Wednesday 29 September 2010

Hell Razah Dropping Jewels "MC Means Move The Crowd" (Free Download)

Sunz Of Man member and Wu-Tanger Hell Razah's new album Heaven Razah in stores now info here

Hell Razah ft. Tragedy Khadafi, Timbo King and R.A. the Rugged Man - The Renaissance
features on:
"Not Live From Palookaville" - DJ Shucks One The Idiot 70 Minute Mix
Listen & Download

Free Hell Razah Track

"With his new album Heaven Razah set to drop September 28th, Hell Razah offers up a new track from the album: “Return Of The Renaissance,” which finds Razah teaming up with fellow underground kignpin R.A. The Rugged Man for an all-out lyrical beatdown.

Cinematic by Hell Razah Download it free here!"

"What's Right Is Right What Wrong Is Wrong...."

Part 2
Part 3

Check the Hell Razah "Kids In Street" video here on the


Tuesday 28 September 2010

Battersea/Vauxhall/PatMore London Hall of Fame R.I.P.

Battersea/Vauxhall/PatMore London Hall of Fame R.I.P.

The Battersea Hall of Fame was a major illegal Graffiti Hall Of Fame in the dark depths of South London from the early 90's to around 2002, not everyone knew about it but many people painted there. It is a series of huge train Track support walls that rose above the junk dealers in Nine Elms, Battersea opposite the Patmore Estate Drury House, on Stewarts Road.

Early 1990's

Dice & Gasp TSM 1994 Photo courtesy of Imerse ID
"PatMore estate SW8, the home of TSM since 1971!!!" - Dice

Color 1993 Photo courtesy of Imerse ID
"I remember Color doing this just after i got done for being Dice, he bombed everywhere Dise is innocent!. He went and racked some homestyles from Texas homecare in Wandsworth, and freestyled this on the wasteground. It was summer '93 i think." - Dice

Juliet by Color 1993 Photo courtesy of Imerse ID
"Juliet" Color's misses. He'd just got together with her, so he was doing a lot of Juliet pieces including a top-to bottom wholecar on a northern line all in buntlacks! lol. Give him retrospective props....He did this one on his jacks, when battersea was hot, all racked paint from Texas homecare in Wandsworth again! He also wrote "New" for a year or two, also did a few New district lines." - Dice

The late 1990's

Zomby Fiza DDS 1999? Photos Photo courtesy of Band DDS

Bozo DDS 1999? Photos courtesy of Band DDS

The early 2000's


Gehad & Nek (Greece) 2002

Neas DPM 2002

Boer DBS 2002

Gehad 2002

Shucks One ID & Neas DPM 2002

Gehad 2002

Tracksiders 2002

Gehad & Aeon SDM 2002

Shucks One ID Trackside Throw-up 2002

At the end alot of people were getting arrested there. One day as we were climbing through the fence to scope it out, we saw a bunch of writers getting bagged by British Transport Police. That day Neas told us about another Hall Of Fame not far, so he took us to Wandsworth instead, and the rest is history....
The Battersea Hall of Fame is a gated business now

U.K. Hip-Hop is Dead Part 1

The Secrets of Scientology: A Panorama Special, BBC One, Tuesday, 28 September at 2100BST

The Secrets of Scientology: A Panorama Special, BBC One, Tuesday, 28 September at 2100BST and then available in the UK on the BBC iPlayer.

John Sweeney revisits the Church of Scientology
"In 2007, while investigating the Church of Scientology for Panorama, reporter John Sweeney had a dramatic on-camera confrontation with a church spokesman named Tommy Davis. The church was accusing the reporter of bias and it attempted to stop the documentary from being broadcast - a campaign backed by Scientology A-lister John Travolta. Sweeney has returned to investigate the church again." - BBC story here

Panarama Scientology and Me

Preemptive Panorama Scientology YouTube Campaign.

Youtube Advert link for Anti-BBC video...

Links to Freedom "Investigative Reporting in The Public Interest"...

A Church of Scientology site

Connections between "The Real" Freeway Ricky Ross, the Bush Administration, and the Crack Cocaine Epidemic

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Saturday 25 September 2010

Plies Jewels - G.T.F.O.H.!!!!! Part 2

Down South Rapper Plies Jeweled Life size Fitted Cap and Hand cuff?????! - G.T.F.O.H. (Get The F**k Outta Here)!!!!! Part 2


G.T.F.O.H. Part 1 - Brian Pwahahahahah-mper vs. Fabulous and Jay-Z???? No!

T-Pain please...

Friday 24 September 2010

Zode and Sarj T-shirts Out Now!!!!!

Oz rockers Zode and Sarj have just made some new tees. Hit them up at for the details!!!! Yo SDMers!!!

Yo Zoderockism!

For all that is fresh in Australian Graff and the world check the Aeon SDM blog!!!

About That Geez!!!! A.T.G. Klose One & Rattus Rattus Snowbombing/Fabric Live (Promo Mix)

A.T.G. have a new range of garms as we told you already here, the full A.T.G. range is available exclusively at Wholesome 47 Rivington street, Shoreditch, London Ec2a 3qb

London smashers A.T.G. are fresh off World Tour recently performed with the Soul Assassins (Mixmaster) DJ Muggs, B-Real, Planet Asia, Sick Jacken and Strong Arm Steady in L.A. To all the San Fran family they are in your town on the 8th of Oct, will let you know sooner to the time. Until then check A.T.G.'s Klose One (ex-Itch FM family) & Rattus Rattus Snowbombing/Fabric Live (Promo Mix). Bingy Bangy!!!

Rattus Rattus & Klose One Snowbombing / FABRICLIVE Promo Mix by fabric

Monday 20 September 2010

The Architects Exhibition - Atom Rooms Sep 24th, 2010 - Oct 3rd, 2010

"Age Of Shiva" - Prime

The Architects Exhibition
Atom Rooms
Sep 24th, 2010 - Oct 3rd, 2010

AtomRooms presents THE ARCHITECTS , a show curated by Keith Hopewell (Part2ism) and featuring the works of Errol Donald (Pride), James Choules (SheOne), Mark Sinckler (Prime) and Matthew Bradford (Fuel), who emerged from the Original School of London Graffiti Writers.

Notting Hill
328 Portobello Road,
London , W10 5RU
Telephone: 07889 177 422

Wax Weapons 30 New Freestyle Blend mix by The Hip-Hop Battlefield 's Drasar Monumental (Free Download)

Wax Weapons 30 New Freestyle Blend mix by The Hip-Hop Battlefield and North Star Zulu Repper Drasar Monumental
Cover by "Shiek"

"When I first started this blog, I had a segment called "Wax Weapons"......I would go through my crates and pull out a bunch of instrumentals, and put together 30 minutes of non-stop blends, straight off the head." Drasar Monumental

Download & more info here


1.Drasar Monumental Drama Intro--- Produced by Drasar Monumental.

2.Nutso & Brainsparker---"Story Music". Produced by Brainsparker.

3.Obscure Disorder---"Overdose Music" Produced by A-Trak.

4.NYG'z---"G-Dom" Produced by Premier.

5.Apollo Brown---"Propa"-featuring Odysee & Tranquil....Produced by Apollo Brown.

6.Roc Marciano---"G" Produced by Pete Rock.

7.Beatnuts---"All My Life" Produced by Beat Nuts.

8.Checkmate---"Devil vs. Maker" Produced by Kemo.

9.Godfather Don---"Seeds Of Hate" Produced by Godfather Don.

10.Mic Geronimo---"Shit Is Real Accapella flipped over a couple beats by Psycho Les & 45 King..

11.Homeless Derelix---"Raise It Up" Produced by Architect.

12.Nutso & Brainsparker---"Haze" Produced by Brainsparker.

13.Phil Most Chill---"Walking Papers Instrumental" Produced by Phil Most.

14.Rae & Ghost---"Miranda" Produced by Allah Math.

15.Sean Price---"Onion Head Accapella flip"

16.Evidence---"Stick & Move Instrumental" Produced by Evidence.

17.Selfish (Uncut Raw)---"Baby" Produced by Fluent.

18.Guru- R.I.P.---"Where Is Our Money-- Drasar Monumental Remix ".

Thursday 16 September 2010

The Kool Skool Hip-Hop Legend Interviews - DJ Cash Money (Teaser) (Radio Show Download)

DJ Cash Money & Ernie Ern chillin' in the 80's (Photo from

The Kool Skool hosted by Shucks One the Idiot featuring DJ Cash Money who show breaks down is inspirations and the "Pop Art" story, a Philli Record Label the 1st Home of Hip-Hop? Originally aired on ITCH FM in 3/10/05.

*Exclusive to www.Sensei.FM* The Kool Skool Radio Hip-Hop Legends Interview Specials Listen/Download here

Also includes 2hrs of Old and New School Hip-Hop including
DJ Cash Money & Marvelous, Kool Moe Dee, The Down To Earth Brothers, Double J, Dana Dane, Rodney O & Joe Cooley, Geto Boys, Scarface Ft. Nas, Das Efx, Royce Da 59, The Raskals Ft. The Beatnuts, Ghost Ft. Finale & Biscuit, Pete Rock & CL Smoothe, Planet Asia, Grand Puba, The Beatnuts Ft. Greg Nice, AZ, Wan-Cee, Mark B & Blade Ft. Phi-Life Cypher, G-Dep, Gwen Stephani Ft. Pharrell, MC D, MC Mello, Tame One, Ft. Slow Suicide Stimulus, The Styles Of Beyond, Masta Ace Ft. Buckshot, Alkaholiks, Kamanchi Sly, Million Dan

*Bonus* Check this quick Cash Money performance at the 8th annual hip-hop jam in Crotona Park in the Bronx!


Puerto Rock Power!

Shan Nicholson, Kool Skool Family and director of Downtown Calling, is just putting the finishing touches on his new documentary on New York City gangs called Rubble Kings.

RUBBLE KINGS TRAILER from shan nicholson on Vimeo.
"From 1968 to 1975, gangs ruled New York City. Beyond the idealistic hopes of the civil rightsnmovement lay a unfocused rage. Neither law enforcement nor social agency could end the escalating bloodshed. Peace came only through the most unlikely and courageous of events that would change the world for generations to come by giving birth to hip-hop culture."

EL-P -"Time Won't Tell" from shan nicholson on Vimeo.

He also directed El-P's new video project -"Time Won't Tell"
Shan Nicholson on Vimeo

Wednesday 15 September 2010


Nychos is Scaaaaaarey!!!!


Pure Evil Gallery
108 Leonard St.
London EC2
Opening Night: Thursday 16 September 2010. Time: 6-9 pm
Exhibition runs until the 27 September 2010.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Dr. Dre Compton Swap Meet 1987 Mega Rare - "" (Download)

The Original (Relaxed) N.W.A.:
top Arabian Prince (right), Dr. Dre (middle), Eazy E (left)
bottom Ice Cube

Listen & Download:
Dr. Dre Roadium Swap Meet Mix Tape: F.T.P.
Don't be fooled, Dre was making music money back then, starting at $100 for custom mixtapes at Compton Swap meet back in 86'!

For one of the best places to hear and old school extremely rare N.Y., L.A. London, Dutch, Radio, live Foundation Jams and mixtapes check Old School Hip-Hop tapes!!! If you haven't seen this site you NEED TO CHECK IT NOW!!!! Check the 'roadium' tag for other roadium mix tapes on this blog.

Monday 13 September 2010

The Mighty Universal Zulu Nation Presents: True School Radio with Afrika Bambaataa, Lord Yoda X & Dr. Shaka Zulu Mon., Tues., Fri. (Radio Show)

The Mighty Universal Zulu Nation Presents:

True School Radio with Afrika Bambaataa, Lord Yoda X & Dr. Shaka Zulu Tuesdays 8pm-12am (New York Time)

Zulu Beats with Afrika Bambaataa, Cutman LG & Mick Benzo Monday and Friday 10pm-12am (New York Time)
XM 65 & Sirius 39

Dope Flyer designed by Sen One UZN check out his:
Youtube Animation presents London Black Book (Graffiti Book)

The hard working people behind the recent underground success book is back with a new well needed companion London Black Book. London Graffiti is a much neglected scene compared to other major Cities, and as far as we know London has never had a book dedicated to Blackbook (Sketchbook) Art. Blackbook art gives the artist a chance to experiment, and often gives an incite into the artists personality, that is often lost in Graffiti. We will keep you posted on its release...

Elk (top), Vizo R.I.P. (below)

Merc (top), Sub (below)

Saturday 11 September 2010

The Kool Skool "Broken 1200s & Stolen Mixer Boombox Blend" 1Hr Mix (Download)

1hr Mix Sept. 2010

Bashment, Old School, New School Hip-Hop, Electronic, Electro Mix
Listen or Download
The Kool Skool Radio Show on Sensei.FM

"I'm Still Number 1 (Numero Uno Re-Recording)" - B.D.P.
"It's My Turn (Remaxed)" - Stezo
"Turn Down" - Themroc
"Get It Together (Bass Mix w/Doug Lazy)" - 702
"Battle Break Funk" - Zezinho
"Egypt, Egypt" - Egyptian Lover
"Hip-Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop) (Remix)" - Man Parrish
"Play At Your Own Risk (Extended Version)" - Soulsonic Force
"Freqazoid (Original Mix)" - Freq Nasty
"Tribute To Jazzy Jay (Death Mix)" - Bronx Dogs
"Do This My Way" - Kid 'N' Play
"Ain't Sayin' Nothin"" - Divine Styler
"Rythm Is The Master (Instramental)" - DJ Chuck Chillout and Kool Chip
"General Principles" - DJ Muggs Feat. Rza
"You Know How To Reach Us" - Kings Of Preassure
"Third Of The Trio" - Beatnuts
"Boom" - Royce59
"It's Me Snitches" - Swizz Beats
"Work The Angles" _ Dilated Peoples
"Scubs (Bashment White Label)" - TLC
"Stick It Up" - Cutty Ranks
"Like Big Up" - Mr. Tibbs feat. Sean Paul
"One Blood" - The Game feat. Red Cafe
"One Blood (Bloody Potatoe Remix) - DJ Elected
"Run's House" - Run DMC
"Funky Drummer (Bonus Beat Reprise)" - James Brown

The Power of Nightmares Parts 1,2 & 3 (Documentary Video)

The Power of Nightmares Part 1: "Baby Its Cold Outside" - by Adam Curtis

Excellent 3 part Documentary exploring the rise of The Neo-Conservative and Militant Islamic movements in world Geo-Politics. Must see!!!

The Power of Nightmares Part 2: "The Phantom Victory" - by Adam Curtis

The Power of Nightmares Part 3: "Shadows In The Cave"- by Adam Curtis


UK MC Lowkey Terrorist? (Official Video)

September 11: "Planes that hit WTC were not Boeing 767s"

Historic Interview with Aaron Russo

Friday 10 September 2010

Stylah – The Past, The Present, The Future (Mixtape)

South London Survivor "
Stylah – The Past, The Present, The Future (Mixtape)"
Found on the excellent
DJ Gone TV
More info on Stylah

Stylah – The Past, The Present, The Future (Mixtape) Download

01 Warfare Pt 2 feat Serious
02 Nobody Cares
03 Medicine
04 Freestyle (279)
05 My People feat Lowkey
06 Average
07 Lethal Dosage feat Poisonous Poets
08 Whats Gwarning feat Poisonous Poets
09 Poison, Poison feat Poisonous Poets
10 Devils
11 Welcome To London feat Tony D
12 Snips In The Mix
13 Free
14 Black Boys (Remix) feat Bashy
15 Freestyle (Westwood)
16 Please Listen
17 Craziest (Remix) feat Smiler
18 You Gotta Know feat Mims
19 Catch 22
20 Hard Way
21 Everyones A Killer feat Ghetts
22 Them Boys feat Grafh
23 Treading Water
24 Poetry
25 James Bond
26 Young Forever (Semtex)
27 Pass Out (Freestyle)
28 Snake (John Terry)
29 I Think She Likes Me
30 Gucci Girl
31 Freestyle (Outro)

"We taught them how to bathe, now they're calling us dirty." - Lowkey

Thursday 9 September 2010

"Pounds Up"- Drasar Monumental Remix (Download)

Our Zulu brother Drasar Monumental from hiphopbattlefield.blogspot, Get Biz Kidz, Havok Research, School Of Argument and the NORTH STAR ZULU has re-posted his remix of M.O.P.'s "Pounds Up". How we missed this trippy banger before is a mystery!!! Check out the stupid dope for all your Hip-Hop goodness! (Congrats on your new family member!!!!)

"Pounds Up"- Drasar Monumental Remix

Saturday 4 September 2010

Friday 3 September 2010

Thursday 2 September 2010

Brian Pwahahahahah-mper vs. Fabulous and Jay-Z???? No! G.T.F.O.H. (Videos)

"This is my other new shit, its a Jay-Z Diss. 50 sign your boy...." G.T.F.O.H. (Get The F**k Outta Here)!!!!!

Brian Pumper Porn Star/Rapper???? Thanks(????) to Aqil Guevera for alerting to us to this joker : ) Check out his Freestyle "Game" here

Everyone puts these Ed Lover things up but Fabulous is funny as f**k!

"He's gotta Jim Jones Musle shirt on! New Brian Pumper Action figure"

"No Brian Pumper jewels on, just large links"

Genesis Elijah & Danny Bones Free Mixtape & Video

New Video From Genesis Elijah & Danny Bones 'Let Me'

Genesis Elijah, asking "where the substance is" in this Souled out hood classic featuring
Flip Life's Danny Bones! Yo Nova!!!
Indiana Bones and the Temple Of BOOM Free Download link here
Flip Life TV