Sunday 24 November 2013

Deal Real & B-Boy Documents present LordFinesse of D.I.T.C. and DJ BOOGIEBLIND (X-Ecutioners) for a B-Boy Special

Deal Real & B-Boy Documents present @LordFinesseDITC and  @BOOGIEBLIND for a B-Boy Special - This Saturday 30th November 2013

Last year LORD FINESSE rocked one of the best
ask anyone who was there. Now here's your chance to see him if you missed him or wanna see him again......


DJ BOOGIE BLIND ( X - Ecutioners) NYC
Plus special Guests

DJ's on the night
Sarah Love
DJ Snuff
Pete Real
DJ Fingers
Bunny Bread
Aidan Orange
Kid Dyno

Sat 30th Nov 2013
The Flyover
3-5 Thorpe close, Ladbroke Grove, w10 5xl

Time 9- 2AM
Tickets: 12.50 - More on the door
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Lord Finesse Documentary


Lord Finesse is a Hip hop artist and producer, hailing from The Bronx, New York, best known as the leader of the D.I.T.C. rap crew. In 1989, Finesse and his former partner DJ Mike Smooth signed to Wild Pitch Records, home to other popular Hip Hop artists like Gang Starr, Main Source, Chill Rob G, Percee P, and O.C.. In 1990, the duo released their debut album Funky Technician. The album featured production from future star beat-makers DJ Premier, Diamond D and Showbiz. Soon after, Finesse formed the popular New York underground crew D.I.T.C., an acronym for 'Diggin In The Crates', together with Showbiz & AG and Diamond D. Future members included Fat Joe, O.C., Buckwild and the late Big L.
Lord Finesse & Percee P (The legendary rap battle 1989) CLASSIC!!! 

Finesse returned as a solo artist in late 1991 with his second effort, Return of the Funky Man. The album featured guest appearances from Percee P and AG. The album's title track peaked at #13 on the Hot Rap Singles chart. 'Return of the Funky Man' also included a couple of songs that was produced by Finesse himself and this would be the start of a career as a much respected hip-hop producer. In 1994, Finesse made a production appearance on The Notorious B.I.G.'s classic debut Ready to Die, on the track 'Suicidal Thoughts'. In 1995, he produced a big portion of Big L's debut album Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, including the single ''M.V.P.'. He finally returned as an artist in 1996 with the now rare 12' single 'Check The Method' and then the acclaimed album The Awakening. Finesse produced the entire album himself, and enlisted a large number of guests, including O.C., KRS-One, MC Lyte, Akinyele, Showbiz and A.G., Diamond D, and Kid Capri. The underground single 'Actual Facts,' featuring Sadat X, Grand Puba and Large Professor, was included as a hidden track on the album.
Lord Finesse (with Big L) with freestyle Yo! MTV raps YouTube

Finesse hasn't released a studio album since this effort, but has continued his production work. In 1997, he produced the title track to O.C.'s acclaimed effort Jewelz. Finesse released a mixtape called Diggin' On Blue in 1999. Later in the year, he produced the track 'The Message' on Dr. Dre's seminal 2001 album. Finesse is currently working on a Funky Technician remix project, as well as a new D.I.T.C. album. Along with these projects, he and DJ Premier are working on a posthumous Big L album.
Lord Finesse - Return Of The Funky Man 

In 1998, Finesse provided the vocal sample on the hook to 'The Rockafeller Skank', a hit single by British musician Fatboy Slim from his album You've Come a Long Way, Baby. The song features Finesse's repeated line 'Right about now, the funk soul brother. Check it out now, the funk soul brother.'
Lord Finesse's Vinyl Collection - Crate Diggers

Lord Finesse returned to the mic on Handsome Boy Modeling School's album 'White People' in 2004. He was featured on the song entitled 'Rock 'N' Roll (Could Never Hip-Hop Like This) pt. 2, collaborating with famous old-school DJ's as QBert, Grand Wizard Theodore and Jazzy Jay. Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park make appearances as well as Rahzel of The Roots.

DJ Boogie Blind @ Bronx Jam

See You there!

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Friday 1 November 2013

Universal Zulu Nation 40th Anniversary UK Zulu Exhibition, Showcases, Film Screenings & Events @ MAP Studio Cafe London

November 2013 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation. In celebration, B-Boy
Documents brings together key figures in hip-hop culture – both UK and internationally - for a
month of debates, performances, film screenings and presentations. The programme will explore
the legacies of a wide range of contributors to the culture, celebrating their work and discussing
experiences. Drawing on the spirit of the Zulu Nation, which emphasises the use of hip-hop as
a force for positive change

At the start of the 1980’s, as the elements of hip hop culture spread beyond New York City and onto these shores, the London scene began to take shape after early initial visits from Futura 2000, The Rock Steady Crew and the screening of the legendary hip hop movie ‘Wild Style’.

Developing in London clubs such as The Titanic and The Peoples Club, in the streets of Ladbroke Grove and in other cities such as Bristol and Manchester, by 1984 higher profile jams began to be organised, many catering to the under 18’s.

This exhibition will emphasise the imagery; primarily select flyers from the early 80’s - coupled with aural testimonies from the partakers themselves. Our intention is to re-introduce some pioneers names that are often overlooked in the documentation of the history. We hope this will inspire some memories and some discussions about that period of time. From the mighty Mastermind Roadshow to Newtrament, Cosmic Jam, The Wild Bunch, Sir Drew, Imperial Mixers, Steve Devonne, Family Quest and many, many others. These individuals helped shape a culture that is still a way of life for so many of us.

November 2013 marks the 40th Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation. In celebration, B-Boy Documents brings together key figures in hip-hop culture – both UK and internationally - for a month of debates, performances, film screenings and presentations. The programme will explore the legacies of a wide range of contributors to the culture, celebrating their work and
discussing experiences. Drawing on the spirit of the Zulu Nation, which emphasises the use of hip-hop as a force for positive change, B-Boy Documents will highlight how hip-hop has united as it has travelled. It will explore how hip-hop alerted adherents in the UK to the perspectives of hip-hop’s multicultural practitioners in New York. But, more than this, B-Boy Documents will engage with how hip-hop gave British youth a powerful new set of tools to express and make sense of their worlds, creating new futures as they did.

1) Friday November 1st: Opening Night Party  

2) Sunday November 3rd: This Functional Family Book event by Lyn E Lyn 

3) Wednesday November 13th: David Toop, Author of ' The Rap Attack ' Q & A with James McNally 

4) Friday 22nd November: Louder Than A Bomb Live Set 

5) Here's a taster of the original Italian version, as this will be the first English performance of it: 

6)Sunday 24th November: Zulu Nation Meeting of the Minds, round table discussion hosted by TJ Chill based on the memories of the flyers in the exhibition. 

7)Friday 29th November: Yo! To The Twilight Firm film screening 

Phill Most Chill - Phill Most Chill 'All Cuts Recorded Raw & Most Of My Heroes Don't Appear On No Stamp Mix

In Effect Recordings and Diggers With Gratitude are proud to finally release a full 14 track album by PHILL MOST CHILL entitled "ALL CUTS RECORDED RAW" (all tracks recorded in 1987-89 era). This will be released as a double vinyl gatefold sleeve package and CD in late June 2011.
This is the tracklisting for the Phill Most Chill 'All Cuts Recorded Raw' vinyl album: the CD is slightly different!
Multi talented Phill has previously collaborated with DWG on the highly sought after "BE INTELLIGENT EP" (DWG001) and the Paul Nice "NEVA STOP DIGGIN" 7" (DWG7004)... "ALL CUTS RECORDED RAW" is the album you have been waiting for, don't sleep!
Available from:

"When my album "All Cuts Recorded Raw" (unreleased songs from the late 80's) was put out on DWG Records in 2011, one of the questions I was asked was "wow, so why didn't you 'make it' back then?" This mix is pretty much the answer. The emcees you hear on this mix are some of the greatest in Hip Hop history- KRS One, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Slick Rick, Biz Markie, LL Cool J, Run DMC. They were so incredible that I didn't want to even release any of my songs unless I felt I could do as good or better than them. They showed me what a dope Hip Hop record is supposed to sound like. But my biggest inspirations were the pioneers of Hip Hop, represented on this mix by the Cold Crush Bros, and GM Flash & The Furious 5. Directly or indirectly, crews like them are the ULTIMATE inspiration and influence for every person that is a part of Hip Hop music. This mix features some of the rarest and / or most underappreciated joints by my Hip Hop heroes. Thanks to Jorun Bombay for the ill remixes!" - Phill Most Chill

40th Anniversary of The Mighty Universal Zulu Nation NYC Events November 2013

Universal Zulu Nation 40th Anniversry OFFICIAL FULL PROMO

Nov. 6-10: Universal Zulu Nation 40th Anniversary NYC

UZN40 Fun Passes: Just $70 flat gets you in each & every event from Nov. 6 – 10, 2013 during the Universal Zulu Nation’s 40th Anniversary. Email: for more info. Paypal accepted! Passes can be picked up at the door on any night of the UZN40 Anniv. UZN40 Fun Passes will be available for purchase on Wed. Nov. 6 and Thurs. Nov. 7 at the events. Potential savings of $60!
5pm-10pm. DJs Yutaka, OG Chino, Zulu King Tone & Soul. Host: TC Izlam. Fat Buddha 212 Ave A betw. 13th & 14th St. NYC. Ages 18+. Trains to 14th/Union Sq. $5 or UZN $70 Fun Pass for all +

Afrika Bambaataa tribute VH1 hip hop honors 2006

10pm-4am. DJs Afrika Bambaataa, TC Izlam, Large Professor, Just-Ice, Baby Bam, Dynamix 2, Evil Dee, Rich Medina, Rob Swift, Wednesday, Odyssey, Randall PLUS Stick-E & the Hoodz, Wadadda, PHONY PPL, Duckdown USA and Jah Dan Blackamoor. Hosts: Freedom Williams, Bonz Malone & TC Izlam. Ages 18+. Sullivan Room 218 Sullivan St betw. W. 3rd & Bleecker NYC. Trains: A B C D E F M to W.4th. 1 to Houston. 6 to Bleecker. $20 for Ages 21+. $25 for under 21. Ladies in free before 11:30pm. UZN $70 Fun Pass for all +

6-11pm. Opening words by PopMaster Fabel & film screening @ 7pm. All Ages (wine & cheese tasting for 21+). Maysles Cinema 343 Malcolm X Blvd betw. 127th & 128th. Harlem NYC. Trains: 2 3 4 5 or 6 to 125th. $10 suggested or UZN $70 Fun Pass for all +

8pm-3am. Show @ 10pm. All Ages. Feat. Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Ice T, Naughty Nation and UltraMagnetic MCs. DJs Afrika Bambaataa, Kool DJ Red Alert, Afrika Islam, Jazzy Jay, Easy LG, Mark Luv & Luvbug Starski, Funkmaster Flex. Opening: M.C. Spice. Host: Mick Benzo. National Black Theater 2031 5th Ave betw. 125th & 126th Harlem NYC. Trains: 2 3 4 5 or 6 to 125th. $30 or $20 w/ Zulu or Moorish ID or UZN $70 Fun Pass for all events.

12noon-8pm. FREE! All Ages. Youth performances by Nene Ali, Hip Hop Catz, Def Groove, Miranda Writes & more. Johnson Community Center 1833 Lexington Ave betw. 113th & 114th East Harlem NYC. Train: 6 to 116th St. Free food too!

8pm-3am: Show @ 10pm. All Ages. Feat. DITC: (OC, AG, Showbiz, Lord Finesse, DiamonD, Buckwild), MVP, Junior Demus, Joe Ski Love, Methuzulah Gem, Blahzay, Billy Ray, Jasiri X, Rebel Diaz, Sa Roc, Black UN, K-Swift, Balla Belly, L.A.W. PLUS DJs Jazzy Jay, Q Tip, 9th Wonder, GrandWizzard Theodore, Mell Starr, Mark Luv, DJ Kool D & DJ Tyrone the Mixologist. Hosts: GrandMaster Caz & Ed Lover. Opening: M.C. Spice. National Black Theater 2031 5th Ave betw. 125th & 126th Harlem NYC. Trains: 2 3 4 5 or 6 to 125th. $30 or $20 w/ Zulu or Moorish ID or UZN $70 Fun Pass for all

3pm-9pm. Free! All Ages. Feat. Cashus D, Dr. Shaka Zulu, Ernie Paniccioli, 9th Wonder, Joe Conzo, M.C. Spice and many more! Donations welcomed. National Black Theater 2031 5th Ave betw. 125th & 126th Harlem NYC. Trains: 2 3 4 5 or 6 to

8pm-3am. Feat. Us Girls (Lisa Lee, Debbie Dee & Sha Rock w/ Original DJ Spindarella), Soul Sonic Force, Shango, Sequence, Chief Rocker Busy Bee w/ Kool DJ AJ Scratch, T-Ski Valley, Grand Master Melle Mel, Treacherous 3, Young Star, Master G & Wonder Mic. PLUS DJs Afrika Bambaataa, Rockin’ Rob, Johnny Juice, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Chuck Chillout, Scratch, Supreme, Diamond and Cabin. Opening: M.C. Spice. Host: GrandMaster Caz. Ages: 18+. SOBs 200 Varick St @ Houston NYC. 1 train to Houston. $30 or $20 w/ Zulu or Moorish ID or UZN $70 Fun Pass for all events. +

More info to be announced as it is confirmed!

Vending during the 40th Anniversary of the Universal Zulu Nation is $50 per night for Wed. Nov. 6, Fri. Nov. 8 and Sat. Nov. 9. $25 for SunDAY Nov. 9: Meeting of the Minds. Email: for more info. Paypal accepted! Vendors can bring only one assistant, only one table and 2 chairs. Must set up one hour before doors open. Space is limited, claim your space now! No vending on Thursday at Maysles or Sunday at SOBs.

Donate to the UZN Building Fund!

Official Universal Zulu Nation Facebook Group Page

Monday 21 October 2013

Planet Rock & 210 Presents: The Doppelgangaz 1st London Show 15 December 2013

Planet Rock & 210 Presents: The Doppelgangaz 1st London Show 15/12/13 

The Doppelgangaz is an American Hip Hop group from Orange County,New York (NYC) consisting of Matter Ov Fact (MC,Producer) and EP (MC,Producer). 

The Doppelgangaz - On The Rag (Official Music Video)
The Sixth Release of off HARK, OUT NAO!!!
Director: The Doppelgangaz
Director of Photography: Big Josh
2013 Groggy Pack Entertainment, LLC.
They have released four full-length albums (two of which are primarily instrumental) and one EP.The group was included on Raw Roots"Top Underground Artists Of 2011" list They were featured in Europe's biggest Hip-Hop magazine JUICE in support of their 2011 album "LONE SHARKS"..

The group's 2011 release Lone Sharks has received widespread critical acclaim for its production being reminiscent of the "raw", gritty style that was the iconic sound of east coast New York Hip-Hop in the mid 1990s. Their rapping and lyrics have also been complimented for their unique subject matter, tone and imagery..
In 2012, the group was covered in the major American Hip-Hop magazine XXL in its "The Break" section, which highlights up and coming Hip-Hop acts.. Underground Hip-Hop authority Kevin Nottingham has reported on and interviewed the group multiple times on the award winning.

The Doppelgangaz (Groggy Pack Entertainment) USA
-Micall Parknsun (YNR-Productions)
-Onoe Caponoe (Audio Doughnuts)

Hosted by:
-Stig Of The Dump (Lewis Recordings)
(2X End Of The Weak WORLD MC Challenge Champion) 

On the Turntables:
-Disorda (Suspect Packages / Dub Chronicles)
-DJ Pings (KingUnderground Records)

Sunday 15th December 2013

418 Brixton Road 

Doors open 19:00 - 02:00 

Tube: Brixton Station (Victoria Line)
Buses:(Brixton Station) Serving routes: 109, 118, 133, 159, 250, 333, 45, 59,
Night Buses: N109, N133.

Tickets are £12 now on sale at:
(On the door:£16)

Easy to 1 of the 10 FREE Tickets (Link below)

The Kool Skool's Top 4 Independent Alternative Knowledge / Conscious / Occult / Esoteric / Conspiracy Bookshops in London

The Kool Skool's Top 4 Independent Alternative Knowledge / Conscious / Occult / Esoteric / Conspiracy Bookshops in London

Anyone who is a serious Book geek or Knowledge digger will know that the Independant Bookshop pool is shrinking, what with the recent closure of Centreprise, My Back Pages and many others. So to try and redress the decline and although risking giving away my best spots, I felt it was only right and try and spread the word. To continue The Kool Skool Recommended Reading series I have added a book that was purchased at the bookshop too. Support Independant Bookshops!

All Eyes On Egypt

All Eyes On Egypt

25  Brixton Station RoadStockwell
Phone: 020 7978 8321

All Eyes On Egypt is a Conscious Knowledge Bookshop in Brixton South London located underneath Brixton Recreation Centre. It is predominantly a Nuwaubian Nation of Moors bookshop selling the many books & DVDs by Dr. Malachi Z. York-El, as well as Kemetic Items, Incense & oils. However it has an excellent selection of hard to find Alternative Knowledge, Conscious, Occult , Esoteric & Conspiracy books. 

The Columbus Conspiracy: An Investigation Into the Secret History of Christopher Columbus by Michael Bradley
Introduction by John Henrik Clarke

Reveals an explosive new theory that challenges the famous tale of Columbus. Was he possibly a French pirate, or a Mallorcan navigator, or even the scion of some royal or noble family? If he was a penniless castaway of common birth, how could he marry into Portuguese nobility & gain the support of Queen Isabella & King Ferdinand? Where & how did he obtain the maps that showed his "discovery" in advance? Historians admit that much of what has been accepted & taught is, in fact, a myth. Through meticulous research, Bradley offers a convincing explanation of Columbus's real mission -- one of the most evocative in history.

Watkins Books

Watkins Books
19-21 Cecil Ct, 
London WC2N 4EZ 
Phone: 020 7836 2182

Watkins Books has been trading for over 100 years and is one of the leading Esoteric Bookshops in the world. Although it recently almost closed down, it has thankfully re-opened and is back in business. It has a huge selection of New & second hand books, specialising in Alternative Knowledge, Conscious, Occult, Esoteric, Conspiracy books. There is a very concise Kemet (Egyptian), Secret Society, UFOlogy and very unfortunately, a dwindling Adventures Unlimited Publications and Conspiracy section. They also buy second hand books.

Matrix of Power: How the World Has Been Controlled By Powerful People Without Your Knowledge by Maxwell Jordan

Jordan Maxwell is considered to be the world's foremost authority on ancient religions and modern conspiracies. His work on the true meaning of symbols, logos, and company insignias has also fascinated audiences around the world for years. He grew up in a family that had high-ranking insiders in international politics and religion, so had access to behind the scenes information that few people could imagine during his early years. This intrigued him, and set him off on a lifetime of investigation. This book is the result of his many years of investigation. Who really runs the world? Who controls the money, the politics, and almost every facet of life without you knowing a thing about it? Is such a thing possible? Explore this fascinating subject with a man who has devoted a lifetime of study to uncovering our "hidden masters." He has made countless radio and TV appearances including three CBS television specials, and has numerous videos of his work available.

Book Mongers

Book Mongers
439 Coldharbour Lane,
London SW9 8LN  
Phone: 020 7738 4225

Book Mongers, located 5 mins walk from All Eyes On Egypt, is a great Second Hand Bookshop that has every genre you could want, but it does have a varying selection of Alternative Knowledge, Conscious, Occult, Esoteric, Conspiracy & Religious books. Allow plenty of time and expect to dig!

The Day After Roswell by Colonel Philip J. Corso, with William J. Birnes

Since 1947, the mysterious crash of an unidentified aircraft at Roswell, New Mexico, has fueled a firestorm of speculation and controversy with no conclusive evidence of its extraterrestrial origin -- until now.
Colonel Philip J. Corso (Ret.), a member of President Eisenhower's National Security Council and former head of the Foreign Technology Desk at the U.S. Army's Research & Development department, has come forward to tell the whole explosive story. Backed by documents newly declassified through the Freedom of Information Act, Colonel Corso reveals for the first time his personal stewardship of alien artifacts from the crash, and discloses the U.S. government's astonishing role in the Roswell incident: what was found, the cover-up, and how these alien artifacts changed the course of 20th century history.

Book & Comic Exchange

Book & Comic Exchange
14 Pembridge Rd,
Notting Hill,
London W11 3HL
020 7598 2220

Book & Comic Exchange is a place that you can literally loose yourself in, the  basement is FULL of cheap books & comics. Upstairs is a small selection of  Conspiracy, Religious & Esoteric books. Although I have got some really amazing books there, it can be a bit hit or miss and anyone who has been a regular customer of 
the Music exchange will know that the staff's attitude can be a stinky...

The New World Order by A. Ralph Epperson

Ralph Epperson has spent years reserching the history of the two sides of the Great Seal, and has discovered that those who designed them committed America to what has been called "A Secret Destiny". This future destiny is so unpleasant that those who wanted the change it entails had to conceal that truth in symbols.