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The Return of The Get Open Crew!

The Return of The Get Open Crew!
Indiegogo Project:

The Hip-Hop group Get Open is back in the studio after a 10+ year hiatus. We're preparing a new mixtape and album entitled "The Week-End".
We need your support to make it a success. This crowd funding campaign will help complement our production budget which includes: Mixing by Ryan West, Mastering @ Masterdisk, Filming 3 videos, Hiring professional P.R. and other promotional companies.
We're trying to give ourselves a chance with our comeback project in an ever so changing music industry.
Thank you for your support!

Get Open

     Do you remember when rappers were praised for unique lyrical content as well as the ability to rock a party and make it jump? If you miss catchy lyrics that are also thought inspiring, Get Open brings back that authentic sound infused with consciousness and true school Hip-Hop essence that was all but lost. While the industrial corporate machine that dominates commercial radio and television is happy with maintaining the status Quo, we have seen the recent demand of die hard fans create a resurgence of thoughtful lyrics with rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco. Hip-Hop music has come full circle. The time is now for genuine high quality products to come to light. Music stores have all but disappeared but this affords all of us the power to choose what we believe to be good music for ourselves.
Kiambu, Dimitri, Siba & Von of GET OPEN would like to thank you for your generous contributions which will help make this concept a reality.

Get Open Campaign

The Recordings

Daddy-O from Stetsasonic is part of the Get Open Project

The "BlackBook" mixtape will be the first release, a free download; which wlll come with a digital blackbook of Graffti pieces by reknown (US-French) artists.
Featuring Daddy-O (Stesasonic), Little Dany (France), Jennifer Barrett (Jamaica), Baba Israel, Karnage, Jim McElwaine (Tenor Sax) & Stix Bones (Drums).
Production by Imhotep (IAM-France) & SibaGiba
Mid-Summer 2013 release.

"The Week-End", the full length album travels thru the 2 days and 3 nights at the end of the week when folks take time off to relax, party or travel. You'll find a mix of different styles of music, relevant to New York, urban life, a global vision, a sort of soundtrack of the concrete jungle.
Featuring DJ Rob SwiftJordana DeLovelyMarie MartinDJ Roger ReklessBaba Israel & Carlos Vasconcellos
Production by Imhotep/Akhenaton (IAM-France), Glam (Germany) & SibaGiba
Fall 2013 release.
Thank you to all artists involved, especially Glam/58 Beats for the inspiration to make this new record and Joy Poirel & Paul Hackman.

Get Open!


This Hip-Hop collective has been in existence since 1994, Get Open was founded by SibaGiba(Producer/MC) when he was studying music at SUNY Purchase College. He met the other 4 original members in school; Kiambu (MC), VonMeista (MC/Producer), Zook (MC) Los (Spoken Word/MC) and DJ Jes Lover (DJ/Producer).
Get Open has traveled and performed as headliners in Germany and France over the years and has also opened for artists such as KRS 1/BDPDe La SoulJungle BrothersTha Alkoholiks,Special Ed, and many others in the US.
Through a collaboration with composer Saundi Wilson who also attended Purchase, Get Open was featured with the late Jazz Trumpeter Lester Bowie's creation: Hip-Hop Feel-Harmonic orchestra in 1995, which assembled more than 40 musicians and Get Open.
During our senior year, 1996, we released our first 12inch vinyl single.
It caught the attention of West coasts DJs like J.Rocc (Beat Junkies), DJ Numark (Jurassic 5),Truly Odd (Heavyweights, Strong Arm steady), Peanut Butter Wolf (Stones Throw) and T-Lovethe MC and journalist at URB magazine. From that single, Yellow Productions (France) today known for producing Dance/Pop act Bob Sinclar, offered the group an EP deal which went on to sell 5,000 units in Europe without any promo. It featured Sadat X of Brand Nubian.
During this time, Siba was enjoying great success after producing for Everlast's (House of Pain) multi platinum and grammy nominated album "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues". Overtime Records Inc was born and released a solo 12 inch single of VonMeista featuring Sadat X in association with Ozone Music (Co-Flow-El P, Mike Ladd, etc…).
Although still making music seperately, the group has been on a hiatus since 2001.
Siba formed Brüknahm with Mr Saundi Wilson, worked the Jettsonz Productions (Nina Sky, Sean Paul) and in 2009 co-founded a non-profit organization, the Hip-Hop Loves Foundation.

Dmitiri aka Zook is Professor/Doctor in Criminology @ Sacramento State U.
VonMeista is an Information Assistant at the New York Public Library.
Kiambu is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist.
Siba is a Licensed NY City Tour Guide
DJ Jes Luv is a Tour Manager for Bon Jovi (Not involved in this project)

Budget Needs

The budget for this project is $25,000 which mainly covers the items listed below. Get Open has spent the past 7 months recording, this campaign will complement our pre and post production costs. Other items not listed below will be financed by Get Open.
  • $10,000 Album Mixing & Mastering
  • $10,000 Promotion/P.R. for 6 months and online/viral marketing
  • $  6,000 Filming/editing videos


  • The WEEK-END CD/Digital Download
  • Get Open T-shirts (New Logo)
  • Tickets to future shows
  • Exclusive music from Get Open
  • A limited edition CD booklet (catalog form) by painter Jerome Lagarrigue
  • Appearance in a future music video
  • Attend a open studio recording session with Get Open
  • A private performance by Get Open in your home or venue (in NYC area, if outside NYC or Internatlonal, please contact us)
  • Executive producer credits on the new CD

Simple Ways to help Get Open

Please post and share this campaign with your family, friends co-workers via Email, Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media.
Please use the indiegogo sharing tools available on this page.

Richard Sauder Ph.D. Reasercher/Peace Activist on D.U.M.B.'s & the Secret State (Must See Documentaries!)

Richard Sauder Ph.D. Reasercher/Peace Activist on D.U.M.B.'s & the Secret State (Must See Documentaries!)

The Underground - A Hidden Reality and The True Story of Phil Schneider.

D.U.M.B. Enterance - Deep Underground Military Base

More info on Richard Sauder Ph.D.

Researcher Richard Sauder discussed the black budget world of super-secret & underground projects, as well as his involvement in the peace movement. He was recently arrested and incarcerated for three months, after he staged a peaceful demonstration at a U.S. Air Force nuclear missile silo in North Dakota, as an act of civil disobedience. "If we want to have a future free of nuclear weapons, and free of the threat of nuclear warfare then we individually need to do something...and I strongly suggest...that that something be creatively non-violent, because it is violence that is dragging us down to mutual ruination," he stated. Sauder cited three religions--Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as a kind of "mind control" which historically have been the source of much violence.

There is a widespread construction program of underground and undersea bases with secret facilities, along with extensive tunneling, he reported. These projects are built with sophisticated technology, and "shadow government" and numerous agencies including the military, and corporations are involved, Sauder detailed. The technology that enables the bases may also be associated with dimensional portals and non-human intelligences, and this is one explanation as to why these projects are kept so secret, he noted.

The concept of a secret space program that runs parallel to NASA was first introduced to Sauder via a telepathic message from Robert Monroe (known for his out-of-body travels) in 1981, he revealed. There are bases on Mars and the moon, and possibly exotic technologies like time travel, bending space-time, and near-light speed travel, kept hidden from the public, Sauder contended. Further, he suggested there are astrological, spiritual, and ceremonial aspects to space travel which also remain clandestine. 

Xcon 2004 - Richard Sauder - Hidden Empire: Underground Bases and Tunnels

Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files by Richard Sauder, Ph.D.  Foreword by Richard M. Dolan & Underground Bases & Tunnels by Richard Sauder, Ph.D. 
2 of by Richard Sauder, Ph.D.'s excellently researched books looking at Secret Underground Bases and the Military Industrial Complex *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! BY THE KOOL SKOOL*


Some of Richard's favorite research and reading interests are underground and underwater bases and tunnels, electronic mind control, Freedom Technology, human prehistory and remote antiquity, the Kundalini energy and alternative thought patterns. 

Wikipedia -
According to the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, a covert operation (also as CoveOps or covert ops) is "an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor. Covert operations aim to fulfill their mission objectives without any parties knowing who sponsored or carried out the operation. It is normally financed by government revenues but in this age of super-empowered individuals and corporations they could become a common tool of power beyond traditional war and diplomacy.

Under United States law, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) must lead covert operations unless the president finds that another agency should do so and properly informs the congress. Normally, the CIA is the US Government agency legally allowed to carry out covert action.[1] The CIA's authority to conduct covert action comes from the National Security Act of 1947.[2] President Ronald Reagan issued Executive Order 12333 titled in 1984. This order defined covert action as "special activities", both political and military, that the US Government could legally deny. The CIA was also designated as the sole authority under the 1991 Intelligence Authorization Act and in Title 50 of the United States Code Section 413(e).[2][3] The CIA must have a "Presidential Finding" issued by the President of the United States in order to conduct these activities under the Hughes-Ryan amendment to the 1991 Intelligence Authorization Act.[1] These findings are then monitored by the oversight committees in both the US Senate and the House of Representatives.[4] As a result of this framework, the CIA "receives more oversight from the Congress than any other agency in the federal government".[5] The Special Activities Division (SAD) is a division of the CIA's National Clandestine Service, responsible for Covert Action and "Special Activities". These special activities include covert political influence and paramilitary operations. The division is overseen by the United States Secretary of State

Covert operations and clandestine operations are distinct. The Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, defines "covert operation" as "an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor. The United States Department of Defense definition has been used by the United States and NATO since World War II.

In a covert operation, the identity of the sponsor is concealed, while in a clandestine operation the operation itself is concealed. Put differently, clandestine means "hidden," while covert means "deniable." The term stealth refers both to a broad set of tactics aimed at providing and preserving the element of surprise and reducing enemy resistance and to a set of technologies (stealth technology) to aid in those tactics.

Super Secret Underground Bases & Covert Ops

The Richard Sauder Briefing

Saturday 29 June 2013

King Sun - Mythological Rapper, 5%er, Zulu King, Battle Rapper & Hip-Hop Originator (Rare Tracks & Interviews)

King Sun - Mythological Rapper, 5%er, Zulu King, Battle Rapper & Hip-Hop Originator 
(Rare Tracks & Interviews)

Although the Bronx was responsible for the 70's Foundation Park Jams, in the late 1980' Queens Hip-Hop artists seemed to seemed to be dominating a size-able chunk of the Hip-Hop landscape. Countering this was a slew of Boogie Down Bronxters like T-La Rock, B-Boy Records - B.D.P. (Boogie Down Productions), Dark Tall & Handsome, The Almighty Kay Gee (The Cold Crush Brothers), some came from original Zulu Nation member Jazzy J's Strong City imprint Bizzy B, Ultimate Force (Diamond D's 1st group) Freddy Foxx, and an artist called King Sun.

King Sun - D. Moët
Zakia Records era Press Shot

King Sun alongside his DJ D. Moët, was put on by Brooklyn super star DJ Cutmaster D.C., and got the duo signed to Zakia Records, the same label that signed Eric B & Rakim.  King Sun - D. Moët's single Hey Love was a slowed down electro Cutmaster D.C. production and lyric heavy Mythological Rapper cemented their signing to major London based record label Profile, then home to Run DMC, Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, Special Ed, Sweet Tee, Dana Dane and several others.

Hip-Hop's In The House - Cut Master DC, Just-Ice, Dj Mix Master Ice (U.T.F.O.), Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, Dave Funkenklein, Steady B, D-Moet, King Sun, & others circa ’90 from here

King Sun D Moët - Mythological Rapper

The Original Gods on the Mic: Rakim Allah, King Sun Born & foundation Italian B-Boy NextOne at The Zulu Nation Anniversary

King Sun XL Album (1989)

King Sun's 1st album on Profile XL featured Hey Love and several B-Boy classics, with King Sun Born kicking 5% knowledge and battle raps over production by Sun himself, The Hollywood Impact,The DJ Mark The 45 King and the support of a major label gained him new underground attention.

King Sun - On The Club Tip (Video)
Repping the 5% Nation in the Club

King Sun XL Album back

King Sun talks about the late X-Clan Member Professor X & early touring days

King Sun, DJ King Shameek & Def Jam/Rush Management CEO Russell Simmons

King Sun & The Hollywood Impact 
King Sun recorded much of his music in New Jersey with New Jersey based super crew The Hollywood Impact which featured Producers, DJs & Dancers - Style, Dj King Shameek, Twin Hype, Brian Stroh, Tiny Rock, Just  2, Choice Brothers from the back of the Twin Hype 12" Do It To The Crowd also on Profile. 

Twin Hype feat. DJ King Shameek - For Those Who Like To Groove
King Sun Cameo & DJ King Shameek cutting the f**k up!

King Sun's 2nd Album Righteous But Ruthless (1990)

King Sun's 2nd Album Righteous But Ruthless came out in 1990 in the centre of the Conscious Afrocentric Hip-Hop era, and is one of the strongest albums of that movement, and stood up along side groups like Public Enemy, X-Clan, Tragedy, Def Jef, Boogie Down Productions, Paris, Brand Nubian, YZ, Two Kings and A Cypher, and Poor Righteous Teachers. The album had solid production courtesy of super producer Tony D & New Jersey based crew The Hollywood Impact and production & ill cuts by Dj King Shameek. The album is much more knowledge led than XL, with Sun taking heads with lyrical swords, still with his unique story telling, repping New York to the hilt, battling wack MC's draped in 5% Wisdom. Poor Righteous Teachers feature as guests on the track The Gods Are Taking Heads, unusual in that time as "guest spots" were rare back then. 

King Sun - Be Black
King Sun pumping Afrocentric teaching and bringing it to the many MC's and Hip-Hoppers who jumped over night onto the Conscious band wagon as a fashion, with his song Be Black, which is not unlike the 1960's  commentary in Gil Scott Heron's song Brother

King Sun Big Shots (Funk Master Flex Remix)
An excellent example of King Sun's story telling rap style about the rise and fall of a New York Drug Lord remixed by then A&R DJ Funk Master Flex

After his second album he parted ways with Profile Records, but recorded several songs like the DJ Jazzy J produced Mr. Policeman, and recorded the Strictly Ghetto E.P. for Cold Chillin' Records in 1994. Unfortunately by that time the rot had set in at the once legendary label and it was not well promoted, Gza, then known as The Genius, Tragedy, Grand Daddy I.U. and many of the later Juice Crew members also suffered career woes at the label.

King Sun - Mr Policeman (rare demo tape)

King Sun Iron Hand Clan Interview
Discusses his association to original Wu-Tang members Rza - Prince Rakeem, Gza - Genius & Old Dirty Bastard - A-Son in Iron Hand Clan.

King Sun - Once Upon A Time (Cold Chillin' 1994)
From the Strictly Ghetto E.P.

Not only a monster with the bars but physically a massive dude and well known for not shy to get it on, Sun has has had his fair share of beefs. As the story goes, King Sun, post-Profile was shopping demos to get a new deal. Ice Cube then Ceo of his Lench Mob Records received a Demo that from King Sun. In 1992, Ice Cube released Wicked, which King Sun believed was a bite of his Wicked hook from his Demo. The stories of King Sun trying to get at a Cube show in New York are l
egendary, and ended up on his the Ice Cube Diss - Suck No Dick. Cypress Hill also mentioned that episode in their No Rest For The Wicked Ice Cube Diss which was countered by Ice Cube and Westside Connection's Cypress Hill Diss King of the Hill.

Beef to the back, East Coast West Coast Unity
Bobby Brown?, friend, WC (Westside Connection), King Sun & Ma$e?

King Sun (Sun Dullah)& DJ Doo Wop - New York Love (All Eyez On Sun) [2PAC DISS]

The East Coast/West Coast Beef brought King Sun with the heat and recorded 2 early dis records, but like fellow Bronx MC Tim Dog, who dissed N.W.A. DJ Quik and others, its all in Rap and has spent a lot of time on the "Left Coast".

King Sun on his dissing of 2Pac:"Ok, I was the first to respond with a diss record towards Tupac when he first dissed Tribe Called Quest at the Source Awards in '94. Since Tupac appeared on "California" wit Dre, I felt the need to respond wit "Califony" and derived the hook from the Die Hard movie when Bruce Willis was a cop from NY and had beef in Cali. Every time he killed an adversary his reply was "Yippie Kay Ya Mother Fucker."

The beat was produced by DJ Mark the 45 King and was cut up by Funk Master Flex in D&D Studios in Midtown Manhattan. Shout outs to Doug and Dave. I then allowed Doo Wop to put the song on his mixtape to generate a buzz. Tupac and I discussed the dis song after having Ice-T play it for Pac. We laughed together over the phone and Pac new it was nothing personal, but I had to rep NY to the fullest. Shout outs to Ice-T, who's like my older cousin from the Left Coast who has always held me down, to WC Crazy Toons, DJ Aladdin, DJ Pooh, Evil E and Hen G and Shawny Shawn.

Rest in peace Pac. Our love goes out to Mrs. Shakur. Tell BIG I said "Hold some equality for me and Lady Heron and be at the door with Jesus so we can get in!"

"Doo Wop played his record with King Sun on his critically acclaimed Summer Jam '96 mixtape. Doo Wop also goes at 2Pac & The Dogg Pound at the end of the tape. Notice how the mixtape only features East Coast artists. This was around the time of Hit' Em Up. According to DJ King Shameek, King Sun had also recorded another diss record titled "Don't Know How To A.C.T." directed at Westside Connection" - From CroatianRapper youtube

King Sun - Don't Know How To A.C.T. (2Pac/Westside Connection diss)  
Sun goes in breaking down the So-Called "East Coast/West Coast Beef"

In the late 1990's Sun dropped several singles one with with Ice-T, and the others that ended up becoming the Say No More album in 1999, on his own Black Claw label. The album featured production from Louis Vega and cuts from DJ King Shameek. 

King Sun - Spittin Fire
Cuts by DJ King Shameek

King Sun - Funk Flex Freestyle
from Funk Master Flex 60 Mins of Funk 3

Zulu Nation - Rock Steady
Melle Mel, Busy Bee, King Sun, Kool Herc, Q-Unique, Crazy Legs and others

King Sun is a regular at the Annual Zulu Nation Anniversary Jams in New York, and is always down to battle!


BATTLE: King Sun & D.A. Smart VS Omar & Hazardous at the Zulu Nation 20th Anniversary 1994

King Sun Speaks Wisdom at Urban Underground


podcast from The Breaks: Jammaster James & Smooth E.  King Sun's interview begins @ 1hr:30min mark
from here

Friday 14 June 2013

R.I.P. Big Bill (Will) From The Bronx (Get Open Crew)

R.I.P. Bill (Get Open Crew) by Shucks One (London)

When I was younger I lived in New York for a few years. I don't have any family there so it was a big deal to move there as a teenager, not knowing anyone and only been to the East Coast a few times. After they got used to the fact I allegedly sounded "like Robin Leach" : ) I found the people I met very generous, thoughtful & funny as f**k. I made some great friends and will always be grateful for the memories and experiences i had there.

Charlie B, Bill/Will, friend, Siba Giba, Devan & Shan 1992

Baruch, Siba Giba & Bill/Will 1993

Bill was always someone I could always chat too if I was feeling home sick, or was bummed out. One Thanksgiving I had to work, while everyone went home to their families. I had to do James Bond shit to stay in my room. He literally walked me around trying to get girls I hardly knew to take me home to their homes and donate food to me. He was one of the most positive and funny guy's I knew in NY.

Kal Dog, Baruch, Bill/Will, John, Siba & Charlie B 1993

R.I.P. Big Bill (Will) From The Bronx (Get Open Crew)

Sadly Shan informed me that Bill, now Will has been battling Cancer and recently succumbed to his illness. He remained positive and upbeat to the end, which sounds exactly like him. My respects go out to his family and friends.

Will sad passing brought many old friends together

Will's Memorial Testimonials in the Park

R.I.P. Will