Saturday 19 May 2012


Mean Fiddler & Jazz Cafe in association with Droppin' Science present..

BIG DADDY KANE (Live) & BIZ MARKIE (live) Full 2 hour show!!

Plus support from:

DROPPIN' SCIENCE (dj’s Matman & Daredevil)
CHIMA ANYA MBChB (hons) - Live with band &
DJ 279 (Choice FM)
Hosted by BIG TED

Opening doors 8PM until 1.00AM
HMV Forum – London Friday 22nd June 2012

It's a Friday night so stick around after the live shows, were gonna party hard after!

Get your ticket asap for the hip hop gig of the Summer:
Tickets £22.50

Check out the facebook event page HERE

“Two of hip-hop’s greatest ever M.C.’s perform live on stage”

Found on DJ Matman's Blog

Papoose does the 5 Fingers of Death on #SwayInTheMorning & "I'm Like That" Remix

Papoose does the 5 Fingers of Death on #SwayInTheMorning & "I'm Like That" Remix

Papoose fearlessly entered the 5 Fingers of Death on #SwayInTheMorning. 
DJ Wonder threw 5 random beats for him freestyle over -- and he killed each of them. 
House & Red Hot Chilly Peppers

Papoose ft. Jadakiss, Styles P & 2 Chainz - I'm Like That Remix

"Roid: More Than Ever" - Roid MSK HA Solo Exhibit London May 31st 2012 Truman Brewery London

Roid MSK HA & Tizer ID in the Pit (R.I.P.)
"The Brothers"

Roid MSK HA Solo Exhibit 
London May 31st 2012 
Truman Brewery London

'Haters' - Heavy Artillery Crew

Graffiti Exhibition 2009  The Kool Skool Video

Thursday 10 May 2012

State Sponsored Terrorism By Egyptian Junta Against Pro-Democracy Protesters & $1.3 billion in continued U.S. Military Aid

Protesters & Human rights groups have accused Egyptian troops and prison authorities of sexual assault of Women protesters, and mass rounding up of Protesters (many of them Medical Staff & Journalists). State Sponsored Terrorism By Egyptian Junta and paid Pro-Government Armed Thugs Against Pro-Democracy Protesters. Obama administration has released $1.3 billion in continued U.S. Military Aid despite Cairo's failure to meet pro-democracy goal.

Abbaseya Aftermath and the Military Council's Reign of Terror

"Following the military's brutal crackdown on a sit-in outside the ministry of defense, Egyptians speak of the Military Council's reign of terror. In the aftermath, hundreds of Egyptians were hunted down and detained, including over 20 journalists and medics. Many more were injured and killed as they fled into the pro-government neighborhood. Throughout the week, Egyptians have been protesting the largest round-up of activists since the military junta came to power last year. Hundreds of Egyptians captured during the raid will be arraigned through military tribunals. Since Mubarak's ouster, nearly 12,000 people have been tried and convicted through military courts." -

U.S. approves Egypt military aid despite rights fears 

(Reuters) - "The Obama administration on Friday formally released $1.3 billion in military aid for Egypt despite Cairo's failure to meet pro-democracy goals, saying U.S. national security required continued military assistance.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton waived congressional conditions imposed late last year that tied U.S. aid to progress in Egypt's transition to democracy following the ouster of longtime President Hosni Mubarak.
"These decisions reflect America's over-arching goal: to maintain our strategic partnership with an Egypt made stronger and more stable by a successful transition to democracy," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said in a statement.

Clinton's decision, which has been criticized by some U.S. lawmakers, took note of Egypt's progress since last year's street revolution, including holding parliamentary elections and preparing for a presidential election in May.

But a crackdown on pro-democracy forces - including some U.S. groups - over the last several months infuriated lawmakers in Washington and caused the Obama administration to warn Egypt that its aid might be in peril." - More here

UK Hip-Hop Legends MC Mell'O' & Katch 22, Daddy Skitz, Rodney P, Roots Manuva & MCM New Videos!!!

UK Hip-Hop Legends MC Mell'O' & Katch 22, Daddy Skitz, Rodney P, Roots Manuva & MCM New Videos!!!

Daddy Skitz - 'Never' ft Rodney P, Roots Manuva, Darrison and Solo Banton.
Never. Skitz ft Rodney P, Roots Manuva, Darrison and Solo Banton.
Produced by Skitz and Engine-Earz.
Dragon Drop Records.
Released 7th May 2012
Directed By Ben Masson (Messrs)
Filmed By The Messrs
Produced By Mohitt Joshi (Bright Black Film)

MC Mell'O' & DJ Big Ted (2012) "A Total Eclipse Of The Art"

Live @Galvanik (Zug 2012)

(Video by 216 Krew / Geneva)

KATCH 22 tribute to HIJACK (2012)

Live in Geneva

MCM Caveman - Gospel Reprise [EP Sampler]

Out Now - [iTunes] MCM (Caveman) - GOSPEL REPRISE EP - A complimentary digital release showcasing more unreleased material by the UK veteran rapper. The ep includes complete versions of 'Farther Forgive' (produced by DJ Nappa) and 'Live in Stereo' feat. TY.

R.I.P. MCA Graffiti Tributes UPDATE & London Beastie Boys Film Charity Screening Friday 18/5/12

Rest In Peace MCA - by Aroe & Gary HA/MSK
more flicks here

"R.I.P MCA" - Blackbook Art by Slick Dissizit - The pioneering hip-hop artist Adam Yauch died Friday of cancer at the age of 47. Known by his nickname "MCA," he was one-third of the legendary Beastie Boys. He was a practicing Buddhist and helped organize the Tibetan Freedom Concert. In 1998, he made headlines when at the Video Music Awards he publicly criticized the climate of racism toward Muslims and Arabs, and the Clinton administration's bombings of Sudan and Afghanistan. [Correction: It was incorrectly noted in our headline today that Yauch was speaking out against bombings in Iraq. It was rather bombings in Afghanistan and Sudan.]

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"MCA you went AWOL RIP" - Rath COD/UPS

'AWESOME: I FUCKIN' SHOT THAT' @ The Prince Charles Theatre
"The tragic passing of founding Beastie Boy Adam Yauch was a shock to the system for both music and film fans alike. Not only was he part of one of the most influential HipHop groups of all time, but he also set up independent film production & distribution company Oscilloscope Laboratories, who helped titles such as We Need To Talk About Kevin and Meeks Cutoff find an audience in the States. When the news reached the office of his passing, we immediately jumped to action to put together a screening to celebrate the life of MCA, and we couldn't think of anything better than a screening the Beastie Boys' 50 camera, crowd-shot concert film, 'AWESOME: I FUCKIN' SHOT THAT' and donating all the box office takings to Cancer Research. So come on down, help us raise some money for charity and turn our downstairs screen into one huge send-off party for the & only Nathanial Hörnblowér." - T.P.C.T.Tickets can be bought on line HERE

Film info found on the dope

Tuesday 1 May 2012

All City Rare experimental Hip-Hop documentary by Henry Chalfant

Kel139 &Min Whole Car

All City This is an experimental documentary about the early days of the Hip-Hop movement in the South Bronx. This documentary was produced by Henry Chalfant, who also cocreated the well known hip-hop/graffiti documentary, Style Wars.

All City (1983) (1/3)

All City (1983) (2/3)

All City (1983) (3/3)

Lowkey Retires from Music Talks Music Industry Corruption

Logic & Lowkey
Lowkey Retires from Music Talks Music Industry Corruption

Lowkey Talks Music Industry Corruption & 360 Degree Deals
Rapper and political activist Lowkey talks to Revolution on Reprezent 107.3FM's Tarek Chaudhury. The defiant artist explains why he doesn't want to be manipulated by what he views as a corrupt music industry.
Revolution on Reprezent 107.3FM (LDN) &, Monday Nights 8-9PM (GMT)
TW: @tarekrevolution -!/tarekrevolution

This video was shot in Cuba.
New track taken from the highly anticipated album Soundtrack To The
Struggle by Lowkey
Follow his progress on

Is This The Last We've Seen Of Lowkey? [UK Debate S02 E36]
Lowkey's Facebook Post »

After hearing the news that Lowkey has decided to quit music for a while, the debaters got together to discuss some of the reasons why he may have quit, his influence and style as well as how he broke the news to his dedicated fans regarding his decision.

The following are a few of the issues and questions raised in the debate:
- Why might Lowkey need time out of the game?
- Was Lowkey showing respect to his fans by addressing them regarding his decision? 
- Is Lowkey right in saying the music scene is very egotistical?
- Was Lowkey in the game just to deliver his message?



Remembrance for Chemical Warfare Victims in Tehran "the greatest amount of chemical warfare ever used in history" on civilians & Rumsfeld

"Saddam Husain's illegal use of chemical weapons. The 1st conference of the day of remembrance for all victims of chemical warfare has been held at Tehran's Peace Museum, coinciding with the Persian Gulf Day. Iran's head of the United Nations Information Center, UNIC, read a letter sent by Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, in which he explained his pain for the victims and the families who suffered from the atrocities of chemical weapons usage. Officials noted that the greatest amount of chemical warfare ever used in history was by the Saddam regime against Iran."

Remembrance for Chemical Warfare Victims in Tehran
In the Iraq/Iran War, 5 Iranian Cities were exposed to Chemical & Biological Agents.

The US armed Iraq with bio and chemical weapons during the 1980's.
December 1983 meeting of Saddam and Donald Rumsfeld.

The US, UK & Jordan governments and Chemical firms armed Iraq with Conventional, biological and chemical weapons despite violating international Law, US Congress, with the help of Saudi Arabia & other Arab states!!!!

Salvador Option - Rumsfeld's War Crimes In Iraq
Background to the Salvador Option - the use of torture and deathsquads, pioneered in South Vietnam (Phoenix Program) and after that Central and South America (Operation Condor):