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Kat Stacks, Sex-celebrities, Rap Exposure and Slave Mentality Parenting

Word is (Cash) Bond"

Those of you have been following our discussions on Esoteric and Occult imagery and stereotyping in modern Rap Culture will know we have been looking at the "Rap Exposure" fad that has been sweeping the internet. Gossip, Snitching and Video Beefing has completely changed the creative landscape of modern Hip-Hop constructive battling culture, and reduced it to a one dimensional over blown WWF-style joke. To some new to The Kool Skool, or those who haven't read the articles correctly, it would appear at the least, that we are over critical and at worst scathing of all new Hip-Hop culture. Perhaps even stuck in 88' and nostalgic. This is not the case, we are Hip-Hop heads and fans of New music. But having said that, Rappers are NOT above reproach. Rap culture is NOT above criticism. If you are an elder or a participant in this culture, if you don't like the direction it is going in, it is your duty to question it ...

Women in Rap know your place???!!!!

In the beginning of the Hip-Hop in the Park Jams and Community Jams, Woman were participants in the Hip-Hop movement, from going to the jams and participating, from the 1st MC's Sha-Rock and Pebblee Poo on to the 80's where females were recording superstars. Hip-Hop is male dominated, but women are consumers, and fans, yet there place has been erased from the playing field. We have touched on the ridiculous negation of the female aspect in Hip-Hop culture, and removal of female representation from DJ's and MC's to... "Video Hoes"????! and now "Kiss and Tell Escorts????!!!" What is going on? We thought it would be useful to look at this subject in a bit more depth.

"Superhead" aka Karrine Steffans-McCrary
Hip-Hop's Most Famous Groupie

"Karrine added magazine contributor to her list with her first article for the October 2008 issue of XXL Magazine. The article takes readers inside her overly publicized, yet, misunderstood relationship with music artist Lil’ Wayne." - from Karrine Steffans-McCraryyaaaaawn's biog

Ex-"Video Vixen" and Rap world Escort Girl, and "Author" Karrine Steffans-McCrary AKA "Superhead" was the first "Suck & Sell" name and shaming in the Rap community. Although it is not unusual in other genres, her first book was released in 2005, and its release truly expressed how popular and mainstream Rap had become. Her claim to fame is appearing on VH1: The Fabulous Life of Sugar Daddies, E! 50 Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals, and featured on Hip-Hop's number one enemy The Bill O'Reilly Show??? Perhaps its success and promotion has less to do with "Superheads" writing skills, and more the medias love of trashing Rap music and promoting titillation.

Brittanya O'Campo - "Model/Actress/Reality Star"

Ms. O'Campo has her own clothing line by clothing label 187. We are not criticizing peoples choices or attempt to make money, but really....

One of this "Bitches" t-shirts...

"Never Trust A Hoe..."

Lick Shot

Tahiri ex-Partner of "media whore" Joe Buddens removes her Joe Buddens Tattoo on 50Cents bank..

Many people on a deeper level are talking about the Devolution of "The Sacred Feminine" , a concerted effort to destroy not just the image of womanhood, and also the male . Do not get confused, we are NOT trying to promote outdated roles of men and woman, but what makes us human. Caring, respectful of our fellow beings, integrity over cash, freedom over bondage.

Are You An ANIMAL????

A more indepth info on that concept and much more is discussed at

Kat Stacks Exposing Young Money

We recently stumbled onto a young lady called Kat Stacks on the excellent Pure She has been getting a lot of fame and "Fan" base for exposing "Rap Stars" (does Lil BowWow count as a Rap star)? We usually don't get involved in Gossip and Sexploits of Celebrities as it is petty, corny and there are a plethora of other sites dealing with this subject. But if you read Kat Stacks story its really sad. We are not judging this young woman, she appears to be an adult and can do what she wants, but her blog seems like a scream for help. She has been a sex worker, stripper, and appears to accept money for sex with "Rap Stars". Fighting the world, name dropping alcohol brands and "Dry snitching" on herself, naming her "pimps", (although they don't seem too fussed as they have their own myspace pages)!!!

"I got a lot of stories to tell... The people I have exposed in my blog are not the only people I've been with. Like I've kept the safe ones to myself. But my book deal is coming soon. There are bigger names coming out in my book..." - Kat Stacks

"Cause I'm a real bitch, straight up no chaser! Straight up hoe!!!"
Kat Stacks takes Vodka shots to the head in the middle of the day.

As it is well documented many big name Rap stars have off duty members of Law Enforcement as "security", a simple word to local law enforcement or I.R.S. by these security, could shut her down in minutes. Not only that, some of the Rap Stars she are exposing are allegedly "Gutter", so their entourage are probably worse. I genuinely fear for this lady's mental state and personal safety. But I guess in this narcissistic "get over where you can" environment, nothing is sacred or beyond a hustle.


"To make the long story short, I got kicked out of club Sobe Live for swinging on my babys father and he abandoned me in street and I got kidnapped by 2 pimps and 1 of the raped me. When I got my chance to run away I went back and told my babysfather what happened and he beat me up so I cut my wrists." - Kat Stacks

Kit Kat's blog is one of the most depressing things I have seen in a long time. These women are being sold on the idea that being a stripper/escort/prostitute is a viable career move? However painful it is to say, is there any doubt the Music Industry is partly responsible for some of it? Violence against women and Pimps with their own myspaces? Crazy!!!

What happened from here

to here???

More tragic revelations by Kat Stacks here

Corporate Rap Fascism

As the music industry is struggling, due to illegal downloads, and changing of listening trends, the corporate world has been using cross-branding their various companies products, and musicians are being paired with the advised suitable shoe endorsements and drink branding. And why not, if rappers are not rapping about Thugging, they are swinging bottles in clubs getting "Tipsy". In the U.S. the legal drinking age is 21 years old, whether you agree with that or not, is it suitable for Multi-national conglomerates pumping subliminal drink referances into minors heads? Or adverts in Hip-Hop magazines? Is there not some "Corporate Responsibility"? By the way, Fascism where it was first enacted as a official Political force, in Italy, its true definination is a synergy of Corporate interests and the State...

New Interscope signing straight in there with the Drinks promotions!!! He probably doesn't even have a single out yet, leave it out with the product placements already!!!

Hip-Hop Tricks R' For Kids


Are you OK with this? As Hip-Hop fans, do we just accept this with out thinking?


Positive Parenting?

"have a baby by me; baby
be a millionaire
i write the check before the baby comes,
who the f**k cares!"
- 50 Cent "I Got Money"


The word "Sucka"
Pronunciation: \ˈsə-kər\
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1 a : one that sucks especially a breast or udder : suckling b : a device for creating or regulating suction (as a piston or valve in a pump) c : a pipe or tube through which something is drawn by suction d (1) : an organ in various animals for adhering or holding (2) : a mouth (as of a leech) adapted for sucking or adhering
- Wiki

It is believed that in the Slave era it was cheaper for a new Adult slave to be sent from Africa, than it was to raise a baby born of two existing Slave to a "workable age", in the American continent and Pacific area. A "Sucker" is a slang word for some one who is ignorant, but also it is a referance to a child. A "Sucker" - helpless child, sucking food and taking up space, thereforebecomes in the Capitalist mentality "useless" and without values. As it was many years before a "Slave youth" was capable of performing the work duties of an Adult, thus was regarded as a drain on resources.


I Love Money......
"What are you doin"?" (No REALLY!!!!)

(Pure does NOT necessarily agree with the opinions expressed in this article)


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