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"You Got The Juice Now..." Juice The Movie - Cameo Role Focus

"Juice" The Movie - The Background Actors Focus

Juice Movie Poster

Juice was a movie about 4 teenage friends living in New York at the beginning of the 90's. It reflects the change over from the Golden era, to the Chorus based music, styles and fashions. As one of the main characters is an upcoming Scratch DJ, it is very DJ based, and has one of the better soundtracks of the so-called "Hip Hop Movie" genres, this is down to Public Enemy's Hank Shocklee and The Bomb Squad coordinating the soundtrack & composing original music.

Eric B and Rakim: Juice (Know The Ledge)

Eric B. & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique
Their best and final album together

Over the last few years a lot of actors and movie pundits complain about Rappin' actors! But back then you couldn't even see rappers in videos, let alone movies!!! No Hip Hop Movie since Crush Groove (no I never saw that either), or Tougher Than Leather... No seriously, had a bigger effect on the Hip-Hop movement. If you talk to alot of Turntablists they will class this film as a BIG influence.

Most people just talk about the fact that it was Tupac's first real acting role, but its full of classic Hip-Hop cameos, and we at The Kool Skool thought we would put our Geek hats on and have a go at putting names to the faces. So heeeere we go...

"The Game Room Scene"

Samuel L. Jackson talking to Def Jam Crooner Oran Juice Jones

Dj Emmanuel vs. Oran "Juice" Jones "The Rain" (Electro Mix)
Click here for the Original

Isis (Lin Que) X-Clan

Isis (Lin Que) X-Clan

X-Clan Member

X-Clan Member

X-Clan/Brother J - Weapon X
R.I.P. Proffessor X & DJ Sugar Shaft

"Bodega Street Scene"

Tupac (Left) Treach Naughty By Nature (Right)

Naughty By Nature - Uptown Anthem
New Jersey Legend Treach and the other two... They did a dope song with New Jeruse 5%er Lakim Shabazz called "1, 2, 3". The New Jersey scene was pivitol in progression of the early 90's Hip-Hop scene.

"The other guy scene"

Special Ed

Special Ed "Jettin in the Jetta!"

Special Ed - The Mission

Special Ed - Think About It

"Girlfriends House"

Video Music Box's Ralph McDaniels the first regular HipHop VJ early Producer and Video director. (Gil Scott Heron is to his Left)

Video Music Box's Introduction

Ralph McDaniels Biography Uncle Ralph McDaniels History interview

*Uncle Ralph's top choice* - Malcolm Mclaren Featuring Scratching by The World Famous Supreme Team The World Famous Supreme Team were 5%ers and early NY Radio DJ's.

Video Music Box 25th Year Anniversary

K-Solo - Fugitive

Audio 2- Top Billin remix/EPMD- Payback (DJ Scratch Cuttin' The Fuck Up!)

"The Bar Scene"

EPMD's Eric Sermon And Parrish Smith gettin' their dollars taken in the Bar scene!

In the movie the 4 main character pull slick love moves on the lady in the record store an end up racking some famous late 80's records...

EPMD Rampage 12" Front

EPMD - Rampage 12" cover

EPMD Rampage Featuring LL Cool J (look-a-like...)

EPMD Rampage 12" Back

Masters Of Ceramony Album which Features Grand Puba (Brand Nubian)

Masters Of Ceremony - Dynomite

Grand Puba's later group with other Now Rule MC's Derek X (Sadat X) Lord Jamar & DJ Alamo

Biz Markie Spring Again 12"

Biz & Cool V - Its Spring Again 12"

Biz Markie - Spring Again

"DJ Battle try outs"

Queen Latifah in her first acting role, as a Judge and organizer of the DJ Battle

Ruffhouse Piece by Serve TC5 who did alot of the Tuff City Record covers. In the movie Ruffhouse is the fictional HipHop Club where the DJ Battle takes place, perhaps based on The Rooftop club. Columbia/RuffHouse was a popular record label at the time Cypress Hill, Tim Dog and others were signed to it.

"DJ Battle at the Ruffhouse"

Yo! MTV Rap's 2nd generation hosts, (The East Coast) Dr Dre (Original Concept), Ed Lover and the in studio DJ (can't remember his name) behind in LA Kings Hat

Yo! MTV Raps - Rakim, KRS-ONE, Erick Sermon, Chubb Rock & Mc Serch (can you count the backpacks????!)

Last Episode Freestyle Part 2 ( ft. Redman, Method Man, Large Professor, Special Ed, Craig Mack
(Prince Markie Dee of the Fat Boys on the right)

Son of Bazerk (Thanks Peacenik!)

Groundbreaking Radio & TV broadcasters
Kool DJ Red Alert, Son of Bazerk (Behind him) VJ Ralph McDaniels & DJ Chuck Chill Out (Front row) Queen Latifah with Mic & Sun Glasses

Kool DJ Red Alert Interview

Kool DJ Red Alert

Kool Chip & Chuck Chillout - Rhythm Is The Master
DJ Chuck Chillout was an early NY radio DJ and part of the early Hip-Hop group The B-Boys with Donald D (The Ryhme Syndicate). More about them on our old post Dedicated to Joe Ski Luv & B.D.P.'s D-Nice click here.


Special K? (Treacherous 3/Awesome 2)

Fab 5 Freddy Early Graffiti Writer/Rapper/Yo! MTV Host was in Blondie Rapture Video and Style Wars

DJ Richie Rich (3RD Bass/X-Men/X-ecutioners)

DJ Richie Rich (3RD Bass/X-Men/X-ecutioners) rockin the serious link

3RD Bass - Portrait Of The Artist As A Hood from their 2nd Album

If we have missed some out or made mistakes please feel free to let us know. We are only human.

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