Tuesday 24 May 2011

The Kool Skool Interviews -Ultramagnetic MC's ITCH FM Special *DJ Moe Luv in Session* (Rare Interview & Music)

The Kool Skool Interviews -Ultramagnetic MC's ITCH FM Special *DJ Moe Luv in Session*
The Kool Skool Radio Show, hosted by Shucks One "the Idiot". Originally broadcast on London's only real hiphop culture station ITCH FM, 21/1/06. Features sections of interviews with the Ultramagnetic MC's DJ Moe Luv, live on the Kool Skool and in conversation with Shucks for an Undercover Magazine article on the Bronx group. also: Unreleased/rare tracks, Cookie Crew's Suzie-Q talking about Ultra, Moe Luv talking about Paul C, UMC's, Tim Dog, N.W.A., etc Rare Ultra appearance on Marley Marl In Control circa 87'


vollsticks said...

Hey up, haven't dropped in for ages so thought I'd see what's happening--the Ultramag's interview--FUCKING HELL, GREAT STUFF. Just, wow. Thanks so much for posting! So now I'm gonna trawl through some more of your Illuminati/conspiracy posts and the recent "post-Bin Laden" pieces. Oh, and I watched the FBI War Against 2pac video on youtube a few months ago--I think Mr. Potash knows his stuff. I'm still not sure about the whole rape issue--I'm erring towards "pac being guilty--but I don't know for definite, it does seem weird that someone who was as successful with the ladies as 'pac would have to take sex by force, though....anyhow. Thanks for the "follow"! Keep doing what you're doing--


The Kool Skool said...

Hi Vollsticks,
many thanks for your kind words, I only just realised I hadn't responded! The 2Pac thing made me look at him in a different light. I was never really a fan outside of when he was in Digital Underground. Going to put some new stuuf regarding that soon. All the best Peace