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Esoteric and Occult Themes in Rap Artists Imagery Part 2

Esoteric and Occult Themes in Rap Artists Imagery
Part 2

Recently The Kool Skool has been researching Occult imagery in Modern Rap Culture, it can be found here, but we have been overwhelmed by the public interest, and the amazing amount of dark imagery. This is a continuation of that theme.
50Cent/Papoose rehash, Photoshop "Trick-knowlogy"
The modern Rap industry is in a very strange Tabloid space. Where artists instead of battling, are sabotaging other artists with with childish gimmicks, or at worst Cointelpro style tactics. Big time "Made-Men" Rapper are "Snitching" I mean "Exposing" their competitors, inciting them to be assaulted, Robbed and Character Assassinated or all of the above live on YouTube. Modern day artists are just one cartoon, Diss Video or stray rumor away from the trash heap.
YouTube videos... All independent or Corporate Sabotage?

Many fans of the culture are asking "what is going on?" In a period where the top echelon of the Rap industry are 30 year plus Millionaires, what kind of messages are being put forward?
Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock Video

Over the past few years there have been many, (often ridiculed) researchers documenting alleged Occult themes running through many of the Rap Industries biggest stars, but recently there has been growing interest in the subject. Even the mainstream media are debating whether your favorite "Rapper is a Satanist", and playing their music backwards. Perhaps some of the "Illuminati"or "Satanist" rumors are just that, Haters rumors...
Puff Daddy - Opens Wall Street Stock Exchange

Hip-Hop is the first cultural movement created by inner city children, but what happens when the culture is infiltrated by billionaire corporations and Millionaire Child men? What kind of information is added to the DNA of the movement? The phenomenal success of Black people through the Rap Music Industry is extremely positive, perhaps some of the criticism of their "Artistic Expression" is a covert attack on the change to status quo? We do not represent any interested parties, industry companies, Religious groups. The purpose of this article is to simply look at the heavily marketed and massaged imagery put out by the artists and their labels to the public, and analyze them for possible Esoteric meaning.

Rhianna "Run This Town"

Rhianna & The Klaxons Update

We have previously discussed Rhianna and her likeness to Isis, and her outfits, music videos, set design and other interesting imagery
here. There has recently been much discussion of supposed Occult references within Rhianna's music, but the Brit Awards 2 years ago with The Klaxons was very revealing, here is an update on that subject.
Red and Black Pyramid
From The 2008 Brit Music Awards playing with The Klaxons.

The Klaxons have much Esoteric and Metaphysical imagery, song titles such as "Gravity's Rainbow", "Atlantis to
Interzone" and "Four Horsemen of 2012". They also claim to have put Aleister Crowley's words in their songs. The reason for Rhianna and the seemingly unusual collaboration with Indie Rock group The Klaxons at the Brit Awards is that they were both nominated for Brit awards in that year, and often nominated groups collaborate.
The Klaxons EP Magick The title "Magick" is a reference to:
Aliester Crowley

Rhianna on a Square raised within a Pyramid
Rhianna = Isis?

Rhianna - Russian Roulette video
Rhianna - Russian Roulette video
The Black Madonna & Child

It is thought that the Madonna and child represents Isis nursing Horus. Isis was openly revered as a Deity in Western Europe, until Christianity wiped out the last open evidence of Paganism.
The Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future
Eye can see you! Pyramid and Eye references

*Correction* The title Myths of the Near Future was taken from a collection of short stories by J. G. Ballard NOT J.D.
Sallinger as previously mentioned. (Many thanks to reader "stellaVista" who spotted the error!)
Klaxons - Sweetheart single cover (A musical cover of NY band Suicide)
The cover features a photo of fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s
Skull ring. Reminiscent of the Damien Hurst Skull discussed previously here , it also features a Bee.
In Esoteric circles the Bee sometimes represents Wisdom, and the Unity of human kind, as St. John Chrysostom put in his twelfth homily: "The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others."
An example of Bees on Coat of Arms Heraldica Española - Spanish Civic Heraldry
The arms were granted on June 21, 1984. The arms are canting
abella means bee in Catalan. The crown is a baron's crown, as Abella was the centre of a medieval barony in the Pyrenees. found here

But to some the Bee represents "The Hive", and a Totalitarian Society, Slave Workers working for the Queen Bee or supreme ruler... According to The Alchemy Key By Stuart
Nettleton "The Bee was the symbol of Egypt, and Beekeeper was the title given to the Pharaoh." - Found in this interesting article
"Beeyonce" Very interesting look at Beyonce imagery here
Lil' Kim Queen Bee Mixtape
Pyramid stage shining light
"Klaxons looking to shamanism and 2012 for new album"

Recently "Klaxons' Jamie Reynolds told: "
NME.COM how the band’s long-awaited second album has been inspired by shamanism and the year 2012. He said that the band "went off with this writer who introduced us to shamanism” last summer, referring to author and psychedelic substance user Daniel Pinchbeck, who inspired much of the new sessions. Another central theme of the album is the year 2012, which Reynolds says is the "coming of the fifth or sixth sun", and which he believes will bring people together. "We believe in the collective consciousness and the world shift, and the dissolving of boundaries and the bringing together of humanity, and everybody having the same objective and living together in harmony. That’s what we’re going for," Found here
R-Eye-anna Eye of Bast? The Eye of Bast is the Left Eye of Ra. While Bast's Eye is seldom seen or often combined or mistaken for the Eye of Horus, above, it is a powerful talisman for protection and healing for those, like the artist, that revere felines.
Although suggested because of the terrible altercation with Chris Brown, Rhianna can be seen here covered in chains, studs and Leather, and again Right Eye covered. Rhianna often covers one of her eyes with, hats and her hair. It is a theme that runs through many music genres. Many more One Eye covered album covers can be found
here and here
Red and Black Bondage
Red Black and White is a colour way very popular at the moment, Rhianna and Jay-Z often only wear Black in their recent videos and Sing/Rhyme about wearing only the colour black.
Jay-Z Poster
Red, Black and white are the colour ways of Rocnation, notice the Empire State Building/Obelisk...
"Almighty Jay-Z"
The American dream
Jay-Z framed in the Pyramid wearing Skull Tee
U.S. Radio personality throwing up her diamond
Sign of Philosophus
Ritual in Aleister Crowley's Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn
"shall be the whole of the Law." - Aleister Crowley
Jay-Z was recently interviewed about his new video "We Run This Town" featuring the "Trinity" of Jay-Z Kanye West, Rihanna. In the interview emblasioned around the neck of the shirt was "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law" in Gothic lettering. Big deal right? That phrase is the foundation of Aleister Crowley's Order Templar Orientalis
Arms positioned in a Pyramid shape Silhouetted by graphic Pyramid and large circle reminiscent of Eye?
The Blueprint3 - 3 Pillars
Recently Jay-Z explained that the 3 bars logo of the Blueprint 3 album represent the number 3 as it was written in ancient times. Some have suggested they represent 3 steps.
3 Pillars of the Tree of Life

Incredibly, the symbol used for Satan in Islam is three pillars. During the Hajj, a pilgramage which all Muslims are required to make at least once in their lifetime, they must particpate in the 'Stoning of the Devil' ceremony, who is represented by three giant pillars. The pillars symbolizing the Devil are at the center of giant ramps built to accomodate the huge crowds of pilgrams who must complete the ritual by dusk. Muslim tradition says it was here that the Devil tried to tempt the Prophet Abraham to disobey God when he appeared before him and Isaac suddenly. Yet, one of the most widely used devices inside Freemasonry to instruct new Masons on the 'Craft' is none other than the 'Three Pillars Tracing Board'...
The I-Ching
3 stripes also represent Ch'ien in the Taoist I-ching symbology "CH'IEN, The Creative, represents pure Yang, the primal creative power which exists before all created things. It is therefore called Heaven, the Father, the strong, the life force, and the swift and tireless horse." -
Street Flags - Street promotions recently put up over East London to promote the album release
"Plant your flag down" "Evolution and progress, you start out as a new artist you make your way into the game. You climb that mountain, and you get to the top and you put your flag down. That's pretty much us putting our flag down, this is RocNation, Pledge your allegence. You put your flag down and say we run this town" - Jay-Z from behind the scenes of We Run This Town
Street Flags
Empire State Building Logo modern day Tower of Babel?
The Pinnacle "touching the Sky"

The rapper gave some insight into his thoughts on religion, which can also be found in the song “Empire State of Mind.” A line on “Empire State of Mind” added fuel to the fire when Jay-Z rapped: “Hail Mary to the city,/you're a virgin/And Jesus can't save you/life starts when the church ends. I believe in God, I believe in one God,” Jay-Z said of his religious background today. “I don't believe in religion. I think that separates people."
- Found on
"Empire State of Mind"
(Roman) Empire - Who Me?
P.Diddy In Morocco
P Diddy, the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy, celebrating his
33rd birthday in style in the Moroccan city of Marrakech.
On To The Next Video
"Blood Suckers of the Poor"

"Y'all should afraid about what I'm gonna do next" - Jay-Z "On To The Next"
"Conspiracy theorists claim that Jay-Z’s lyrics and videos are filled Masonic imagery throughout the years, including his most recent hits, “Run This Town,” "On To The Next One" and “Empire State of Mind.” The chatter only grew louder when "On To The Next One" hit the Internet supposedly linking Jay-Z’s music, hand symbols and extraordinary wealth to freemasonry, the Illuminati and even Satanism. "I don't know where it came from, I don't know where it started,” Jay-Z told Angie Martinez today. "No, not me. Never done that before. Why in the world would I do that? That’s retarded.” - Found on
Ram head
Rams head features in Wicca/Witchcraft as a substitute for the Goats head, The ram even became a symbol of Christ in ancient times.
Rams Head Amulet Late Period Dynasty 25B.C. Egyptian Nubian
Also the the Ram represents Amun-Ra in Egyptian mythology, when it was not prohibited to sacrifice a ram as it was the physical embodiment of God. The sacrifice or the Ram in the post Exodus Jewish faith, is said to represent the beheading of the Egyptian Idolatrous and Animist Egyptian religion.
Amun-Ra protector of the Pharaoh
The Pharaoh is depicted between Ra's front feet.
Jay-Z Rams it home...
Funk hand, Rock or Baphomets sign?
3 Steps
Choose one?
Black Gold
Damian Hirst Skull
Diamonds are forever
Jay-Z "On To The Next"
3 Bar shaped lights Interestingly, the Jay-Z video and The Klaxons Golden Skans videos also have loose similareties
Eyes covered, Swords
Klaxon - Golden Skans
The video features the 3 band members jumping, with eyes covered and slicing 3 bar shaped lights

"As for the imagery in the “On To The Next One” video, Jay-Z admitted to making the video darker than usual. "As far as how far people are talking it, I guess I'm an entertainer. I entertain. People make up their own things and they run with it." - Found on
"DIRECTOR OF JAY-Z VIDEO SQUASHES ILLUMINATI & FREEMASONRY RUMORS Award winning UK-based director Sam Brown is the man behind the controversial video for Jay-Z’s “On To The Next One.”The clip’s abstract imagery has fueled rumors of Jay-Z’s involvement in Freemasonry and his alleged association with the Illuminati. Vibe Magazine spoke with Brown about the imagery in the video and he claims that it’s much ado about nothing. Is Jay-Z Down With The Devil? “There is imagery in this video that is drawn from all over the place,” Brown said. “None of it is owned by any one culture or belief system. You can connect anything if you try hard enough, and make it mean anything you want it to.”. Brown goes on to state that Jay did not come up with the imagery himself. “All the imagery was thought up by me and was a response to the track itself. For those interested, the idea is actually about a funeral for old imagery and ideas, hence all the gothic and oppressive stuff,” Brown added. “I was also trying to contradict the excess of hip-hop videos by making something brutally simple and claustrophobic.” found here
Black people can't worship Satan?
Famous crooner Sammy Davis, Jr with "Church Of Satan" leader Anton Lavey
His most famous disciple was Sammy Davis, Jr., who later regretted experimenting with Satanism. LaVey's church (The Church Of Satan) had 5,000 members.
"The Poor Devil" 1973
Interestingly enough long after Sammy Davis JR renounced his Satanic worship, he was accepted into the Aincent Knights of Malta
Run This Town Tonight - Skullduggery?

Artists interpret imagery and colours, also very few musicians have creative control over their identity let alone their album artwork of video, but if not the artist then who is responsible. As we have seen in Jay-Z's "On To The Next" video, despite what some people are claiming, it was not visualized by Jay-Z, it is easy to read to much in this visual language. But why has Rap imagery gone so Dark, almost Gothic? Is it just a style, or a culture shift, you decide...

An interesting
film discussion of Ritual Magic in Pop culture with "The Freeman Perspective"
Esoteric and Occult Themes in Rap Artists Imagery part 1 Here


The Secret Sun said...

This is excellent, excellent work. Well laid out, well thought out, and devoid of the silly drama queen hysteria we see on certain sites trying to bump their hits up and make themselves more desirable to huge corporate advertisers. Bravo.

ToothyGrinMatt said...

I've just finished with parts 1 and 2.

Your mind is obviously the perfect filter for this type of information.

Great, great work.

Thank you.

ToothyGrinMatt said...

Also, remember these guys. At least one if not both have ties to puff as well.

The Kool Skool said...

Thank you both for the kind words! Its a very interesting subject to analyze, I can't tell whether its just a massive publicity stunt. But it is pretty thorough if it is. I guess as a Fortune 500 CEO you can't rhyme about selling Crack and shooting rivals anymore, and Mafia references are tired...

Perhaps another explanation is that as Rap music has been the most popular genre for many years now, and to cross over to the re-emerging popularity of Rock or "Jock-Rock", perhaps they are adopting the visual language of traditional Rock?

Please check out this if you haven't had a chance:

Matt you probably already know about this, but Two Kings and a Cypher were probably members of Noble Drew Ali's Moorish Science Temple.Members of the Temple are known for wearing the Fez or the Tarboosh. Noble Drew Ali had a massive influence on the foundation of the Nation Of Islam and many other Pan-African movements.
Alot of interesting info here

(Also D-Dot as the "Mad Rapper" in Puffy's album skits is hilarious)

This is pretty funny also!

ToothyGrinMatt said...

Nice links. Lol @ Haterazzi.

My take on all of this is that we now exist in a much, MUCH higher frequency range and these symbols are bubbling to the top.

Like they say shit floats to the top so we are seeing an initial expression of the darker aspects in order to identify and transmute them.

Now there is also an obvious conscious use of the symbols and that's where it becomes muddy for me personally, but posts like this help to see things in a much more balanced light.

If we look at it from a birds eye view with a positive outlook, I believe we'll be able to see the big picture which involves constant positive elevation.

I'll be checking out your blog from now on. I love the balance you bring.


stellaVista said...

I would like to point out one mistake in your otherwise great article:
The Klaxon´s album "Myths of the near future" was named after an anthology of short stories by the late J.G. Ballard ("Empire of the sun", "Crash", "Concrete Island", etc.), not JD Salinger.
I am usually not someone who tries to correct every mistake on the net, but since you elaborated on the connection with Salinger, I thought it should be noted (plus: Ballard is one of the greatest authors of the 20th century ;))

The Kool Skool said...

Dear stellaVista,
thank you for your dilligence, I appreciate the correction, the Truth is the Tuth and can not be over looked. I have now rectified the mistake!
All the best and thank you for reading
Peace from the Kool Skool

Anonymous said...

All I can say is everyone should b deligent... We all knw wat 'right and wrong' is. Its crazy how it has eaten deep in2 d entertainment industry.... Pls I would like to know famous pple that are likely not in this occult group....

Anonymous said...

your site sugar coats this very dark occult matter. it's not nice and pretty and is very destructive to the human race. you obviously work for these masonic groups and your obvioulsy for the NWO''s really sad that your making blodd sacrifices and rituals seems kool and nice.