Saturday 18 April 2015

4our Pillars 7th Hip Hop Event Thu 7/7/15

The 4our Pillars are proud to announce that they're holding the 7th Hip Hop event on Thursday 2nd July 2015
The 4our Pillars events are funded and run by some of the founding artists of the UK Hip Hop scene that helped pave the way for many of todays' young MC's. Our events incorporate the main 4 elements of Hip Hop (BBoy-ing, DJ-ing, Graffiti and MC's) under one roof for the night.
Once again we're bringing the event to the famous Bussey Building in South East London
Our last six Hip Hop events have been very successful and we anticipate this event to be our biggest to date which should not be missed. As many people know by now, we always have surprise guests at our events..
Those that attended our last event in December 2014 got to witness New York's very own Cormega grace us with his presence on stage to perform for the masses.
Details of confirmed acts are:
Host: Big Ted
The Four Owls feat. Molotov
Joker Starr
Bakery Boys
Union Blak
Guest appearances on the night TBC.
DJ Mada (Son of Noise/Hardnoise)
DJ Sammy B-Side (High Focus)
Miss C Brown
Graffiti Writer: WISHER ID
BBoys/BGirls: Open cyhper to all dancers/Poppers/Lockers etc...


L.A. B-Boy Legend HEX T.G.O. Video Selection

 L.A. B-Boy Legend HEX T.G.O. Video Selection
No words required....

This is a news story that documented the second Hex vs. Slick battle. It took place behind a Los Angeles Levitz furniture store in 1990.


BBOYS 2 BMEN Show - "Hex" and "SkiLL"

HEX 1 TGO Graffiti Cain Velasquez UFC tribute piece Presents: Hex TGO and Zerk TKO piecing with Molotow Premium Spray Paint.

HEX and SKILL _LA Slideshow

Papoose " Incarcerated Scarfaces" & Why He's a #7 MC - 2015

Papoose "Incarcerated Scarfaces" & Why He's a #7 MC - 2015

BK's #1 Son, your favourite Rappers Instramental re-inventor street ministry bomb dropper Papoose has put out a new version of Raekwon "Incarcerated Scarfaces" in anticipation of his soon to be released 2nd album "You Can’t Stop Destiny".
"Hip-Hop was something that was created by have-nots, so they could make something out of themselves & have gwop" Papoose -
"Incarcerated Scarfaces"

Papoose " Incarcerated Scarfaces" & Playlist of some Pap fire