intelligent Hoodlum- Black and Proud (Will C Mix) from Potholes Blog on Vimeo.

Will C's blog

The excellent Will C Remix of Tragedy "Black and Proud" can be found and downloaded here at the Potholes In My Blog

Mega rare Juice Crew live at The Apollo - 5xJuice Crew Djs, Marley Marley, Masta Ace, Craig G, and more!
(Uploaded by MC Shan himself)

"Daaaaag!" - Mega rare Juice Crew live at The Apollo - MC Shan, Roxanne Shante, Biz Markie & DJ Marley Marl
(Uploaded by MC Shan himself)

For Aroe of Heavy Artillery

Whitecross Street Party, London EC1 - 24&25/7/10 FREE.

Whitecross Street Party, London EC1 - 24th - 25th July 2010. 12 - 6pm. FREE. Fun for ALL ages!! Exhibition closes on the 5th September.
More info here

Tuesday 20 July 2010



Sat 31/7/10 - 7pm - Late
@ The Social
5 Little Great Portland St (Oxford Circus Tube)

Free before 9pm, £5 after.

Performances by:


Hosted by:

Leading the light in the effort to defend and define Hiphop culture, Sensei.FM are teaming up with Zulu Nation to bring you an off the hook jam. Representing all Hiphop elements: B Boying, DJing, MCing, Graffiti & Knowledge in a night of unforgettable Hiphop realness.

Kashmere - Kashmere’s influences range from David Brubeck to M.F. Doom and are not confined to one genre or style. Kashmere’s latest offering is the incredible ‘Raiders Of The Lost Archives’ released on Jehst’s YNR Productions imprint.

Ironbraydz – Out there to stake his claim in the Hip Hop Community. Hailed as on of the UK's foremost MCs & Producers (IronChrome pro.) He's supported the likes of IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, WU TANG CLAN & the legendary Public Enemy.

Invincible Armour - This scratch crew consisting of DJ Ironfingaz, Dizar, Downlow, j'da-kut and Beatboxer Wireless are set to showcase a routine of turntabalistic undertakings.

Fingers - legendary UK Hip-Hop DJ & Producer Karl Gibson AKA DJ Fingers of the Sindecut.

Penfold – Known as the lady killer, Mista Penfold is well known for his highly popular show on ITCH FM, as well as rocking parties and making a crowed want to do nothing else but move.

Def K – Solid member of the legendary & groundbreaking rap group - The Demon Boyz. He is also well known for brutalising DJs in the DMC mixing championships!

DJ Shucks One (of The Kool Skool) - Representing the Universal Zulu Nation, ID Crew, SDM and many of the elements. He promotes positive Hip-Hop culture, as a Journalist, Youth Worker, Film Maker, DJ, Graffiti Writer/Documenter and illustrator.

TJ Chill - Zulu Nation party rocker and original host of the ZULU NATION RAP SHOW (Sensei FM/Itch FM/Life FM/BANG Radio). He was on stage with Afrika Bambaataa and The Soulsonic Force at the Wireless Festival in Hyde Park.

Knowledge Stall – There will be a stall on the night where you can obtain free knowledge pamphlets, purchase art, Zulu merchandise and Sensei.FM merchandise.

This event is proudly sponsored by:
Eastpak -
The Guestlist Network -

For more information, photos, interviews, please contact:
Jda Kut 0777 9298 077

Sunday 18 July 2010

Video Music Box & The Return of Crazy Sam

Uncle Ralph

Video Music Box was a Hip-Hop Television Show on Public Access Channel in New York. It was on in the after school slot and years before Yo! MTV and BET, when it was impossible to see Hip-Hop videos on Television. It is another example of the D.I.Y. attitude typified by Hip-Hop culture. VJ/DJ Uncle Ralph and his roving camera crew could be found at all the jams and Hip-Hop and Dancehall events around NY, and the crowd "Shout out" section of the show brought the real down to earth feel to the show. Video Music Box broke many, now famous artists and is a corner stone to Hip-Hop Music as we now know it.

Uncle Ralph featured in the Hip-Hop film Who's The Man? He was the associate producer of the motion picture Juice and founded his own film and production company. If you would like to find out more about Video Music Box and the movie Juice click here

A.G., Showbiz, Fat Joe, KRS-One, Red Alert, Sadat X, Dres and Lord Finesse Backstage At The Fever With Uncle Ralph McDaniels - 1992
The 1st time Fat Joe (The Promoter) featured on T.V. at The Fever

You can catch Uncle Ralph on saturday's on HOT 97. Ralph has a brand new video show, "The Bridge", where Old school hip hop is new again. Uncle Ralph at Myspace

Crazy Sam

"Crazy Sam made Nervous Thursdays on Video Music Box the most popular show on television in New York City. Crazy Sam was a pioneer of live street comedy, paving the way for comedians like Tom Green and Jackass. A true original. Watch out for new episodes of Nervous Thursdays coming soon - new characters and new skits!" from here

"Crazy Sam was hilarious, I remember the Adventures of Billy Strongman, and one Video Music Box episode he turned up in London and rang on Monie Love's door at about 8am, she was straight from bed wearing a dressing gown, she looked really embarrassed, it was really funny. In 1995 Crazy Sam came over to the DMC DJ Championships in London with Kool DJ Red Alert, Red Alert asked if anyone knew who he was. As hardly anyone in the UK had seen or even heard of the Video Music Box, I was the only person in the crowd yelling Crazy Saaaaaam!!!! Red and Crazy Sam were hilarious, they really made DMC fun! Although he did deal with really serious community and Political issues, he also showed that Hip-Hop and comedy do have a place together, and Crazy Sam is fundamental in that for me." - Shucks One ID

You Can Smoke A Spliff

Crazy Sam "Nervous Thursdays" on youtube
Sammy Mack aka Crazy Sam's website
Crazy Sam on Twitter

The Adventures of Billy Strong Boy "The Perils of Drug Distribution"

The Hip-Hop Art of Mike Leavitt

Bone Thugs and Harmony Action Figures
2007 for the groups video

U.S. artist Mike Leavitt uses a lot of Hip-Hop imagery and recycled materials in his work. Very interetsing stuff!

CONTACT: 206-853-0925

Beach Glass 40 of Olde E
2006 - 12 in. x 4 in. x 4 in.
found beach glass glued to glass bottle of Olde English 800 malt liquor. hand-painted, acrylic label.

For more info on Rap & 40's - The Corporate/Rap cross over. A look at Hip Hop's first real Corporate endorsement. Click here

Cardboard Adidas Gazelle
2008 - 12 in. x 4 in. x 6 in.
an Adidas Gazelle in cut, glued, and oil-stained cardboard to replicate the original shoe.

Cardboard Jordan III
2009 - 16 in. x 4 in. x 7 in.
an Air Jordan in cut, glued, and acrylic-painted cardboard to replicate the original shoe.

Originally found here

New Kano Album "Method To The Maadness" out August 30th

Method To The Maadness – Kano’s much anticipated 4th album will be released on August 30th via Bigger Picture Music. It features the club smash “Get Wild” and the forthcoming single “Upside”.

The Kool Skool really became fans of Kano when an Itch Fm DJ played this track Kano - Layer Cake. If you want to hear him spitting over recent versions download his new Mixtape -
Kano - Jack Bauer: The 7 Day Edition DOWNLOAD HERE

Kano - "Get Wild" ft Aidonia x Wiley (Jamaica To UK World Premiere Video)

Kano Presents The Method Tour dates:
Have you seen The Method Tour dates yet?
Wed, 1st Sept – Bush Hall, London (launch party)
Thu, 23rd Sept – Phoenix, Exeter
Fri, 24th Sept – Digital, Newcastle
Sat, 25th Sept – King Tuts, Glasgow
Sun, 26th Sept – Cockpit, Leeds
Tue, 28th Sept – Club Academy, Manchester
Thu, 30th Sept – Waterfront, Norwich
Fri, 1st Oct – Plug, Sheffield
Sun, 3rd Oct – Metropolis, Bristol
Tickets on sale here: link/?s=kano

Kano Youtube
Follow Kano on twitter

Thursday 15 July 2010

Ivory Dukes at the New Attractions Festival in Holland

Big in the Strasse

The ID Crew was kindly invited to the New Attraction Festival in the Netherlands by The Def Kids this year. It was an excellent event, really mixed people and age ranges and everyone came in peace to listen to a Dutch only line up!

Dutch Hip-Hop is really interesting, the production is varied, the quality of the DJs, and the selection of eras in Hip-Hop was a lot more open minded than many of the DJs on the international scene right now. DJ Lo Pro, South African odd ball Jack Parow, Kleine Jay & Cartes Zo Moeilijk, Salah Edin, more Dutch Hip-Hop vids can be found here. Many thanks to The Def Kids, Sexy People and the Belgian Family for a really Kool day!

ID on the set!

Zo Moeilijk - Was Me Naam full version here

The main Tent early on in the day

Reebok Classics and free paint, bringing a slice of London to the Netherlands

B-Boy Doc-Document Sketch By Shucks One ID

Rose tinted Cazals, Relaxed waves, Ranking Links and same damn $500 sweater

Pref/Idiotic/Shuks 3-word freestyle by Pref ID

Wisher ID

The Kool Skool T-shirts sold out in 5 minutes at the jam!

ID chick magnet

The Def Kids! Sept, Dase Puse





Characters by Shucks One ID, Wisher ID & Pref/Idiotic/Shuks 3-word freestyle by Pref ID

Yo Def Kids & Sexy People!!!

"Cake Kings" Hip-Hop Cakes!!!

This is one of the Koolest things we have ever seen!!!! Cake Kings is a Hip-Hop head and dope Cake chef, hook him up for your Birthday or Launch!

Cake Kings Website
Cake Kings Flickr

*Rare De La Soul Press Kit Video*


Frontline Magazine UK Train Graff magazine Out Now!

3 Image!!!

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Cyrus Malachi – The Isis Papers Mixtape - Courtesy of CONSPIRACY WORLDWIDE RADIO

No Cure Records presents Cyrus Malachi – The Isis Papers mixtape - guest starring Melanin 9 and mixed and cut by DJ Switch & DJ Furious P

Tracklisting -
1. Intro (prod Endemic)
2. Praying mantis
3. Millennium ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness] (prod Beat Butcha)
4. Bloodhounds ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness] (prod 7th Dan)
5. The hammered bracelet ft Melanin 9
6. 1000 daggers (prod Diplimat)
7. Robin hood theory freestyle (prod Endemic)
8. Captivity’s tear
9. Lion’s den (prod Jon Phonics)
10. Feathers of Tahuti ft Melanin 9
11. Redemption
12. 7 plagues (prod Blastah beats)
13. Politikin remix feat crown nectar & melanin 9 [Triple Darkness] (prod 7th Dan)
14. Hood Novelists ft Melanin 9 & Njeri Earth
15. Hell's Gate ft Melanin 9 & Crown Nectar [Triple Darkness]


The Isis Papers mixtape is also available on hard copy exclusively from the following stores -
ohmygosh records (nottingham)

For more info on cyrus malachi go to -

Conspiracy Worldwide Radio:

E Mail:
Or call Montana directly at: (+44) 75 30 30 25 26
Blackberry PIN: 20E4458A
MSN Messenger:
Skype: conspiracyuk
Montana Twitter:
Menace Twitter:
Conspiracy Twitter:
Friday Night Twitter:

Special Thanks to Conspiracy Worldwide Radio!!!

Monday 12 July 2010

DJ Muggs Vs. Ill Bill - "Cult Assassin" Official Trailer

Ill Bill and DJ Muggs
Found here with more details on the excellent

Jonnie Dier R.I.P. *Update*

There has been a lot of Dier RIP memorials around the UK, here is a selection of a few so far. Here is his flickr and the links to the Facebook tributes

Dier RIP by Shucks One ID (Beers by Wish ID)
Chrome and Poundshop Black

Dier RIP sketch by Shucks One ID

Dier FDC by Sick One NHS RIP Jonny by Coza photo by Buddz 909

Dier RIP by Tems

Diar RIP by Soleo RK photo by Buddz 909

Dier RIP by Spok THC

RIP Dier found here

"HipHop vs Rap" - Old School Scholar Hip Hop Mega Mix Two

New megamix by The Old School Scholar more videos can be found on his Youtube Channel