Sunday 20 December 2009

Paris-Tonkar "The French Graffiti Scenes Version of Subway Art"

Paris-Tonkar The French Graffiti scenes version of Subway Art


Paris-Tonkar "Graffiti art in Paris and France in the 1980s."
Doriath, Ben Yakhlef Format : 21 X 24 à l'italienne. Prix Public TTC: 190 FF. ISBN: 2-908382-09-6. 1990?

This book was legendary, and instrumental in the European Graffiti scene, as there were very few books, if any back then. Many of the writers who featured in the book came to London in the late 80's early 90's and their ridiculously fat-cap tags were everywhere in the West End, and it really influenced London Handstyles.

Nasty 2008

The book documents the groundbreaking Paris scene walls, Subways "Le Metro", and loads of street bombing, with names like (London ex-pat) Mode2, Bando, Nasty, Stem and many more. Its very hard to track down but if you see a copy grab it!

We recently mentioned Siba Giba originally from Paris, a French American Hip-Hop artist, Producer and Journalist . He has released two books, one a Hip-Hop version of the famous original Paris Graffiti Book 'Paris-Tonkar', featuring interviews with KRS-One, Tim Dog, and others in 1992. More info here

Paris Street Bombing

Paris Street Bombing

Nastie by Nasty (left), Again by Nasty

Assorted sketches by Bando & Stem (left), beginning of "Metro section"

Steph production by Stef

Bando Chrome

Mode2 93NTM

Unknown Street Piece

Jon156 (New York Subway Legend and Paris native)

Index fetauring prolific Paris Crews and their members


Back Cover

More info and flicks found here


BLEN167 said...

wow you kno how hard this book was to get in the 90 s im glad i have my copy awsome review b!!

Anonymous said...

with unknown street piece you obviously mean the "Sons Of The Guns" claasic mural by Lokiss BBC....